List of 20 Ancient Greek Gods And Goddesses

Ares - God of War

The Greek period has a small set of powerful Gods known as the Olympians. It is believed that whenever things need to be decided, the council of gods met on Mount Olympus to take the appropriate decision. All the 12 Olympian gods have a home on Mount Olympus. One of the Greek Gods prefer his palace under the sea, however, most of them Olympians used to live on the Mount Olympus. Here is a list of all Olympians of Greek Gods with their little introduction,

Ancient Greek Gods And Goddesses

1. Zeus – God of the Sky and Thunder

Zeus is the king of all gods and he is the one who ruled the entire universe. It is said that Zeus is not afraid of anyone except possibly his wife. Also, he is the only God that can throw lightning bolts and can look like anybody. The powers of Zeus come from the king of all Gods. According to the Greek myth, Zeus can control natural phenomena and can make days beautiful and amazing. Zeus is one of the most awesome Gods who has who is a master of the bolt which is 2 meters long and made from the metal known as celestial bronze and it could spear your heart. Zeus can direct other gods just like a leader and he has been selected for this position and never retired.

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Zeus - God of the Sky and Thunder

Image Source: Wikimedia

2. Hera – Goddess of Women and Marriage

Hera is the queen of all gods and also considered as the goddess of marriage. Hera was a Zeus sister and was also his wife. Both of them has two children being boys are named as Ares and Hephaestus. Zeus has also children with other mothers as well named as Hermes, Apollo, Artemis and Hercules. Hera was jealous and ger nature if often mean to other children of Zeus. Hera was considered more powerful than Athena, Artemis, and aphrodite combined since she was Zeus’s wife and sister. It is believed that the only goddess that can match her power was Aphrodite.

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Hera - Goddess of Women and Marriage

3. Poseidon – God of the Sea, Earthquakes and Horses

Poseidon is also one of the most important Greek Gods and he is the lord of the sea. He is also one of the 12 Olympians who made to the council of Gods. He has two powerful brothers Zeus (king of all the gods) and Hades (lord of the underworld). It is believed that he did not want to take charge of the underworld and also he is not at all of his brothers and powers. Talking about the appearance, Poseidon is known to have deep blue eyes with streaming green hair. Poseidon can easily make islands, tidal waves and can cover the shoreline. Like other Greek Gods, Poseidon has many wives, howvever, he loves one of the important wives because she is not jealous of the other women in his world. She lived under the sea and made their home in the underwater palace.

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Poseidon - God of the Sea, Earthquakes and Horses

4. Demeter – Goddess of Crops and Fruit

Demeter is one of the kindest Greek Gods because she will always give you a chance before she decided you to punish you. She is creator who gave birth to live and gave us people food. Demeter has a little daughter named Persephone. Both of them used to play together in the fields every day and whenever Persephone smiles at her mother that can make Demeter God happy and in result crops grow healthy. She also rescued her beloved daughter Persephone from the grasp of that creep Hades. Demeter is a goddess season, agriculture, harvest and the Earth. She is capable of defeating other Gods by making them starve and suffocate them.

Demeter - Goddess of Crops and Fruit

Image Source: Wikimedia

5. Athena – Goddess of Wisdom

Athena is also one of the most important Greek Gods who takes care of art, skill, technology, war, battle, and the list goes on. It is also believed that the Athena was the favourite daughter of God Zeus. She is one of the most intelligent and well-rounded women. Athena was the only God that never runs away from Typhoon and guided Odysseus. Athena is also considered Goddess of strategy, wisdom and warfare. She is one of the coolest goddesses of war and wisdom.

Athena - Goddess of Wisdom

Image Source: Wikimedia

6. Ares – God of War

Ares knows everything about the war and its winning strategies. He is equipped with every weapon that can win the war and the best among the Greek Gods. He has an awesome strategy for fight and war that gives huge advantage during these conditions. The look of God is epic awesome and he can be seen riding his Harley around the suburbs of LA. He is one of the Gods that can pick up the fight in an open room. He is one of the Geek Gods that can challenge other Gods and even punished multiple times by Zeus by taking away most of his powers.

