How To Play Bingo: Quick Tips To Make Your Bingo Games More Fun


Bingo, being one of the fastest rising games today is a very fun game to play. But the enjoyment each player derives from the game is relative, depending on how they approach the game. So depending on how you go about your play, you can visit and have one of the best times of your day, or the opposite. We don’t want the latter for you, which is why we have tailored this content.

Here, you will find several quick tips you can employ next time you are playing to make things more fun. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Switch Winning Patterns

The traditional winning patterns most players are used to are the likes of horizonals, verticals, or filling a whole row. We can’t deny that those are simple patterns, but sticking with them takes the fun out of the game. There are several bingo winning patterns you can explore like:

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Circle
  • Clock
  • Bell
  • Windmill
  • Arrow
  • Pyramid

They may sound overwhelming at first but that fun that comes with it is undeniable. Besides, trying only one pattern makes the game boring over time. So next time you want to play, don’t avoid those with different winning patterns.

Take Advantage of the Socializing Systems


One thing that sets bingo apart from other similar games is the socialization factor. For many other games, it’s strictly down to business everytime. And while that is not bad in itself, sometimes, it tends to pressure players a little too much. As for bingo, there is the chatting system where you can socialize and meet new people if you are open to it.

Bingo chat rooms are usually lively and fun, and they go beyond sending messages alone. Some have perks and roles they give you depending on how active you are in the room. And if you are not a fan of the online shenanigans, you should consider visiting bingo halls once in a while; they provide a great level of social interaction.

However, remember that it all depends on you too. You have to be willing to get out of your shell to interact, because if not, many would prefer not to bother you.

Try Progressive Jackpot Bingo

Instead of your regular bingo games, you should try progressive jackpot bingo. From the name, you should already deduce that it involves winning something huge—which is correct. In progressive jackpot bingo, if no one hits bingo within a range of balls drawn, the prize carries over to a new game. And if the subsequent games also have the same inconclusive results, it keeps carrying over.

So as the prize accumulates, it turns into something bigger for each game, hence, the name progressive jackpot bingo. Before the game, every player will see how quickly they should hit bingo before the game carries over.

Playing this variant adds more touch of fun because the rewards are higher—which also increases competition in a fun way.

Be the Host, Make Your Rules


Have you ever considered being the host among your friends and loved ones? You may consider it a bit stressful as regards to planning but the fun is totally worth it. The good thing about being the host of such games is that you have the liberty to tweak the rules.

You don’t need to stick with regular bingo cards; design yours, let your imaginations run wild. Set a dress code, make it fancy; these little things will see that everyone that attends has fun. The prize must also be catchy for everyone to be in the next competitive spirit.

And most importantly, involve everyone. Don’t let anybody feel left out irrespective of their age. Bingo is a game for everyone so don’t discriminate against anyone; you never know, the youngest could come out on top. In short, deviate from the traditional style and mix things up!

Set a Theme

One thing several people miss out on is the theme part. And it is not as if they don’t think about it but they don’t consider it to be worth it. Take it from us now – if you want to spice up your game with more fun, start prioritizing the theme. You’d be surprised by how much others will play along.

The interesting thing about themes is that there are so many options. You can use either sports, retro, mystery, thriller, or any other thing based on your preference. Just make sure it is a memorable one!

Combine it With Other Games


Casinos are already catching the drift that bingo goes well with other games. That is why they created other variants like slingo which is a combination of slots and bingo. You can also do the same for bingo and it doesn’t have to be an overly technical combination.

From experience, we know that board games work fine. You can mix it with games like dice, scrabble, monopoly, or another other one that is available. Most importantly, find a way to incorporate it into that bingo game that one does not interrupt the other. If you carry the other players along, you will figure it out.

Raise the Prizes

Raising the stakes is probably the best way to inject more fun into bingo but it also comes at an extra cost. And that is why many try to avoid it. If players are competing for a higher reward, it is only natural that they put more attention and concentration as everyone wants to win something good.

If raising the prizes will affect your budget, you may also need to slightly raise the cost of tickets. But do it with moderation. If the ticket costs are too high, there is no fun in it anymore because players feel like they naturally deserve a higher prize for winning. However, if the ticket cost relative to the prize seems like good value for money, players are going to give it their all. And most importantly, everyone will have fun.

Wrap Up

The ways we listed are only a few of our suggestions; you don’t have to be rigid about it. The beauty of the game is doing it your own way. So if you have additional ideas combined with ours, give it a shot. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to have fun and win. The ball is in your court now, so go ahead and enjoy your next bingo game!

Written by Kan Dail