What is the Difference Between Fixed and Level Setting Attenuators

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To function normally and carefree we all need only one thing. Wondering what it is? It’s like electricity. Electricity is the condition that every person needs. That is the condition without which we could not go to bed, but also without which we could not wake up. That’s what we need for our daily normal functioning. We need that something so that we can prepare for work, to work at work, but also when we get home so that we can sit carefree with our family and enjoy the free moments that come after the end of working hours. Electricity is very important and therefore we should enjoy the benefits of this energy source.

Otherwise, we can not really imagine what it was like for people before when there was no electricity or in the moments when it was rare. When it was invented, it was rare to find a house that had electricity. But as time went on, almost every house got a power outlet, and with that, the living conditions improved. In addition to improving living conditions, the ways of transmitting electricity also improved, which means only one thing – people were more and more trained to work with electricity, but also the equipment and tools used for installation, but also for conducting current.

As we have already said, as time went on the materials and equipment used to conduct electricity became more and more improved. This is due to the improvement of production technologies, but also due to the finding of better material and better principles of production of parts, but also the equipment needed to install and conduct electricity. Why improve materials and equipment? Of course, this is done to get the best possible implementation and transfer of energy from home to home. One of those inventions and improvements we can freely say is the Attenuator. What is that? It is an electrical device, ie a device that is mounted to improve the flow of current without destroying the signal, but also without destroying the wave. This device has been worked on over the years to get what is needed to have an uninterrupted operation and uninterrupted power supply. There are two types of such devices, and these are fixed attenuators and level setting attenuators. There are some differences between these two types of devices, so let’s see what makes them different and worth mentioning. Are you ready to learn more? Then we can start!

What are fixed attenuators and what are they good for?

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As we have already said, electricity is the most important thing for us. Apart from being the most important thing for us, it needs to be implemented in the best and safest way. We often see problems occurring that end in power supply network problems. That is why we are constantly working to improve these parts and these accessories that are used in the conduction of electricity.

Thus, attenuators were invented, which were originally invented as a basic, ie basic series that did a great job in the beginning. Otherwise, they are usually made of copper and have a yellowish-brown color that is typical for copper. They have been used and are still used somewhere to regulate the current level, but also to insulate it so that its flow is as safe as possible. That’s what you need to know about the fixed version, now let’s see what the level setting version is.

What are level setting attenuators and what are they good for?

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As we have already said, attenuators are devices, pieces, or apparatus that are an accessory in the conduction of electricity. Like all parts, this part is invented to make it easier to transfer electricity, ie easier to manage. When we say make it easier to manage, we mean the flow of electricity without destroying the oncoming wave. This can be done especially with the new improved model of attenuator which is increasingly used by a large number of electrical technicians when it comes to electricity and its implementation.

It is an improved version of the fixed version that allows the current to be tuned to a specific level, with a specific power and a specific flow without destroying the current transmission wave. These are high-quality parts that can only improve the transmission of electricity from one point to another, say from Custom Microwave, which for many years has been producing and selling such high-quality parts that are key to the operation of electrical energy everywhere. As soon as they say that, it means that it is a part that is very important and a part that is much better than the standard fixed version.

What is the difference between these two devices and which is better?

The fixed attenuator is the worse variant in this case. Why? Because it is an older version that can adjust the current, ie to adjust the current flow to only one level and thus cause changes in the waves, which is not good at all. On the other hand, we have the improved solution known as the level setting version which is significantly better. It is a version that allows you to change the power level without destroying the waves, which is a much safer option than the one offered by the fixed version. It is a device that allows you to adjust the flow rate and thus have a different flow in a different situation. If we were to single out one then we would definitely single out the level attenuator which is much better than the fixed one.

As these inventions emerge we are sure that other inventions will be found in the future. We are confident that science and electrical engineering will work on even better parts that will bring the transformation and transfer of electricity to perfection. And now that we have an offer of these two solutions, choose the level setting solution that will help you have a perfect current flow wherever you place this part. A good flow of electricity requires a good contractor, good installation, but also a good attenuator, do not forget.


Written by Ana Weaver