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Why It Could Be Essential to Have a Pet Shop Near Me 


Life for our pets can sometimes be complicated, and unfortunately, there are situations when we need to call on the specialist services of a top veterinary office. They can recommend various products and treatments for our four-legged friends, which are sometimes unavailable at your nearest veterinarian pharmacy. Having a pet shop near me can be the difference between money wasted and dollars spent wisely.

Whether we’re talking about complicated situations where your pet needs specialized flea and deworming treatment with products like Simparica Trio or something more straightforward, such as the need to procure hypoallergenic food, the availability of products in a location close to you presents some advantages that cannot be overstated.

How Expensive Is Owning a Dog?


Well, this question depends on many different sets of conditions. What kind of breed are we talking about? One that is often dealing with health problems or one that is generally considered to be relatively healthy? For example, the monthly expenses for a French Bulldog will be higher than a Chihuahua’s. What is the size of your dog? Is he on any medication? Many elements can influence the average cost of dog ownership, but if you add in the price of deworming, the total expenses could be over $100 a month.

A pet shop near me, like can be helpful when you need to make an unexpected expense for your dog. Having a local store available at any time is especially important when looking for that exact ointment recommended by your veterinarian or that treatment of Simparica Trio, prescribed to get rid of intestinal worms. The antiparasitic treatments you can buy for your dog can be considered monthly or quarterly expenses. You will often have to spend $40-50 on a course of Endogard, Drontal, Comfortis, Simparica Trio, or Nexgard Spectra.

What Can I Expect If I Want to Own a Dog?

First, you must be prepared to buy at least one bag of dry food every month to provide your dog with the energy and calorie intake it needs. Feeding your pet human food is a bad idea, which could cause significant health problems that come with considerable veterinarian bills. Remember that animals do not have the same metabolism as we do, and not every food we eat may be edible or easily digestible for your fluffy friend. Onions, garlic, avocados, or grapes can all be dangerous for your dog and can lead to severe complications.

Speaking of food, you can’t simply feed your dog the same type of kibbles every month with no variety snuck in between meals. You’ll have to buy some wet food, plus a few dog treats to reward your dog when he listens to your commands. Prices can add up, but your dog deserves the best.

We’re in Australia, so any responsible dog owner who walks their dog outside regularly should also be taking care of deworming their furry friend every month. There are all-in-one solutions, like Simparica Trio, that act both as an anti-flea treatment and as an anti-parasitic for heartworm or intestinal parasites, or there are products like Frontline, which have a more localized effect.

Don’t Forget About Toys


You may wonder, “Why exactly should I need a pet shop near me”? One of the answers could be the ease with which you can find precisely the canine products you need. And here we can include toys. Why would you be interested in buying new toys for your dog on a regular basis?

First of all, your dog needs constant movement and proper stimulation to be healthy. And the best way to tire your dog and get him active is by making him play. Depending on their size, dogs can nibble through toys like a rabbit through carrots when they are puppies and teething. And the most worrying thing is that without new toys to captivate him, your dog may turn his attention to other objects in the home, such as your shiny, newly purchased shoes.

The range of toys available for purchase can be diverse and fall into several price categories. Tug-of-war toys can be a cost-effective way to spend fun times with your dog. But you have to be careful that your dog’s behavior remains at the play stage and that he doesn’t think all objects in your home can be used in the same way as with his favorite toys. It’s all well and good until you have to play a game of tug-of-war with the socks stolen from the laundry basket.

Can I Save Money by Having a Pet Shop Near Me?

Most likely, yes, because in many cases, it is possible to find a better price in local shops than on the internet. In addition, picking up the product you want in person from a physical location will permanently save you shipping fees, and the money saved, depending on how many separate products you need to buy per month, can add up over time to a tidy sum.

Let’s say every month you go to your local pet shop and buy a deworming product such as Simparica Trio or NexGard Chewables. In a single year, the money you save on shipping could be enough to feed your pet for a month or more.


Your Pet Deserves the Best

The costs of pet ownership can sometimes be relatively high, but the joys it can bring you will be priceless. The availability of a pet shop near me can lead to special deals on deworming products like Simparica Trio or on dry food from established manufacturers like Royal Canin, Pedigree, or Advance. And you’ll probably need all the money you can save.

Having a pet is a significant responsibility, and its costs can sometimes be hard to bear. Nevertheless, you must remember that your furry friend loves you unconditionally, and you are the whole world to him. The most important thing is to enjoy the moments you spend with your furball and form memories that you will remember with pleasure in the future.

Written by Kan Dail