15 Interesting Flamingo Facts


Flamingos are one of the most popular birds in the world known for their unique red-purple coloured feather. They are mostly seen in the shallow lakes, mangrove swamps and sandy islands of Africa, Asia, America and Europe. In total, 6 species of flamingo known so far, Let me list down some of the flamingo facts,

Interesting Flamingo Facts

  • Adult Flamingos can grow upto 3.3 – 4.6 feet tall and weigh between 3.3 – 9 pounds.
  • Flamingos has a large wingspan that can grow from 3.3 – 5 feet.
  • The most unique feature is the colour of their feathers and its because of pigments in their food also known as carotenoids and hence responsible for the red and pink colors of their feathers. It loves to eat shrimps, algae and crustaceans.
  • The head of flamingos are positioned up and down, They suck water and filter the food.
  • Flamingos hold their breath when they are feeding.
Flamingo Feathers
  • Flamingos are one of the migratory birds, that used to fly at 37 miles per hour and cover a total distance of 300 miles to reach their new habitat.
  • The bird species most of its time cleaning its feathers, It produces in a special gland that will be spread over the feathers with the help of beak.
  • Flamingos seen in large groups known as colonies and one colony can have millions of birds.
  • Flamingos give birth to a baby in the nest made up of mud.
  • Flamingos are also called as monogamous birds which means they have just one partner and produces one egg a year.
  • Both parents used to keep the egg warm before it hatches and after few days they will start feeding their chick with a milk-like substance rich in fats and proteins.
  • Baby flamingos dont born with curved bills, it will get curved after few months.
  • Flamingos used to rest on one leg while resting.
  • The “knee” which is visible is actually ankled joint. The exact knee is close to the body and not visible because of feathers.
  • The lifespan of flamingos is between 20 and 30 years.

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These are some of the interesting flamingo facts that you all should know. Kindly share and do post your comments.

Written by Kan Dail