What do Full-Service Movers Do? 


When people think of moving home, how to find logistics and transportation services is often a common question that comes to mind.

Then again, every shipping company won’t offer the same services. Some shippers only provide trucking services and move home gears for a small fee. But, there are also trusted moving companies that offer full moving services no matter the task involved in changing homes.

Still, it’s not enough to hire full-service shippers without knowing what they really offer. So, the simple question anyone considering using full shipping services should ask is, what do Full-Service Movers do? Let’s find out.

What Does Full Service Moving Include?


Many things. But, first things first, what is a full-service moving company? They are shipping contractors that take care of anything that has to do with relocating to a new place, from packing to unpacking.

Let’s take a close look at what services these shippers provide.

  • Supply Packing Essentials

Packing DIY often means spending days visiting the local hardware store, especially after forgetting simple but essential packing materials. This to-and-fro movement from the house to the hardware store can be tasking, but it doesn’t have to be with full-service shippers. They make it easy to get packing supplies for relocation by providing every wrapping item, from packing paper to tapes, bubble wraps, and even towels for a small fee.

  • Packing Homewares

Packing up the home for transit is possibly the most difficult, time-consuming, and hassle-inducing part of relocating to a new place. But, full-service movers also take charge of this process. They have trained packers in their team who are experienced in packing up fragile homewares and valuables securely, whether for a long-distance or local move.

  • Dismantle Furniture

Full-service shippers also have experience when it comes to shipping large pieces of furniture. In fact, with them in the picture, even the most valuable furniture will get to the new house in top shape. Furniture dismantling is never really a problematic task for them since they have had years of experience doing it.

  • Load and Unload Moving Van

Heavy lifting is never a single man’s cup of tea, but it’s not impossible for full-service shippers. When it comes to lifting homewares, they employ more than three hands and utilize lifting equipment to make the process easy. Full-service movers will load all home appliances into the truck and out of it once they get to the new house.

  • Transport Homewares

Another thing to expect is home delivery of belongings. No matter the destination or location, these shippers will move small and large homewares to the new house, making it easy to focus on other tasks.

  • Unpacking

They don’t only pack up the house, transport items to the new place, and unload them from the truck. They also make the task of unpacking easy. They will only ask for the house owner’s preference when setting up home fixtures. With this information on hand, they can handle the rest setup.

  • Dispose of Packing Supplies

Full-service shippers also enjoy that the move is eco-friendly. When they unpack home fixtures, they also make sure to dispose of unwanted packing supplies so that it does not clutter the new house.

What Will the Cost of Services Depend on?


Technically, with all the services full-service shippers offer, their costs will typically range higher than regular shipping services. Besides this, the more services one needs, the more the cost increases. Still, these are not the only factors that determine the price of hiring full-service movers. Some other factors that greatly influence their cost estimation include:

  • The number of movers required
  • How much stuff needs to be shipped
  • The distance between the current house to the new place
  • The weight of the belongings
  • Time required to complete packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and other tasks
  • What season is the move scheduled for?
  • The specific requirements need for the move.

With this information, it becomes easy to know how full-service shippers make their estimates. Still, understand that the cost of local moves will differ from that of long-distance or international moves. With these factors estimated, local moves may only cost between $1,000 to $5,000. However, the cost for long-distance transits can range as high as $10,000 depending on the weight of items and distance.

How Long Will It Take to Move with Full Service?

While local moves are far cheaper than long-distance transits, the time estimation for each home switch works the same. Employing a DIY route can take days, weeks, or even months to complete but won’t take this long with full-service movers in the equation. The best part of their services is that they always have a set timeframe to accomplish tasks from start to finish. So, how do they make their time estimates? It’s pretty simple.

  • Estimate and Planning Time

To ensure precise estimates, full-service moving companies often do a walk-through of the current house and take inventory of home fixtures. A task like this will only take an hour to complete. However, same-day appointments won’t be possible. So, it’s best to leave some days free since movers can turn up at any time.

  • Packing and Furniture Disassembly

Like other services, packing and furniture disassembly won’t take as much time as when employing a DIY route. A three-bedroom apartment will often take them two to three hours to complete, whether packing or disassembling furniture.

  • Loading and Unloading

Getting homewares in the van is often tasking for one person, but for full-service shippers and their teams, it won’t be difficult or time-consuming. Whether loading or unloading the truck, this task often takes between an hour to an hour and thirty minutes.

  • Unpacking

Unpacking may seem more tasking than packing, but it really isn’t. Shipping companies can complete this take between two to three hours like they did when packing up the house.



So, are full-service movers worth it? The answer is yes.

The process of changing homes can be overwhelming and time-consuming. However, full-service shippers make it easy with the surplus services they offer. Aside from paying for their services, nothing else will seem emotionally and physically draining with them in the mix.

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Written by Kan Dail