How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle as a Gamer

gamer lifestyle

Playing games is indeed something that is fun, even if we look at the initial releases of simple games like Tetris, also pixel-sized games, games with low graphics to games that are now pleasing to the eye because of their realistic graphics.

This is what makes many people more enthusiastic about being involved in the world of games, many people start working in game companies, create their own games, discuss something interesting about games such as reviews, give ratings and become professional gamers with competitive skills.

Between all of that, returning to each person’s opinion regarding the meaning of a game, discussing a gamer is someone who likes playing games, even those who are fluent in several genres, whether action, RPG or MOBA. Apart from that, to become a professional gamer you also need skill and dedication in the game, this is what makes many people lose time in allocating more time to a game.

However, if you are also a worker who needs money to meet your needs, you can play the kakekmerah4d gambling side game, why? Because this game can make money, it is very suitable if you are a gamer and still want to have income but still within the same scope.

Then what about health? Even though the average gamer is quite young, if they ignore their health just because they play games, this will trigger the emergence of disease in old age. Therefore, in this article we will discuss how as a gamer you can channel your hobbies and make money while still living a healthy lifestyle, including:

Set a Playing Time Pattern

set play time

When you play for hours to practice improving your playing skills, it would be good if you still limit the ideal time, for example once every 2-3 hours, then rest your eyes, or you can also play 3-4 times a week and between hours or days. You can do sports or other activities. This is an easy way to keep your body fit even if you are a gamer.

Adjust Your Diet

Not a few people like fast food, one of whom is a gamer, how can it not be that sometimes someone is so busy playing that they don’t have time to make healthy food so it’s more practical to order food online. This is a bad habit, especially for a gamer, because if you don’t have a good diet, this will trigger obesity in the body. Still paying attention to the nutritional content of consuming fruit and vegetables will make your body tend to be healthier.

Be Active

gamer workout

The life of a gamer is never outdoors, rarely exposed to sunlight or fresh air outside. Even so, it’s a good idea to keep having positive activities outside and keep socializing, this is also useful for relieving stress. When you might lose when playing a game and the way to relieve stress is to keep having other activities such as chatting with people, doing physical activities, sports. at the gym, hanging out with family or with your partner.

Sitting Position

When you play games for a long time, you must always pay attention to a comfortable sitting position, this aims to maintain the normal structure of the neck and spine so that you avoid back pain. You can consider purchasing equipment for your gaming room set by purchasing a comfortable gaming chair. Usually comfortable gaming chairs are also priced at a high price, but if you have income from the game kakekmerah4d, this is not something that is difficult to get, right?

Maintain Mental Health

maintain mental health

Games can indeed be used as a solution when someone experiences stress, but if they cross the line in the sense of not being able to control the time to play, this will actually be a boomerang for the person themselves, namely at the level of addiction and not being able to control time. This eventually causes mental health problems. Sometimes it is important to always stay within the Limits and when to stop playing.

Get Enough Rest

Don’t miss out on getting enough sleep because this is part of a healthy life, staying up too often will actually worsen your body’s condition, even lack of sleep can also affect your lack of concentration, worsen your mood and overall health. Always avoid playing games late at night and always try to get enough rest between 7 and 8 hours. Maintaining good quality sleep will keep the body fresh and strong during activities.

Adjust the Lighting on The Lamp

When you play games, quite a few people use various RGB lighting, this is not a problem for those who like it. However, it needs to be avoided if you are not used to getting lots of bright and bright lighting, this can trigger headaches if it is unusual for some people. Just use a lamp that can provide light at night or in the dark so that the quality of your eyes is maintained when playing games, then use a night light if necessary or sleeping in the dark is also good for helping you fall asleep quickly.


gamer addiction

One of the things that is often encountered when playing games is addiction. Stop for a moment if you experience signs of this addiction, such as not caring about other activities and sacrificing them, stress and experiencing mood swings, stress that cannot be controlled. Immediately reduce your playing time and try to consult if necessary.

Education and Knowledge

Continue to seek other knowledge and education about how to be a healthy gamer even though you like playing games and your most frequent activity is sitting in a chair. If you have knowledge about health, it is very useful if you experience things that cause you pain while playing games and you know what you can do.

Even though the activity of becoming a gamer who has a sports income and a healthy lifestyle can still be done in these ways, you can apply these simple steps to help you get optimal health even though you are a gamer. Always remember to pay attention to yourself physically and mentally. Stay within reasonable limits when playing games and stay connected to the outside world.


Written by Ivan Hancko