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Body and Sport: Gambling Among Student-Athletes


Multinational firms devote millions of dollars to draw clients to the gambling industry, which continues to increase as the day goes by. Although most countries have age restrictions and eligibility is a requirement for most games, many college students nevertheless engage in this activity. In Australia, you could even find a comprehensive, fast payout online casino list on their notice boards that is updated regularly for those interested in casino games.

Technology development has made a casino boost, making it possible for anybody to gamble online, which is of great advantage to those who enjoy the pleasure of engaging in casino games. Student-athletes are not excluded from the widespread popularity of casino gambling among diverse communities. Even though gambling can be entertaining, it is recommended that users, especially these athletes, should avoid getting too involved because it might harm their physical and mental health. Hence, gambling addiction has developed into a significant issue that is now identified as a medical condition.

This article highlights the relationship between the human body, sports, and the effects of gambling on student-athletes. We would look at the benefits, associated warning signs, and behavioural patterns. Read along.

The Relationship Between Body, Sport, and Gambling Among Student-Athletes


Few studies have been conducted on casino gambling activities in athletes. However, it would not be out of context to conclude that sportspeople have more cause for concern when it comes to becoming obsessed than other people, given the subtle symptoms of gambling events, such as excessive winning hopes for real money. Athletes must always be strong and healthy in their emotions, minds, and bodies to be in the best physical and mental condition for their games.

However, if they engage in casino gambling to the degree that it becomes a concern, their mental health can turn bad. It is worth noting that student-athletes are more likely than other students to suffer from pathological gambling. Another observation is that these college student-athletes only bet on events requiring specific abilities to win. Gambling can be entertaining, but when it becomes addictive, negative consequences follow. A gambling addiction can adversely affect a person’s sports performance, antisocial behaviour, and even legal issues.

College students’ interpersonal and social gambling experiences are typically comparable to those of other young gamblers. Student-athletes stand out from their peers in that they are more inclined to be attracted to sports betting than their fellow mates. Given their history and their passion for athletics, this is hardly surprising. Even if sports betting isn’t considered excessive or pathological, it might still harm student-athletes. Future studies will examine why some student-athletes are more likely to develop gambling issues than others. In the meantime, some of these reasons will be discussed in this article.

Why Are Student Athletes Attracted to Gambling

There are primarily two factors that attract college athletes to casino gambling and other related activities. They are:

  • The excitement of competition and rivalry
  • Add-ons and rewards

The Excitement of Competition and Rivalry

Even when athletes participate in recreational activities, their competitive nature is always evident. Athletes become addicted to casino gambling when they start to play for free or secure a casino bonus after just one attempt. But when their losses pile up, they still keep hopes of scoring just one win, which explains how they become addicted to it.

Due to their competitive nature, athletes don’t want to lose; thus, they take every possible measure to ensure their victory, changing tactics and using new techniques.

Add-Ons and Rewards

Athletes may view casino gambling as another means of showcasing their abilities and knowledge to advance in status. Gamblers are usually motivated to keep playing by money, fame, and prizes. The best online casino applications and betting websites provide many advantages to their loyal customers, like customer service, etc. Hence, student-athletes may see gambling as a second source of money.

Effects of Gambling Among Student Athletes


Gambling has several effects on young adults in the line of sports. The adverse effects sometimes overshadow the benefits, so we’ll consider a good number of them before we proceed.

Adverse Effects and Warning Signs

Worldwide, medical specialists have been looking more closely at gambling addictions in athletes. The aim is to identify the issue and lower risk factors to lessen its negative impacts. Some of the signs exhibited include:

  • Borrowing money to wager on mobile slots
  • Lack of concentration during training sessions
  • Using preparation time to study fixtures
  • Restlessness
  • Defensive attitude to rebuffs and corrections
  • Depression
  • Neglect of responsibilities
  • Debt

NCAA Stance on Student-Athletes Gambling Behaviours

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has created an extensive training program for student-athletes at NCAA member schools. This procedure was in response to its identification of gambling by players as a significant danger to the integrity of intercollegiate athletics.

Public impressions of college gambling have been affected by widely publicised gambling scandals involving student-athletes. On a bigger scale of student athletics, these scandals are uncommon, although prior research has shown that student-athletes who are sports enthusiasts do wager more than other students. These results align with earlier studies to fish out irresponsibility in sports. Recent research, however, indicates that NCAA players are now gambling less, and there are little or no issues on the matter, indicating that prevention efforts have been successful.

Since more gambling problems among young adults now occur at online casinos, it might be harder to spot them. However, according to two-thirds of student-athletes, teammates are aware when someone on the team is gambling. Additionally, they claim that the coach significantly impacts team members’ tolerance for gambling habits and their ability to step in when a teammate requires assistance.

Employees in the athletic department, such as coaches and athletic trainers, are in a unique position to monitor and engage with student-athletes regularly and can assist in directing student-athletes to the proper authorities.

Although the regulating bodies in charge of the prevention campaign agreed that with the spread of mouth-watering free slot games and no deposit bonus offers, the turndown of casino betting by student-athletes in Australia would be hard to maintain, however, measures are constantly put in place to take care of their expenses and welfare, so there would be no financial need to engage in such activities for money.

Frequently Asked Questions


There are many students-athletes who have been known to gamble on their sport. That is why there are some frequently asked questions that are connected with this activity.

What Are the Common Adverse Effects of Gambling on College Student-Athletes?

There are many, but the common ones include debt accumulation, depression issues, lack of concentration, and poor performance in track and field activities.

Does Technology Play a Role in Student-Athletes’ Gambling Interest?

The spread of technology and digitalisation has helped fuel college athletes’ interest by offering casino games and several means of payment.

What Are the Effective Ways to Curb Irresponsible Gambling?

Some practical ways to curb responsibility while gaming for college students include monitoring the behaviours of parents and guardians. Then, coaches should take proper care to watch and cater to their athletes’ needs.


Coaches and guardians must pay attention to their athletes’ physical and mental stability. If they want to remain youthful and stay at the top spot, student-athletes are encouraged to abstain from gambling or to bet on games as minimally as possible. This is irrespective of the amazing offers casinos and sportsbooks can offer them and more for their career benefits.

Written by Kan Dail