How MegaFans is Using NFTs To Support Woman Of Afghanistan Learning To Code


The world of gaming is something that is constantly growing and developing and something that does not stop with that growth and development just like that. This world is full of a lot of projects that just do not stop, and proof of that are the large number of companies working in the field of gaming is programming. These industries are related and constantly involve some new areas of technology such as AI or Blockchain technology which is considered to be a particularly advanced technology that offers a number of opportunities that need to be exploited.

Striving for excellence in the online gaming communities and philanthropic efforts is MegaFans, a global tech company. Mobile eSports Gaming Fanatics or MegaFans builds an international mobile community for gamers, developers, and collectors. Utilizing blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and nonfungible tokens (NFTs), MegaFans has solutions for publishing games. Their platform enhances the experience for players and developers, and their communities. In 2024, the tech enterprise supported two fundraisers for educating Afghan women and its play2donate model.

This is a feat that is of great importance and meaning, a project that will bear very good results, and we will see that in the period to come.

Ways MegaFans is Helping Afghan Women


In March, MegaFans started a fundraiser donating $5,000 in NFTs and crypto gifts to a new eSports organization empowering Afghan women financially and socially in their communities where a large number of people who have cryptocurrencies or are engaged in trading, ie have succeeded in the world of crypto with the help of sites such as this website or other sites for such a purpose. They have access to CTI interactive educational technology to gain knowledge on overcoming economic and political inequality. After completing the program and graduating, students are ready to enter the international technology market for job opportunities. There are many job opportunities today, especially in this area and in areas that are similar to this one given that technology is constantly evolving and growing, and thus the demands from the areas related to technology are increasing. Code to Inspire contributed to helping 200 students who successfully graduated and completed the program. The successful completion is due to their hard work, but also due to the commitment that everyone had towards them during their learning and training process.

In prior years and to date, MegaFans has donated large amounts of money using their play2donate model to give back to communities. The tech company hosted an NFT auction as a fundraiser until the end of March on OpenSea. distributes nonfungible tokens, cryptocurrencies, cash, and gift cards using Polygon technology. Proceeds from the auction went to to support its learning to code program. MegaFans is donating all the tournament entry fees to the coding school for Afghan women. This shows the great maturity for organizing such trainings, events and schools for the people who need it, which is expected from such companies.

Games on MegaFans


Games presently featured on MegaFans include eSports & Prizes, slots, and match. The Candy Boo Mania, Crash n Win, and Tunnel Tournament are among the eSports and Prizes games. You can down a slot game, such as Slots Pharaoh’s Way, Ancient Dragon, Witches Riches, or the Juicy Fruit Adventure, a match item game. MegaFans works by downloading the games from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. What we can say with certainty is that they have achieved a lot with their hard work. First of all, they have managed to create games that would be attractive and interesting for everyone, but then they also created a product that has reached great popularity, as evidenced by the large number of results from surveys, research, but also the analysis of visits and selection of their games.

Features of MegaFans


If you have inspiration and you think that you can turn your inspiration into something real that many people will like, then start working on it because in front of you is an opportunity to express what you have imagined and to publish it. Publish your games if you are a developer and work with other developers in a community on the MegaFans platform. Gamers can challenge other players and play against their friends. Play to win prizes and cash or for fun.

Gamers can play in a safe environment that encourages healthy competitiveness. MegaFans have a variety of multiplayer mobile games you play on Android smartphones and Apple iPhones. Join a gaming community comprising different skill set levels using its mobile eSports tournament apps.

With the support of MegaFans, Code to Inspire will continue its mission of empowering Afghan women in making a difference in their communities and home. They can receive a free learn to code program preparing them to face the world in the technology industry sector. The whole effort that is being made for this project is just a great example of how much work can be done to improve the knowledge of other people, but also of how much help is sometimes needed, as evidenced by this academy.

CTI can continue educating women in gaming and decentralized finance technology (Gamfi). The more gamers in the tournaments, the higher the pools increase the winning digital tokens. When donated to Code to Inspire, the organization can exchange for other cryptocurrencies, NFTs, gift cards, or cash. Such projects should continue and will continue in the future because their importance is huge and because with their progress everything will be much better for everyone, ie everyone will have a chance to improve and develop their capabilities to an even better level.

This is a perfect example that the world of technology can be of great importance, that that world of technology and technological progress can bring opportunities for everyone, even those who can not improve, but here we are to help them be just as good as everyone else. It’s all thanks to Blockchain technologies, but also to the other advanced capabilities we have today thanks to technology.

Written by Kan Dail