How Often Should Dogs Chew Treats – 2024 Guide


Everyone needs appreciation when they do something good in life. The same rule applies to your pet. They get the treats whenever they listen to you. Also, it is evident that you need to let them enjoy the treats more than often out of your love for them.

Everything is fine if it is done within a limit. Your dog should chew treats as a part of its diet, but it should do it within a daily limit.

But why is chewing so important?

So, the treat chewing activity for the pet is essential as it renders some health benefits. It helps promote the dog’s overall well-being and improves its dental health. Further, the treats taste different, so the dogs begin identifying the same. It improves their mental stimulation and enhances their natural instincts of the dog.

Now you know why your pet jumps up with joy when they see you opening the box of dog treats, even when they can’t communicate like humans. So, whenever you are buying a treat for your pet, you should see that it is a long-term chew that not only offers a great taste but also holds the attention of your pet for good 10 minutes.

Kinds Of Treats


The treats for dogs are either digestible or non-digestible. The digestible chew is similar to any normal chew a dog can eat and digest. The body will absorb it, and eventually, the extra waste will be removed with the help of the normal process. If you feed your dog with a bully stick or an antler, it will be considered a digestible chew. However, a non-digestible chew treat is different.

It can chew it at any time, but you should not encourage it to digest it. You can seek help to train your dog so that they can spit this kind of chew out of their mouth after they are done chewing it. If the pet swallows it, it can be dangerous for its health; hence, training to spit the same out after chewing is essential. Nylon bones and cow hoofs are examples of the same.

There might be a need to clarify which one to choose when feeding the pet. Digestible chew treats look convenient because they are not harmful. It would help if you chose them because they are natural and make up for a carnivore diet that the pet needs, owing to their natural habitat.

How Often Should Your Dog Chew The Treat

The rule for giving your pet treats is simple. You should note the total diet of your dog. The treats should be at most 10% of your dog’s diet. You should consult the vet about the same, especially if you are unsure how to calculate your dog’s diet. Also, it would help if you discussed the same with the trainer, as they often use treats to train it for specific gestures and activities.

Now, what is this 10% exactly, and how is it to be calculated?

Here are some pointers to note while applying this 10% rule.

The Calorie Count


So, the calculations begin here, and ou’ll get a better clarity of the same. Similar to the dietary plan for humans, you need to see the number of calories your pet intakes throughout the day. But, unlike humans, it is not recommended anywhere. Hence, you need to see the diet and needs of your animal and come up with a calorie count number from your end.

You can have a look at the food bag of your pet. It will tell you the calorie count that it has throughout the day. However, if your pet is new to your home and wants to begin filling the bag, you should consider the pet’s weight. Also, the measurements should be in kcals which is a kilocalorie.

Also, when you buy its food, you should see the calories that it offers. Hence, you can decide the amount for feeding accordingly. But, if you need more than the food packet to help you with the calories it serves on a per-cup basis, you must do some research. You can either get in touch with the manufacturers. Alternatively, you can reach out to the bet or any clinic that can help you with assistance for the same.

Let’s dig a bit more into it.

You have to see the food brand you are feeding your pet as it directly connects to the calorie intake, which further changes the consumption of treats. Let’s take an example to gain clarity over the same. For instance, you have a German Shepherd as your pet and feed it food from Hills Active Longevity. After gaining approval for the dog’s weight, you begin feeding the animal with 4 cups of food from the packet.

The four cups of food add up and amount to 1,456 calories for a single day. If you apply the 10% rule, your dog should be fed treats that amount to 145.6 calories.

There is another doubt related to the same. It is whether the treats should include the total calorie intake throughout the day or an additional calorie amount that can be given to the little animal.

The researches and advice from the vet suggest that the total calorie intake of a pet throughout the day should include the food calories followed by the treat calories. Hence, whenever you are feeding your pet, you should keep a section of calories empty to let your dog rejoice with the taste of its favorite treat.

But in all cases, you must contact your vet and give them regular updates on everything you plan to feed your pet. Under-eating and overeating will harm the health of your dog.



Dogs love treats, but you should always see the total calorie requirement of your dog before letting them enjoy it. Dogs’ chew treats benefit their health in more than a single way. Apart from generating a feel-good and happy vibe in the dog, it helps improve their mental health. It would help if you never compromised on dog treats.

Written by Kan Dail