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11 Tips On How To Treat A Cam Girl


In the real world, you wouldn’t head out on a date with anything in mind but your all-too-speedy sexual gratification. At least, you shouldn’t. Quite the opposite, you should be doing all you can, from start to finish, to make your date feel fantastic, and have a great time.

Let’s get things straight – sex video chat services are a two-way street. Sure, you can pay the fee, pull yourself into oblivion, and call it a day in three minutes. But if you’re looking to get the most out of online dates with cam girls, that’s what you need to treat them as – ‘dates’.

The joy and satisfaction of dating lies in making the whole thing reciprocal – give and take. If things go your way in the bedroom, that’s always a bonus. Even so, it shouldn’t be your priority.

Just because you are hooking up with a cam girl long-distance for a ‘virtual’ date doesn’t give you the excuse to be selfish. This is what far too many punters do, resulting in a less-than-memorable experience for all involved.

If you want to treat your cam girl right and have the best possible time on every virtual date, here’s what you need to do:

1. Embrace Their Uniqueness

First up, never assume that every camgirl you meet will be the same. Embrace the unique personality and character of every girl you hook up with, and take the time to get to know them. Remember that these are real people with values, desires, morals, and ethics – not ‘playthings’ exclusively for your pleasure.

2. Engage Her in Conversation


One of the few things all women have in common is how they are mainly seduced not by how a man looks, but by what he says. Specifically, engaging a woman in intelligent conversation and demonstrating a genuine interest in her holds the key to her heart and other places.

3. Don’t Try to Negotiate

Cam girls offer paid services and should be treated with the same respect as anyone else offering paid services of any kind. If you want to spend time with her and get up to certain activities, you’ll need to pay the right price. Attempting to negotiate demonstrates a lack of respect and tells your date you don’t think she’s worth the price she’s charging, which is never a good thing.

4. Tip, Tip, and Tip Some More

By contrast, tipping generously and consistently shows she’s worth more than she’s charging.

Understandably, this always goes down well with cam girls and is a major confidence booster.

5. Free Does Not Mean Free

The above is particularly important where cam girls stream their services for free. These hard-working professionals rely on tips and gratuities to earn a living. This means that even when a stream is advertised as ‘free’ of charge, you still need to be ready and willing to put your hand in your pocket (for more than one reason).

6. Ensure You Look the Part

Simple but essential, it is a mark of respect to ensure that you are appropriately presented for your online date. Irrespective of the fact that you are technically a paying customer, you should make the same kind of effort you would expect in return from your date.

7. Respect Their Limitations


If there is something they say they will not do (or would prefer not to do), don’t try to persuade them to go beyond their boundaries. Again, this is a massive demonstration of a lack of respect and an indication that you only care about yourself. Just as is the case in the real world, no means no.

8. Don’t Compare Cam Girls

Nothing is more irritating to a professional webcam model than being compared negatively to other models. Whichever girl you’re with at the time should feel like the only girl on Earth and the most talented cam girl you’ve ever hooked up with. If there’s something another girl does, or you’ve had better ‘service’ elsewhere, feel free to take a hike and go back to them.

9. Read Her Bio

Most webcam models make it pretty clear in their bios what they are and are unwilling to do. Don’t ask for it if it doesn’t mention a specific type of kink or fetish in their bio.

Find a different date who’ll be willing to play to your tune, and save both of you an awkward experience.

10. Be Happy, Smiley, and Pleasant

Last up, webcam girls across the board prefer doing business with men who do not take themselves too seriously. Remember that the experience from start to finish is supposed to be pure joy and entertainment. You don’t need to make your best stone-faced porn star impression or try in any way to be someone you’re not. Smile, keep things lighthearted, and be yourself for the best possible response.


11. Show your gratitude

Showing your gratitude to cam girls is one of the best ways to make their day and boost their motivation while they’re on cam. Whether you participate in private shows, join in on public chats, or just watch and enjoy, here are a few tips on how to show your appreciation for cam girls:

  • Compliment them – Compliments can go a long way when it comes to making someone feel good. Send your cam girl compliments about her body, or her customer service. Anything you admire or appreciate about her will stand out and make an impact.
  • Staying quiet – While it’s important to interact with the model during shows and chats, space out your comments so that she isn’t overwhelmed with messages from everyone. She might have other people watching too! Give her some time and space to talk naturally.
  • Message Her – You can also message the cam girl privately any time outside of the performance session if you wish to get into more personal conversations with her; for example, chatting about favorite books/movies/sports/music etc., doing favors for her such as sharing viral content related to her niche etc., sending virtual gifts (not necessarily real ones), gifting memberships etc. Whatever activity you commit towards her should be done in order to make her appreciate your genuine efforts; since these acts have monetary value attached themselves nowadays!

Written by Kan Dail