How to Stay in Touch with Your Team While Working Remotely


Whether you are experienced in working from home or working remotely is a novelty to you since the recent global pandemic, there are ways to stay in touch with your team and easily exchange various types of information and communicate without stagnation. While there are the ones which prefer to work from the comfort of their home, there will be the ones that choose an office instead of working remotely, but one thing is certain, and that is you need to be in touch with your colleagues in order to cover as much work as possible. To learn how to do it and to do it in a way that will satisfy both yourself and your coworkers, read the lines below.

Use Social Media


Nowadays, hardly anyone manages to escape the continuous rise of social networks and this trend seems to be going nowhere but sky-high. While different social networks are both favored and scolded by divergent generations for various reasons, there is no need to neglect the benefits a social network can provide to its users. This can work for you and your team if you need to exchange certain materials such as pictures and videos, and also share files work or no work-related. It is also important to mention that you can create particular groups with numerous members or chat with your colleagues individually. Even though they are not designed to be a part of a typical working environment, you can utilize the benefits of social networks to do what they were originally designed to provide, and that is socialization and getting in touch with dear persons that are not in your close surroundings.

Phone Your Colleagues


Since emails and other digital forms of messaging are not that difficult to ignore, you might want to try an old-fashioned way to contact your colleagues working apart from you. Also, when you type all the time, you might get misinterpreted since there is no guarantee that the recipient of a message will understand the message to its details. Therefore, you should not hesitate and you should use your phone whenever you get a chance to get in touch with your coworkers. On the other hand, certain individuals need to talk to someone in order to give the best of them, so this means of communicating proves to be a valid way of getting in touch with your colleagues.

Use the Apps


If you are an experienced remote worker, then you are probably familiar with the various apps that tend to enable improved means of communication, while some of them are particularly designed in a way to facilitate the working conditions of employees working from their home. The market for this type of apps is enormous, and because of the contemporary situation and people having to do their work from home more and more often, it grows steadily. Surely, there are apps and software devoted strictly to the proficiency of employees, so they enable their users to share their data safely and also to communicate via chat, video, and voice messages. Others offer their consumers to organize video meetings with numerous participants and are designed to support a large number of participators at the same time. Also, there are the ones that lure their users to use them even after the working day ends simply because they have to offer interesting content. An important thing to highlight is that there are even apps that transcribe any audio message you send, therefore, reduce the chance that anything misheard can get misinterpreted, so you should check if you want to find out more about this type of communication since it offers more than mentioned.

Organize Weekly Meetings


Another amazing way to see your colleagues and chat about both work and about other subjects that do not have to be work-related is to organize and attend weekly meetings with your coworkers. What this enables you is an amazing means of both covering materials for the following period and also checking how everybody from your working collective functions on their own. Although working remotely does not fit everyone’s working habits, sometimes it is the only way not to endanger others and continue to provide to the company. Precisely for that reason, it is particularly important to pay attention to the unity and joint working goals. You might opt for either the end of the working week or the start of it to be the day when you discuss subjects important for your collective. Select the app that can provide you with a quality video conference call and enjoy exchanging experiences and ideas with your coworkers.

Have a Joint Virtual Lunch


If you have a colleague with whom you have used to spend lunch breaks with but also share gossip and enjoy your joint free time, do not worry that you will have to give up on it while you are working separately from your homes. Namely, use any app that enables you to have a video call with your favorite coworker and do not break the connections that have made you fall in love with your workplace for the first time. Being satisfied with a workplace is not only about performing the actual work and being adequately paid for it, moreover, but it is also a collection of various happenings that affect you in a way and their common feature is they are work-related. Surely, some of them are perfect, while the others might be unpleasant. Therefore, what you should do is keep the ones you enjoy and continue with them no matter the circumstances.

Hopefully, after reading through the lines above, you will realize that working from home can be both productive and fun. Not only will you be able to get in touch with your colleagues, but you will also be able to spend time in an amazing way. Since there are numerous ways of keeping in touch, all you need to do is pick the one that suits the wants and needs of your collective the most and suggest it to your fellow employees. Contemporary times have presented us with challenging conditions, but also with interesting means of dealing with them.

Written by P. Mito