Ares - God of War

Image Source: Wikimedia

7. Apollo – God of Light and the Sun

Apolo is one of the most beloved Gods among all Greek Gods because he is God of light and Sun. He can control where the Sun goes and when it can set which is just Awesome! He is also God of Music that also makes him one of the most lovable among all. It is also believed that Apollo is more powerful than Poseidon because of his power over the Sun that can burn the Earth. He also defeated both arenas and Ares to keep them from fighting. He is the strongest Child of Zeus and it is said that everyone else trembles when he comes.

Apollo - God of Light and the Sun

Image Source: Wikimedia

8. Artemis – Goddess of the Hunt, Forests and Hills, the Moon

Artemis is Apolo twin sister and mother was the gentle Leto. The nature of Artemis is totally opposite where he is warm and loving. She loved her twin brother and adored her dogs as well. There are many myths about Artemis because Greek storytellers do not have many tales relating to her. It is believed that her anger and her arrows were swift, however, she is extremely positive despite the myths and she swore never to marry and she never did.

Artemis - Goddess of the Hunt, Forests and Hills, the Moon

Image Source: Wikimedia

9. Hermes – Messenger of the Gods & travellers

God Hemes is Zeus youngest Son and the mother was Maia. Hermes is one of the 12 Olympians among all Greek Gods that rule the amazing world. He is lovable to Zeus and the nature of Hermes is always full of fun. Hermes was a natural athlete and one of the most talkative Greek Gods who can talk about anything. Because of the quality of keeping secrets, Zeus decided him to keep as a messenger and the deal maker of the gods. God Hermes is aware of everything happening in the world, howvever, he did not use to tell everything in order to hurt anyone. Hermes ie very fast and he can cross the Universe with a blink of an eye. He can move between dimensions because he is in the underworld and Olympus. It is also believed that he rescued Ares.

Hermes - Messenger of the Gods & travellers

10. Aphrodite – Goddess of Love and Beauty

Aphrodite was one of the most beautiful Greek Gods and there are many myths about God in the ancient Greek storytellers. Zeus was very happy to claim her as a daughter and it is the duty of Zeus to give her titles and responsibilities. Zeus decided to giver her title of Goddess of Love and Beauty. The responsibility of her is to spread love and beauty in the universe. She has a power of turning the statue into a real person so that at least her follower could marry someone.

Aphrodite - Goddess of Love and Beauty

Image Source: Wikimedia

11. Hestia- Goddess Of Hearth and Home

The god of Hearth and home has three brothers and two sisters. All of them are apart of Olympians and members of the council of 12 gods. Hestia is known as the Gentle goddess that has an important job and he was given the responsibility of hearth and home. Hestia has his home on Mount Olympus and she is only for quite some time is in the council of 12, just like her brothers and sisters. It is believed that Hestia did on like arguments, howvever, one day, she has asked God Dionysus to take her seat in the council but no one has ever resigned from the council. Zeus was confused about what to do but later he thought that Hestia has right to give her seat to Dionysus and he is a good choice. Dionysus is a God of law, wine, civilization and calm nature.

Hestia- Goddess Of Hearth and Home

Image Source: Wikimedia

12. Dionysus – Goddess of Wine, Theatre and Ecstasy

Like we have discussed in the above paragraph, Dionysus is God of Wine, theatre and calm nature. God loves drama and contests. One of the special talent that God Dionysus can share shifts just like he can little mouse into a dangerous animal. The favourite shape of God is that of a handsome young man dripping in jewels. God has a good sense of ]humour and an awesome deal of fun shapeshifting.

Dionysus - Goddess of Wine, Theatre and Ecstasy

Image Source: Wikimedia

13. Hades – Goddess of the Underworld

The Greek Gid rules the Underworld. The Underworld is a place in the Greek methodology where ancient Greeks went when they have died. The Underworld was believed to have a huge place and some of its parts are really beautiful. One of most beautiful places in the Underworld is the Elysian Fields. It is believed that the heroes wen there when they have died. Hades has two brothers and three sisters. Brothers include Zeus, king of the gods, and Poseidon, lord of the sea. God has a three-headed dog named Cerberus. Hades multiple times attended the council of meetings of all Gods on Mount Olympus.

