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Unique Gadgets Gifts for Tech Lovers


Even though it seems like an easy task, finding a perfect gift for someone you love and who is a tech lover can be very challenging. You will find yourself doubting what if this is not something that he or she will like, why if he or she does not need this, etc. Also, if you are not familiar with this field, you will have a really big problem understanding exactly the purpose of some technology devices.

In order to help you with this problem, we prepared a list of some very unique gifts you can consider buying. We tried to cover different types of people, so you can find them the gift more easily. However, before we start, we want to tell you one thing. No matter what you choose to buy, remember that person will always appreciate the gift that is bought out of love and attention.

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Bluetooth Tracker


If you are wondering what you can buy your friend or love partner that is unforgettable, we have a fun idea for you. Let’s be honest, we all have trouble sometimes finding our wallet, keys, or phone because we could not remember where we left those things. Luckily, someone came up with the idea to create a device that can locate those things. More precisely, thanks to the tiny Bluetooth tracker, we will not waste our time anymore when looking for these things. The only thing you should do is to attach this tracker to anything you are losing often such as your car keys, phone, headphones, or any other thing. After that, whenever you miss some of those things, you can track them through a smartphone app. The best part of all is the fact that the battery lasts for a long period of time, even a year without charging it. You will hear a loud ringtone and you will find for a second the thing you are missing. This can be both a very unique and useful gift for all tech lovers. And you will help your partner or friend a lot if he or she has this problem.

Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer


The development of technology brings to us so many unique and interesting things that improve the quality of our lives each day. One of those things, that is very popular nowadays among people, is definitely the Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer. The reason for this is obvious; you can print your photo images anytime and anywhere and memorize some special moments in just a few seconds. As many digital pictures are valuable to us, nothing can replace a true picture that we can keep physically and carry with us. This is a very special gift that will make all tech lovers speechless and excited. They will have an opportunity to capture, share and print photos whenever they like. The only requirement is to connect this device to the smartphone, some iPad, Android, or some other device that person has with Bluetooth or NFC. After that, the person can edit the picture and print it. This is the gift that no one will leave at their house and forget about. This gift truly carries a message to the other person to enjoy life and capture every moment of happiness.

A construction vehicle LEGO anyone can operate


If you are buying a gift for someone close to you who is a technology lover and at the same time likes to use his hands to create things, the gift we will write about now is the perfect choice you can consider! This is actually more a gift for men who enjoy operating construction machinery. With this special gift of a Lego construction vehicle, the person you are buying a gift for will be so excited to play with this. Moreover, there are 4 108 pieces that need to be managed and put together. Also, as we said, there are even motorized parts that make things even more real. Additionally, there is a special smartphone app for the controller so you can bring this toy to life. Let’s be honest, all men no matter what age are always keeping their childish spirit deep inside their hearts. For that reason, this could be a perfect present for your brother, partner or friend.

Solar panel Device for Charging

As you probably noticed, we prepared a list of gifts for different types of people, so anyone can find something unique and interesting. Now, it is time to suggest a gift for both nature and tech lovers. Living outdoors, constant campings and nature discovering is a hobby very enjoyable for some people. However, the problem they can experience in those times is where they can charge their devices. Even if the person goes in the wild, it is always a wise option to have a phone if he needs to call someone, capture some pictures, and maybe use his laptop occasionally to read emails. Thanks to the handy solar device that gets power from the sun, the person you are buying a gift for can charge their phone, laptops, tablets, and any other device easily without worrying whether the battery will be empty. He or she can go on a camping trip even for a longer period and still be in contact with the real world while enjoying the landscapes and sounds of nature. Also, thanks to the adjustable construction this device can stand in any direction you point it and get the sun power on the maximum level.

Portable router


The router you can take with yourself wherever you are going in order to have WiFi is something that all tech lovers dream of. For that reason, there is no better idea than buying a speedy and reliable WiFi router for your friend, partner, or family member and allow them to connect to the virtual world anytime and anywhere. Thanks to the technology development, this device is created to cover every spot and location where there is no installation. This is a very advanced technology that can take away all your troubles regarding the Internet. We guarantee you will make the person you are buying a gift for very happy. If the person works from their laptops, you will spare him from the stress in cases where he has Internet connection problems. This is a very useful and valuable gift.

Written by Marinelle Adams