What’s The Difference Between Hiring Uniformed & Plainclothes Security Guards


It is a severe and fundamental question that you may come across. Which security is better? Uniformed or plain clothes security? In order to find an answer to that question, you need first to understand the difference between the two.

Whether you need regular security guards or armed security depends on the event you are hosting. Similarly, whether you need a uniformed guard or that in plain clothes is subjective. You must list down your requirements and the type of crowd, and the event that you are hosting to decide what you need.

When a low-key shoplifter is searching for a low-risk soft target, uniformed security guards prove to be highly effective. The advantage of plainclothes security is catching criminals in the act. Thus they prove to be the best in their respective style of working. Thai articles will help you understand the difference and choose better.

Why Do You Need Security Guards?


Firstly, you must understand why security is essential for any event. What are its advantages, and how great can it save mishaps from happening in the event?

  • Crowd Controlling

The crowd is a significant part of the event. It can be the main reason for the accidents and mishaps happening at your event. Guards can help you safeguard the event by controlling loads of clouds. There is a chance that some attendees will act irrationally if alcohol or other intoxicants are present at your event. A security guard will make sure that the visitors don’t interfere in any way with the event and can protect the restricted areas from the public.

  • Prevent Gate Crashing During The Event

Gatecrashers must certainly be exempted because when planning an event, attendance is only ideal if it matches estimation and planning. Security personnel on-site will prevent any unauthorized individuals from entering the event. Therefore ensuring the safety of people as it keeps potential threats away.

  • Provides A Sense Of Security Among The People.

Having security guards deposited at the entrance and exit gates can assure the guests that the venue is well protected. It gives them a sense of safety. They feel safeguarded and thus leave a good impression as a host of the event.

  • Prevent Potential Accidents And Mishaps

The safety personnel has a good eye for seeing potential risks of threats and mishaps. With them on their toes, you can prevent major and minor accidents that may happen at the event. They are able to identify robbers and any unwanted guests that may be in the crowd.

  • Provides A Professional Touch To The Function

Since security guards at the gate are attendees’ first point of contact at your events, they greatly influence how they perceive your professionalism. The hiring guard establishes an authority at the event. It adds professionalism to all the activities and events. Everything is controlled by a higher authority and thus can be adequately tabbed.

What Is The Difference Between Uniformed And Plained-Clothed Guards?


You must get to know both types of security services separately so that you can compare them.

Uniformed Personnel

Anyone can recognize uniformed security officers due to their clothing, and there are several different ways they can dress. Security personnel in sophisticated establishments generally wear fine suits and ties. The appearance of uniformed security personnel who patrol bars and clubs is a further common occurrence. Even thieves and criminals can quickly identify these guards for your benefit only.

The goal of uniformed security personnel is to prevent any mishap or crime from occurring in the first place rather than to respond to crimes as they happen. Many criminals are discouraged from committing an offence if they see a security guard in uniform nearby. The presence of these guards also plays a vital role in providing a sense of security and safety among the guests.

One benefit of this type of security is that guards offer a place where people can go if they feel unsafe or need assistance. Guards also maintain an environment that dissuades criminals and lowers the possibility that a crime will occur.

Plainclothes Guards

This security personnel does not have distinct uniforms that they are required to wear on duty. They wear regular civil clothes as a disguise. The purpose of these guards is not to threaten the thieves’ potential threats but to catch them red-handed. You can hire these guards for your event depending on the quantity of crowd present at the event as well as the type of event. Also, if you do not want to scare away the crowd, you can for this type. They do their work in disguise without affecting or disturbing the event.

The personnel constantly scans the surroundings at the venue for any suspicious and unusual activity. When criminals believe no one in authority is nearby, they will let their guard down and commit a crime. The private security will then come out and capture the criminal.

The benefit of these security guards is that they give people a feeling of freedom while offering security. Similarly, unlike the uniformed personnel, The atmosphere stays casual to encourage a comfortable and pleasant experience because guests are unaware that security guards are present. Thus, you can safeguard the venue and keep your image intact in front of the guests.



Do you still need clarification about which type of security you need to have at your event? Well, if you thoroughly go through the article, you will clear all your doubts. Also, the article helps you to know why security guards are needed in any event. They help significantly control and maintain the crowd, prevent accidents and mishaps, avoid gate crashers at the event, and, most importantly, make the people feel safe and secure. Thus, having these officers is essential.

The only question is which security you must keep. The critical point of difference between the two types of security is that the uniform personnel prevent crime from happening as the criminals are threatened because of their presence. On the other hand, the plainclothes guards catch the criminals during the crime without them noticing they are present at the venue.

Written by Kan Dail