Should Fixing E-Liquid Subscriptions Take As Many Steps?


Online shopping streamlines shopping activities for hundreds of millions of people around the world. The vaping community is no different from any other consumer community – it values the online e-liquid shops like However, it goes beyond finding the cheapest vape box subscription.

Modern online shops offer plenty of settings to enable consumers to find what they want. Today we are here to take a closer look at customizations vapers can use to get their hands on favorite flavors. More precisely, once service and its use case specifically – e-liquid subscription.

Should fixing e-liquid subscriptions take as many steps?

What is E-liquid Subscription


E-liquids have become quite popular with the evidence that it is less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Keeping your favorite e-liquid in-stock can easily become one of those repetitive, boring tasks you have to do every now and then. Not to mention that you need to track how much e-juice you have left. If you don’t order on time, you risk running out of e-juice.

That’s where the e-liquid subscription service comes in. It enables you to subscribe and receive a variety of e-liquid every month. E-liquid subscription automates shopping and makes the entire process hassle-free. It became popular fast as the vaping community saw huge value in it. Let’s see what benefits it offers.

Benefits of e-Liquid Subscription


E-liquid subscription went viral because it offers many benefits. The most obvious one is convenience. It turns e-liquid shopping into a breeze. Instead of spending time browsing through offers online, vapers can now set up their e-liquid subscription and receive a new batch of e-juices every month on auto-pilot.

Then we have the surprise and experiment factors. Many online e-liquid shops include e-liquids their consumers haven’t tried before. Receiving a box knowing that something brand new is inside but not knowing what it is exciting. The E-liquid subscription box enables you to try some e-juices you wouldn’t try otherwise.

The personalization aspect of it is also attractive. Many online shops use surveys to discover the favorite flavors of their subscribers. It enables them to design e-liquid subscription boxes that cater to the specific needs of their customers.

All it takes is for the customer to fill out a simple survey. The sophisticated algorithms take it from there. They cross-reference the subscribers’ personal preferences with the shop’s e-juice inventory. This practice enables the online e-liquid shops to create boxes that reflect the expectations of their customers.

However, this is not an affordable nor easy tech to integrate. It may cause more problems down the line, but more about it in the common problems section.

Finally, we have the cost factor. To attract more customers, online shops make their e-liquid subscription service costs attractive. Vapers can get their hands on premium e-juices at wholesale prices. Continuously purchasing premium oils at wholesale prices saves a lot of cash down the line.

Vapers can use this cash to invest in new atomizers and mods to furthermore improve the vaping experience.

The Common Problems With Vape Box Subscription


While new services are convenient, they also come with some downsides. It is quite normal to see it in a service that is as young as the e-liquid subscription box is. What seems to be the problem? Fixing an e-liquid subscription takes too many steps at some online shops.

It really ruins the experience for vapers. Very often, they need to directly contact the shop. Sometimes they need to wait for the entire month for service to be updated to cater to their newly developed taste. It’s not a sin wanting to try some brand new e-juice on the market. However, it’s a waste of time and money having to purchase it separately rather than having it added to your monthly box.

In some instances, there’s not even an option to fix e-liquid subscriptions. Whether it’s an oversight made by the team behind the online e-juice store or a matter of cost-saving not having extra website functionality, the result is the same.

People can’t change their e-liquid subscription, or it takes many steps to do it. Instead of making the entire experience more convenient, it ends up frustrating vapers and making their lives unnecessarily complicated.

Finally, we have faulty AI algorithms and databases. Imagine a customer getting through the extra trouble of completing the subscription box survey only to find out that there is nothing they like in their subscription box. Using advanced technologies such as AI calls for thorough testing to make sure it does the job you intended it to do without frustrating customers.

Fixing e-Liquid Subscription


Fixing an e-liquid subscription should be as easy as possible. Vapers should be allowed to add or remove e-juices from their monthly box as they see fit. Adding extra functionality to a website is not costly in this day and age. In return, it will make thousands of vapers happy. The changes should automatically update the monthly subscription e-juice box for the next month.

Online shops that use AI to match the customers’ needs and wants with appropriate e-liquids in their inventory should take care of two things. First of all, they need to make sure their AI can curate e-liquids relevant to customers’ tastes. Secondly, they need to make sure customers’ can retake the survey if and when they want, and as many times as they want.

More importantly, this functionality should always be available to consumers. With so many different e-juices on the market, it’s logical that people will want to try new flavors every now and then, if not every month. A great example is Zamplebox, which leverages AI to anticipate consumers’ personal needs and enables them to fix e-liquid subscriptions in a few simple clicks.

To sum up, the e-liquid subscription service is all about convenience, excitement, and fun. Making it easy to use and minimizing the steps required to fix and customize the initial settings is paramount. It will delight the vapers and have a positive effect on the online shopping experience overall.

Written by Marinelle Adams