First Trip to Semarang: What to Expect- A First Time Visitor’s Guide


Unsurprisingly, global information flow allows people from all over the world to learn about tourist destinations they probably never heard of before. Tourist pamphlets promoting Indonesia and its hidden gems are not a novelty, especially for the more experienced adventurers. On the other hand, an overwhelming majority of individuals have no clue of what this type of destination offers, regardless of how alluring it might appear at first glance. Therefore, we feel privileged to present you the Semarang, the capital of Central Java and officially the cleanest and most positively evaluated tourist destination in Southeast Asia. To find out what you should expect from your first trip to Lumpia City, we suggest you consult the first-time visitor’s guide in the lines below.

When to Begin Your Semarang Journey?

We would like to give you a short answer, but unfortunately, there is none. Namely, there are numerous factors you should consider before booking your flight. Firstly, we should mention the weather.

In a nutshell, the chances you will experience rainfall are fifty-fifty due to increased air humidity. Do not let it discourage you from having the time of your life since the warm climate compensates for the potential moisty sessions. Still, if you intend on spending as much time in the open as possible, the driest months are August and September.

On the other hand, research has shown that the most popular time to visit Semarang is in January, May, and November. Make sure you assess your options carefully since both the hotel and flight booking prices are notably higher than when other periods are concerned.

The Food


Before we move on to the delicious dishes you should try once you settle, we should draw your attention to Semarang’s rich history. Namely, Lumpia City used to be a major Dutch port back in the day. Now, try to imagine what a well-supplied harbor, the vicinity of China, and the virtue of skillful local chefs would deliver, and you might get a hint of how colorful the cuisine of Semarang truly is.

When concrete dishes are concerned, we recommend you go for Bandeng Presto. Even though the name might suggest you would have to deal with a bunch of tiny bones, the delicacy is prepared in a way that excludes the issue from the equation. Besides delicious fish meat, the dish is known for the gentle aromas of coriander, bay leaves, and turmeric.

If you are looking for a tasty and savory treat on the streets of Semarang then Lumpia should quest your thrust easily. Lumpia comes in all sorts of flavors, but the most common ones are enriched with chicken, shrimp, eggs, and inevitable sauces based on soy sauce and corn starch.

Surely, Lumpia City has much more to offer, but presenting every delicacy typical for the region would require significantly more space than we have on our hands.


When a place to stay is concerned, we should underline that Semarang offers a variety of opportunities for tourists with deep and not-so-deep pockets.

On one hand, if you want to treat yourself with a piece of heaven insulated from the rest of the crowd, yet close to the heart of the city, we suggest you consider one of the popular hotels, such as Aruss. The high-class hospitality industry in Central Java goes hand in hand with global standards, so you should not worry about the service as long as you are willing to pay for the pleasure.

Yet, on the other, one is not obliged to spend a small fortune to book a decent place to stay in Semarang. Thus, we advise you to do your homework and assess all the available options before finalizing the booking. Make sure you act on time since booking months upfront might not only potentiate you to save up some cash but also to secure you have the most bang for the buck you are willing to spend.

How to Get to Semarang?


First of all, you should check whether the country you are coming from requires a visa to be issued before you get to Indonesia. Now, even if you might not need a visa, you should apply for one in time if you intend on staying in Semarang for longer than 30 days. Exceeding the 30-day limitation is not advisable for obvious reasons. Namely, not only would you break the law, but you would also have to pay consequential fines.

When getting to the city itself is in question, we should emphasize that any type of transport remains a valid option, so it is up to you to pick the one that best suits your wants and needs. Still, if this would be your first time visiting Indonesia, we suggest you play it safe and go for air transport. Namely, the airport is near the city center and would cost you the least time in comparison to alternative methods.

Additionally, regardless of which type of transport you choose, we urge you to bear in mind that arranging everything months upfront should save you even more money than you could imagine.

Festivals In Semarang

The most popular festival in Lumpia City is known as Dugderan. Even though it is traditional, the festival is beloved both by locals and tourists and represents a welcoming act towards the upcoming Ramadan month. Prepare yourself to become a part of the one-of-a-kind spectacle led by a Warak Ngendog, a characteristic dragon-like gigantic figurine.

Besides the most famous, there are also other festivals happening all over the year, so you would have the opportunity to witness how the locals perform regardless of when you decide to come to visit.


The Sights

The city is a multicultural jewel, carefully crafted with joint efforts of Javanese, Chinese and Dutch hands. Naturally, the results are unique, so not only will you have the opportunity to visit some of the architectural wonders typical for this area, but you would also fail to get the same chance anywhere else.

Our favorites are the Sam Poo Kong temple complex, which is only 20 minute drive away from the center of the city, and Little Netherlands, a city area that resembles the old Dutch architecture mixed with the spirit of the locals.

Rest assured, the two we have just mentioned represent nothing else but the tip of the iceberg since Semarang is full of destinations waiting to be discovered and experienced by new faces. To make a long story short, you would find your cup of tea no matter how demanding you might be or what type of action might suit your idea of spending a holiday.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and hints have brought you closer to the idea of what Semarang represents. One way or the other, Lumpia City cannot do one thing; to disappoint the guests it most heartwarmingly welcomes.

Written by Kan Dail