Growing Feminized Cannabis Seeds Outdoors vs Indoors: 7 Tips


Growing cannabis seeds can be a great business, but determining whether to do so outdoors or indoors can be challenging. That is why we will focus on that first and then provide tips on how to make the most out of both options.

Outdoor vs Indoor


The first and most important thing one needs to settle on here is the conditions in which they plan to grow cannabis seeds. Of course, this type of decision depends on how much space one has and how many seeds one wants to grow, whether the goal is to start a big business or not. As for why it’s important, it’s about the conditions you need to meet in order to get the most out of the seeds, which is also why going with feminized seeds is of much greater value. Namely, these types of seeds are genetically engineered, meaning that the plants would become female plants because of the yields, as female plants are more economical in the long run.

It’s needless to say how this affected growing cannabis seeds as it became much easier and more economical for everyone, even those who are entirely new to all this. On the other hand, some basic understanding of how to actually do so is simply a must, but once you settle on whether to grow feminized seeds outdoors or indoors, everything gets much easier, and it’s also something we will further discuss.

Why outdoor is the best option for you

The logic behind why grow them outdoors is simple – the best way to produce a quality product is by growing seeds in their natural environment and habitat. Regardless of how one looks at it, it is a plant, and the plant produces much better products if the conditions in which it grows are natural. Understandably, due to technological advancements, one can create such conditions indoors, but the taste, smell, and in this case, the buds are much better. The law is also something to mention, as due to many recent policies and adjustments, growing cannabis seeds outdoors is much easier now than it was just a decade ago. Above all, it is also a much cheaper option, minimizing your initial investments, and, on the plus side, it’s also much easier, as there is much less work.

As for the downsides, since this is something you need to invest in, placing trust in nature and weather conditions is something that you cannot rely on, and that uncertainty is the biggest reason people choose to grow seeds indoors. Furthermore, growing these seeds outdoors is, in many cases, impossible if you live in a city, as you don’t have enough space to do so, and one thing you cannot overlook is that the water source needs to be near the place where you grow them.

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Why indoor is the best option for you

There is and always will be a question regarding which type of product one prefers, whether it’s natural and organic or a product that grows under LED lights. Now, even though a vast majority will always go with the organic option, growing seeds indoors comes with plenty of benefits. The biggest reason is that you are not dependent on the weather conditions, meaning that you have complete control over the environmental factors. Another thing that makes this option great is that you can harvest more often, as, once again, it’s you who has control over the environment. As for other benefits, the growing time is much shorter, and above all, it’s much more discreet.

On the other hand, just like growing seeds outdoors, doing so indoors has some downsides too, and the biggest one is the overall cost. Yes, creating an environment where the seeds will get enough light as they would from the sun is difficult and costly. Besides that, it’s also bad for the environment because using that many LED bulbs will pollute it, and in the end, it seeks much more time as you need to maintain these conditions. In the end, the quality of the product matters the most, and it can be a bit worse than the one grown outdoors.

Tips for growing seeds outdoors


Pick the right strain

This decision is probably the most important one, and you should base your decision on the climate and weather conditions. It’s because not all strains will grow in just every climate, and picking acclimated strains can save you a lot of time and nerves.

Be careful when buying strain

Once you know which strain you want to go with, the next step is to buy it from a reliable source. Namely, there are plenty of shops and websites where you can buy or order the strain you want and need, but the best way to be sure you will get a strain of vast quality is by buying it from a renowned source like Jealousy strain.

Prepare the soil

The soil needs to be well prepared, and checking its PH value is a must. Too low or too how will mean that the seeds will not grow as fast and be as flourishing as they can. Fertility and consistency of the soil are also something to keep an eye on, as these three things are fundamental aspects of outdoor growing.


It’s needless to say how timing is everything, but here, it depends on the climate and the weather conditions. So, before you start growing outdoors, make sure you have picked the best time to do so.

Tips for growing seeds indoors


Pick the right light intensity

Creating conditions that will perfectly mimic the outdoor ones can be challenging as you need to determine the right light intensity. Namely, the higher the level of lighting, the more blooming the plants will be.

Pick the right temperature and humidity

Once again, creating a perfect environment can only help the plant grow, and 24 degrees celsius is the way to go here. Of course, humidity also plays a huge role, which is why, by most expert opinions, it should be around 30%.

The right lighting

These seeds need blue, red, and white types of light, and luckily, there are many options regarding LED lighting where one can even pick the spectrum and customize it, which makes creating a perfect spectrum of light required much easier.

Written by Jihn Mill