7 Fun Things to do in London During your Business Trip


Most of the time, business trips revolve around a rather strict schedule that involves conferences, deadlines, interviews, and meetings. With such a tight and busy schedule, you tend to find yourself tied up in your hotel room. One thing for sure is that even when staying at a top-notch hotel such as Montcalm brewery hotel on Chiswell Street, London, the hotel rooms will eventually start to meld into one, and boredom will kick in.

You don’t have to spend your entire time in the UK’s capital confiscated in a hotel room. Kill the boredom by ditching the room service, visiting a magnificent restaurant, congratulating yourself with a drink for a job well done, or squeezing some sightseeing between meetings. Though the time is limited as most of it is dedicated to business purposes, we can still set aside some time for fun.

While in London, you can kill two birds with one stone to satisfy your tourist needs and your work ones. What are some of the fun things you can do in the UK’s capital during a business trip?

1. West End Shows


When you visit London and have a taste for the theatrical, wangling a trip to the West End is something you can consider. You can ask your escort of choice to accompany you to the place. Leicester Square and London’s Soho area are the central heart of London’s performance culture. The area plays host to some of the long-running and renowned musicals and plays in the world. Some of them include Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap at St Martins Theatre and Wicked at the Apollo Theatre. This is one of the ways you can sample London’s rich tapestry and broad artistic performances. You will not impede on the business hours as it is at night on the weekend.

2. Tourist attractions


While on a business trip in the British capital, you can create some time to see some tourist attractions. This is easy bearing in mind that London’s business hubs of Canary Wharf and Old Street most are central. If you try to hold your business meeting in London’s Shard, you can haggle a deal-breaker from London’s view. The South Bank is further an excellent meeting spot as it has a striking view of the Thames River plus it has many restaurants and bars. Most of the London-based babes are well familiar with the place, and since they are trustworthy, you can get some advice about the locations you should visit from them.

Let your business trip feel more like a trip rather than work-related, according to

3. Go out for a dinner


Unlike other cities where you might have inadequate choices of the places you can go and have dinner, London gives you the arduous task of picking a dining place. The tGastro Pubs focus on some Seasonal British games with a mouth-watering selection of spit shellfish, wild fish, and roasted meats. The Barbican area is another option for a quick bite where there are restaurants such as Pham Sushi that focuses on Sushi. There’s also an abundance of Chinese restaurants in Chinatown in Soho. You can find world-class restaurants in Brixton, Shoreditch, and Chelsea.

4. Indulge in some local shopping


Britain is known to host some of the world’s most famous department stores and boutiques. With their renowned artistic flair, you cannot miss something that pleases your eyes when shopping. From the shopping stalls, you can grab something special and unique. You can also browse through the shopping hotspots. If you fancy something unconventional, you should definitely visit Camden’s markets, famous for their cosmopolitan image, the products sold on the stalls include handicrafts, clothing, costume jewelry, and fast food. But don’t think about finding cheap stuff: Camden market is particularly expensive, if you are on the cheap side there are many other markets to visit first!

5. Visit the London Eye


One of the landmarks you should consider visiting is the London Eye (also known as the Millennium Wheel). It is beside the Big Ben. The London Eye is remarkable and unique: it is the most popular tourist attraction in the UK with over 3 million visitors every year. From the London Eye, you can be able to view most of London City.

6. Book an adult date


Have you ever had a fantasy of having sex with a British blonde? While in London for a business trip, you can enjoy and have a taste of the gorgeous British babes around. You can choose your favorite babe from the dashboard with an extensive collection of mature blondes of different ages who specialize in various romance acts from massage, companion to sexual intercourse. When attending some of the meetings, you can tag along with your escort for company. If you are interested in something else you can check

7. Visit the city’s landmarks


No trip to London regardless of business or a vacation without visiting some of the capital’s most crucial historical landmarks. London’s city history stretches back to the early Roman settlements, and subsequently, London has always been the site of the main events that have ever happened in Britain. When in London for a meeting, you can do some exploring, especially if you are at the Park Grand Hotel Kensington situated near the Buckingham Palace – the Queen’s official residence. Here, when open to the public, you can have a taste of sight of the famous ‘Changing of the Guard’ or even enjoy a tour of the staterooms. Other significant historical sites that are whistle-stop include Westminster Abbey (home to all UK coronations since William the Conqueror almost a thousand years ago), St Paul’s Cathedral, and the London Wall – the last remaining section of the Roman-built fortification.


London is a famous ancient city commonly regarded as the European New York City. With its ancient buildings, different culture, and the holy grail, the dope British women, then you don’t have to leave the place without having fun, regardless of the tightness of your business schedule.

Written by Marinelle Adams