5 Tips for Hosting an Eco-Friendly BBQ Party


When the summer comes, one of the things you’re most likely to be anticipating is a barbecue party in your backyard. Not only that this is the perfect time to bond with your friends and family, but it’s also for you to savor tasty grilled dishes. However, as much as we love to enjoy the flavorful barbecues around the table, did you know that the process behind it has some hidden things that slowly hurts our Mother Nature?

Yes, it does. Numerous studies around the United States of America have shown that harmful chemical emissions have significantly taken part in the bad conditions of our planet. This is because some of the things used for barbecues are, in essence, made of elements that harm our nature. As one of the laws of ecology says, “everything must go somewhere”. And this is much applicable to barbecues. Everything that is part of the process has effects and these will one way or another result in something bad for the environment. For one, charcoal (which is one of the essential parts of the grilling process) is made of wood from cut trees. With that being said, every time you purchase a pack of charcoal, it also means that a portion of a tree was destroyed.

Not only does this facilitate gradual deforestation, but the usage of charcoal is also contributory to the emission of harmful greenhouse gases which are undoubtedly detrimental to our ozone layers. That’s a lot of information and something must be done about it. The good thing is, there are ways and alternatives for us to still enjoy those flavorful grilled dishes and the barbecue parties that we anticipate during summer.

1. Use of dome grills.


Dome grills are designed to retain the heat from the charcoals used in grilling. The concave shape of the grill permits the lesser use of fuel. This means that the lesser consumption of charcoal is also possible. It will also save you some energy when barbecuing. Aside from helping the environment by using these grills, you can as well save a lot of money since it is more durable than ceramic ones. This basically means you can use this long-term and it will surely aid you in your eco-friendly barbecue parties.

2. Switching to the electric barbecue grill and using Green Lump coal


This type of coal is said to be less harmful and pro-environment coal. It releases less soot and gas. It’s made of natural materials (wood) that were burned without the presence of oxygen and additives. If you like to switch for a greener barbecuing in your backyard, using this type of charcoal is recommendable. Also, by using the electricity-powered grill, you can somehow lessen the usage or consumption of charcoals. That’s because it’s made of parts that power up the heating element, thoroughly cooking the fat on your meat.

3. Switch to grilling vegan meat and other healthy options


Since grilling might mean grilling processed meat, this also means that you’re doing something bad to the planet. This is because processed commercial meat is often made from large factories which are needless to say a huge contributor to the harmful chemicals to land, water, and air.

That’s why if you opt to grill vegan meat such as burgers and sausages, you will, in a little way, lessen the consumption of factory-produced meats. Plus, you get to have a more healthy barbecue dish. Also, you may opt to serve green drinks on the table. Not only that these are healthy but also they are organically produced compared to beers and wine which are products of a very tedious process from factories. And as you know, factories consume so much of the natural resources.

4. Get rid of the non-recyclable utensils


Part of promoting a greener movement is to eradicate or lessen the use of utensils that can be disposed of after single use. Recycling goes a long way and results in good effects on the environment. This could not be so difficult and this could even lessen the waste that you will produce when grilling. To do this, you may buy stainless utensils which you can use in the future for purposes other than when barbecuing.

You can also opt for biodegradable disposables such as paper plates, cups, and wooden cutlery. As these do not consist of toxic remains and residues. In fact, these materials will degrade over time, which basically means they will release earth-friendly materials and nutrients back to the soil. Yes, it may cost and sound impractical when used in a one-time event but the environmental benefits caused by these will surely go a long way.

5. Have a scavenger hunt in your freezer


Your freezer could be a source of wonders especially if you’re planning to have a barbecue. Try to look for some raw products before splurging at the market. This way, you are contributing to lesser consumption of processed products from local stores and also lessening the load on the freezer. Most likely, some vegetables were left behind when you had cooked a day before or even some meat stored in the freezer.

Final Words

After all, if the willingness to help the environment has a soft spot in our hearts, we will be able to have a barbecue that is pro-environment. As the saying goes, if there’s a will, there’s a way. If the will is to be green in terms of our cooking method, all we have to do then is tap into our creativity and resourcefulness. Kindness to the environment goes a long way and we can start by switching to new ways and things mentioned above until such time that it becomes our habit.

Lastly, in order to achieve a perfect eco-friendly barbecue experience, you will also need to invest in tools and types of equipment that will surely aid you in your fresh start towards a better experience of outdoor cooking. Helping the environment means using less products, which translates to less waste. It’s best to have high-quality grilling equipment that would last for a long time, like the ones offered on this site –

Written by Alana Harrington