5 Best Flavors to Try with Your Vape


Vaping has taken us all by storm. From something that started as a thing not many liked at first, it sure did grow into something everyone is trying to try. Vaping is the new way of smoking and by some, it is healthier as well, but it is still debatable.

When it comes to smokers there are a few things you can be sure of when you are around one, they will smell, have bad breath, and have yellow fingers and if they smoke a lot they will surely cough out their lungs every morning. When it comes to vape, you don’t get any of these bad things. With vaping, you are odourless, without coughing, discolouration on your fingers and those bad things that nicotine and tar bring to the table.

What launched vaping, even more, is the ability to choose your taste. This is the thing that sold it completely to almost everyone. All of us smokers get tired of that same thing every day. Same bad smell, the same taste in your mouth, bitter and dry mouth in the morning. With vaping, this is something you can opt to skip by getting a flavour that suits you, and your preference and you will not be having issues that regular cigarettes get you.

As you can see from the title of the article we are talking about the bestseller for vapes – its plethora of different tastes. Below you will find the 5 best flavours for your vape and all of them can be found today at Hyde Flavors.

1. The classic


One thing that all of you should know is that there are people that like the good old classics and nothing else. Experimenting with flavours works for some, but most don’t like them and stick to what they know best and like best. Some people have been trying to quit smoking real cigarettes and the best chance they got is vaping. Since they grew accustomed to cigarette smoke there is nothing else that will work for them or they will soon relapse and start smoking again. The best thing about vaping it allows several tobacco flavours that are more pronounced than in cigarettes and you can lower your nicotine dosage gradually until you quit totally. When tobacco taste is in question it is more pronounced in E-liquids. It has a finer smell and taste and that is thanks to the fact that there is no burning of the tobacco hence no burnt flavour at all.

2. Menthol

Another classic that is beloved by many both smokers and non-smokers. As you know people that never smoked took on vaping because it was harmless and fun. Those that wanted to see what is the smoking experience without the harmful effects probably started with some fruity aromas or they went straight to something they know best – Menthol. This vaping flavour is popular because smokers like it too. You get the cool refreshing sensation that is more pronounced in vaping liquids than in regular Menthol-rich cigarettes. It can be mixed with other flavours to get an extra hit and strength but you can also enjoy it by itself.

3. Vanilla


For those that like spice to their vape and that like the aroma of vanilla this E-Liquid is more than awesome and popular. Vanilla is sweet but not too sweet, strong-flavoured but not too strong. This vape juice is incredible and almost addictive. Each time you take a puff of this vape juice you will feel like you just cracked open a fresh vanilla bean. It brings something different to the flavour spectrum that is sometimes hard to explain which is probably the reason people like it so much.

4. Apple

Without thinking too much there is a vape liquid that almost all of us default to after all others. Apple is somewhat sweet but also familiar which means, if you are starting with vaping if you don’t like menthol or tobacco flavours then apple is for you. Depending on the make of the vape juice it can be sweet with just a bit of acidity. Some are purely sweet and nothing else but the combo of a sweet and sour apple beats them all. I know that this is always my personal preference, next to regular tobacco vape juice.

5. Coffee


This is where the vaping business shines. It is not that difficult to create the vaping cigarette, the mechanism and all the gizmos that go in it, it is harder and more profitable to come up with all the flavours people can enjoy when they are sick of what they have been using so far. If there was any doubt that we will have a coffee flavour vape juice then everything should be doubted. Most of us smokers enjoy our first smoke right by a mug of coffee. The incredible minds behind these vaping juices decided to give you two worlds in one puff and came up with a coffee flavour that is warm, delightful and incapsulating this popular drink in the best way possible. No matter if you love coffee or don’t this vape juice is something you must try because it will knock you off your feet.

So, as you can see the world of vaping is huge and there are plenty of things that are coming out every day. From newer mechanisms, batteries and following equipment to new flavours to keep you enjoying your vape at any moment.

Most of us that have work environments and spaces surrounding our workplace have trouble smoking and keeping up with our cravings. This is where vaping helped us a lot because it is not harmful to us and our surroundings and you will not create a stinky and smoke-filled room each time you take a puff or two.

It is made to relax and enjoy it without anyone telling you it’s bad for you, it’s bad for the health of those near you, nobody can forbid you to smoke it and tell you where you can smoke it. It gives you flavour-filled liberty and enjoyment. Another part of the fun with vaping is waiting to see what next taste they come up with. I am praying for cherry-flavoured ice cream liquid flavour.

Written by Kan Dail