How to Hide the Fact That You Are Using Cannabis


Even if you live somewhere were using cannabis is legal, you might not always want to announce the fact that you are using the substance. There are plenty of articles on the history of medical cannabis but ones on recreational use are less common. The good news is there are several ways to enjoy it without letting others around you know.

Try a Vaporizer


Vaping your oils or herbs is more discreet since the smell is not as strong as when burning it. Vaping creates a more muted, softer scent, instead of the burnt pungent scent that smoking creates. Vaping also disperses faster and does not stay in your clothing or hair as much. While it is still noticeable, the smell does not travel as far and does not smell as much like cannabis. A portable vaporizer is also smaller and easier to put in your pocket. They look like electronic cigarettes, and you can even get pre-filled cartridges. You can get ones filled with THC isolates, meaning there is no natural scent left. If you are looking for a stylish, smart, and ultra-portable every day vape, you can purchase a PAX 3 vaporizer. It produces excellent vapor quality with both flowers and concentrates. You can purchase from this site here.

Hiding the Smell


Even if you manage to reduce the scent, many might still be able to tell that you smell like cannabis. It’s important to ensure there is enough airflow to reduce the amount of smoke. It’s a good idea to go outside since the breeze can carry it away. If you are inside, try to open a window or run an exhaust fan. Many people try using incense to hide the scent, but it’s been used by so many smokers that burning incense might actually tip someone off that you have been taking a few hits. You might want to go with scented candles, especially ones that have a stronger scent. The ones sold in smoke shops often have extra oils to make them even stronger. It’s a good idea to have it burning for about 30 minutes before you start and about 30 minutes afterward.

If you must smoke the product, you might try using a sploof or mute to reduce the scent right at the source. You can purchase them or you can make your own fairly easily. Put some dryer sheets in a toilet paper roll and cover the end with a sheet. You can hold it in place using a rubber band. Then you can blow the smoke in the other end. The dryer sheets in the roll will help filter the air, allowing it to smell more like laundry and less like marijuana.

Hide Your Stash


If you want to hide the fact that you are a cannabis user from others you live with, you might want to hide your stash as well. And even if it’s only houseguests, it’s still a good idea to keep your stash well hidden. You might create a false bottom in your drawer and hide the stash under it. Or you could get a stash safe that looks like a common item, such as a book or clock. You might try splitting up your stash into different places, especially if you are worried about a housemate or guest helping themselves to something. You can control the scent of the herb by double bagging it or even putting it in a glass jar to lock in the smell.

Using the Right Method of Consumption


You already know vaping can be a better alternative than smoking, but there are other ways to hide your cannabis use. For example, you might look into edibles since it doesn’t give off any scent or vapors. You can get gummies, cookies, brownies, or other snacks to enjoy the feeling of being high. Just know how it will affect your body, since the high can last longer and be stronger than smoking does.

There are also transdermal patches that enter your body through your skin. You can place it in any inconspicuous location on your body, and it will continually deliver THC to your system. It goes through your skin to enter your bloodstream. An inhaler or sublingual is best to use by yourself since it can invite unwanted questions. But an inhaler spray or sublingual product offers cannabinoids through your mouth’s membranes, allowing you to absorb it instantly. On the other hand, you might want to micro dose since it will help hide your high a little better. This involves taking a very small amount of THC throughout the day.

Hiding Your High


If you want to hide the fact that you have been using marijuana, it won’t do to act like you are high. After you have finished smoking or vaping, it’s a good idea to brush your teeth, use mouthwash, or chew gum. Wash your hands and check your hair for lingering odors. If it smells like the herb, you’ll want to brush or comb it well. You can try combing a scented spray through. If you can’t get rid of the smell, you might want to try taking a shower and changing your clothing. You don’t always have to go to the bathroom to hide your breath. In fact, if you constantly go to the bathroom to brush your teeth after taking a hit, you might want to try having some strong coffee or even some peanut butter. Garlic is also strong enough to hide other smells.

Sometimes people have red eyes after using the herb, and that can give away the fact that you are high. Drink some plain water to get rid of the dry mouth feeling. There are special eye drops designed for smokers, which can hide your red eyes. It’s a good idea to try to act like you are not too high. While you shouldn’t try to change your behavior too much from the normal, it’s a good idea to try not to ramble on, which can tip people off that you are not yourself. Try not to laugh at everything, particularly if no one else is laughing.

Written by Ana Weaver