Learning to Cope While Friends Are Getting Hitched


As relationships change and people get older, some get hitched and others remain single. These are normal aspects of growing up and aging. They are not necessarily bad circumstances either if you happen to be perpetually single. Women tend to bear the brunt of the community’s judgments when they remain single too long.

Coping seems too extreme a word to describe dealing with being single, while others are getting married. A better description would be maintaining, staying well-groomed, and being sober-minded. There are different reasons why someone remains single longer than others. Not all of these reasons need to be explained, nor do you ever have to explain yourself.

Seeing as the keyword remains coping, here are some tried and tested ways. These methods ensure that you remain level-headed when everyone seems to be advancing – relationship-wise.

1. Online Dating

Find time to visit some cool sites and mingle with other single folks. Find like-minded people on web pages like Ukrainian brides for marriage on GoldenBride and you are sure to forget any miseries. These sites allow you to pinpoint locations for dates, friendly meets, and physical attributes of matches too.

2. Friendships


Make time to capitalize on the closest friendships you have. These should be more than your regular bar or salon buddies. It should include people who understand you in and out. They should also be friends who might point you in the right direction in terms of a partner. That being said, the need to secure a partner shouldn’t overshadow everything else. Be sure to focus on having fun and hanging out with people who won’t judge or keep asking when you plan to get hitched.

3. Treat yourself

Always focus on yourself regardless of what is, and what isn’t happening in your life. Take yoga classes, try salsa dancing (meet sexy dancing men), and join a book club. Find stuff that will keep you busy and take your mind off irrelevant and unnecessary comments. Staying level-headed is important in today’s society more than ever.

4. Maintaining sanity

Don’t get overworked and start barking at everyone. Some people get jealous, mad, and frustrated at the same time while eyeing all their friends getting hitched. As friends get married and some are having babies, stay sober-minded and say nice things. Avoid making comments that are uncalled for simply because it isn’t happening to you.

5. Pat yourself on the back

Give credit where it is humbly due, especially seeing as no one is doing it for you. Take time to think of those seemingly small yet commendable achievements. It could be career growth, maybe even relationship growth, or change on your part. These achievements can significantly raise self-esteem and bring you up to speed with life. The alternative is wallowing in unproductive self-pity.

6. Stay hopeful


There is always and light at the end of the tunnel for single men and women, regardless of age or gender orientation. If you are feeling disillusioned, don’t be. Finding someone doesn’t need to happen overnight. It might take longer than ninety percent or one hundred percent of your friends. The bottom line remains that we all have different charted paths and yours might open up later.

Life is a journey filled with various milestones, and one of the most significant ones for many people is getting married. As we grow older, it’s not uncommon for friends and acquaintances to embark on this new chapter in their lives, leaving us to navigate a different path. While witnessing your friends tying the knot can bring feelings of happiness and joy, it can also stir up emotions of loneliness and self-reflection. Here are some strategies to cope with these emotions and make the most of your own journey.

First and foremost, it’s essential to acknowledge and accept your feelings. It’s okay to feel a sense of loss or envy when friends are getting married while you’re still single. Give yourself permission to experience these emotions without judgment. Recognize that everyone’s journey is unique, and just because your friends are taking a certain path doesn’t mean it’s the right path for you at this moment.

Secondly, focus on self-care and personal growth. Use this period to invest in yourself and explore your own interests and passions. Take up new hobbies, pursue career goals, or embark on exciting adventures. By redirecting your energy towards personal development, you can build a fulfilling and rewarding life for yourself, regardless of your relationship status.

Additionally, nurture your existing relationships and seek new connections. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family who understand and respect your journey. Engage in activities that allow you to meet new people who share similar interests and values. Embrace opportunities for networking, volunteering, or joining social clubs where you can expand your social circle and create meaningful connections.

Lastly, practice gratitude and celebrate your own achievements. Instead of comparing yourself to others, focus on your own accomplishments and the things you are grateful for in your life. Take pride in your personal growth, career successes, and the relationships you have built. Remember that being single offers its own unique advantages and allows you the freedom to explore and discover yourself in ways that a committed relationship might not.


Bottom Line

Marriage doesn’t signify long-lasting love and thus, your friends aren’t necessarily happier than you. Enjoy the single life for what it is, and don’t eye the grass on the other side too much. It could be looking greener simply because of your filtering lenses. What is happening on the ground regarding the marriages you see popping up everywhere might be far from happiness. Of importance is finding the right mate and planning a life together – even without a wedding.

Written by Kan Dail