Hades - Goddess of the Underworld

Image Source: Wikimedia

14. Hephaestus- God of Forge, Fire, and Volcanoes

Hephaestus is the son of Zeus and Hera and he likes to build things in the Universe. He is the one who has built all homes on Mount Olympus. All The Gods in the council If want something to be built, he will be glad to do it from his end, Howvever, some of the requests is unusual but he will find a way to make them happy. There is a story where King of Gods, Zeus told Hephaestus to built a woman with the help of Clay and after that, he created beautiful Pandora. Zeus was very happy by the creation of Pandora and he rewarded Hephaestus by making him the goddess of volcanoes and fire.

Hephaestus- God of Forge, Fire, and Volcanoes

Image Source: Wikimedia

15. Persephone – Goddess of Vegetation

Persephone also is known as Kore was one of the Greek Gods And Goddesses of vegetation especially grains. Persephone is the wife of hades and both of them together rules the Underworld. She is one of the deepest goddesses who is mystical, insightful, beautiful, with an inner power, that is not visible superficially. Persephone is also the queen of the Dead and Lady of the Seasons because she is Demeter and Zeus’s daughter. She is a young goddess and later Hades married her and then she has been stepped up to be the queen and shared the responsibilities of the underworld.

Persephone - Goddess of Vegetation

Image Source: Wikimedia

16. Hecate – Goddess of Magic and Witchcraft

Hecate is the Goddess of Magic and Witchcraft ghosts and necromancy. She is the only daughter of Titanes Perses and Asteria and from them, she received power over heaven, earth, and sea. She helped hades with the spirit of deads and used to carry a torch so that it can be associated and her connection with the night. Hecate is the grand granddaughter of the Titans Phoebe and Coeus and she is frequently associated with the Demeter and even assimilated to her in some cults.

Hecate - Goddess of Magic and Witchcraft

Image Source: Wikimedia

17. Nyx – Goddess of the Night

Nyx is the Goddess of the Night who was born before Gaia and is the true concept of darkness. The Goddess of the Night is the child of CHAOS and birthplace is in Gaia. The Primordial God who was believed to be created before time and home is in the depths of Hades’ underworld. Talking about the appearance, Nyx has a shadowy figure which makes it similarity with the night. She is a unique goddess because it can impact mankind in a good or bad way. It is believed that Zeus even feared Nyx because she was older and even stronger than him. Nyx married Erebus, who is the God of darkness and later both of them produces Hemera and Aether.

Nyx - Goddess of the Night

Image Source: Brenda Clarke(Flickr)

18. Nemesis – Goddess of Revenge

Nemesis is the Goddess of revenge also known as Adrasteia which means “the inescapable,” or the “Goddess of Rhamnous”. The roman counterpart of the Greek God is Invidia who is the goddess of jealousy as well as vengeance. It is believed that Nyx is the mother of Nemesis, however, the name of the father is inconsistent and it can be either Zeus, Oceanus, and Erebus. Even the name of the children of the Nemesis is inconsistent and there are few sources which claimed Leda was the mother of Helen of Troy and her twin sister Clytemnestra, however, there are many other sources that suggest Nemesis as their mother.

Nemesis - Goddess of Revenge

Image Source: Wikimedia

19. Pan – God of Nature, the Wild, Shepherds, Flocks, Goats, of Mountain Wilds

Pan is one of the Greek Gods And Goddesses of nature and pasturelands. The name was frequently mentioned in the literature and artworks, however, he is not considered as one of the major gods of Ancient Greece. Pan is directly associated with nature, wooded areas and pasturelands. The worship of the Greek God started from the rustic areas far from the populated city centres and hence large temples cannot be seen. The God ruled over shepherds, hunters and rustic music. He does not have an appearance of a normal man instead the bottom half of his body was like a goat and the top half is similar to other men.

Pan - God of Nature, the Wild, Shepherds, Flocks, Goats, of Mountain Wilds

Image Source: Wikimedia

20. Nike – Goddess of Victory

Nike is the Goddess speed, strength and victory. She is also known as Winged Goddess because he used to carry wings in pictures. Nike is the child of Pallas (Titan) and Styx in most beliefs. The ancient Greeks used to worship Nike because it is believed that it can make never make anyone die and grant them courage and power for any task they undertook. According to Roman Mythology, Nike was also known as Victoria and later after Greece fell to the Roman Empire.

Nike - Goddess of Victory

These are the 20 Greek Gods of ancient times. Kindly share and do post your comments.

Written by Kan Dail