5 Preventative HVAC Maintenance Tips For Businesses


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are used in every business facility, and when they function properly they create a better and safer space, and they also keep your bills in check. These systems are necessary if you want to keep the air fresh; if you want your employees to be comfortable throughout the whole year, and if you want to prevent fire hazards. To be able to do all this, you need to maintain your system and you should act before it is too late. In this article, we are going to list some preventative HVAC maintenance tips for businesses that are going to help you keep the system in a proper working condition for as long as possible.

Regularly Check and Change the Air Filters


You should be really mindful when it comes to your air filters since they can easily get dirty, clogged, and even pose a fire hazard. Because of this, you should be careful and you should inspect and clean them on time. You can do this in several ways and the easiest one is to use a vacuum cleaner. This will take just a bit of time, and it will help improve the airflow.

Keep in mind that you should never put items in front of the vents and you should not close the ones that are placed in rooms that are not in current use. Experts suggest that at least 80 percent of the vents throughout the facility should be open at all times.

Prevent Fires

There are many different things that can easily lead to a fire in the facility but the good news is that you can prevent most of them by doing proper maintenance. You should be aware of where you plug the heaters in the winter, and you should steer away from doing that in extension cords. The heaters in offices should be plugged directly into the outlet and you can use the extension cords for other purposes.

All combustible items should be kept away from the system, and if you notice any unpleasant odor or if you can see sparks coming from the heaters, you should call the service as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the odor to go away and know that the more you wait the bigger the chances are of the system completely failing.

Invest in a Better System


The system that you have in place is going to make a lot of difference. You may have had this HVAC for a long time, and if you notice that you need to do maintenance and pay more every month, chances are, you need to upgrade as soon as possible.

Know that depending on what you have in your facility, you can reduce bills, provide better protection, and you can even put the money you saved into something better. You should inspect current models and trends and see how they compare to what you have in place. If you can see that there are new and better features that are not included in your system, chances are, you should upgrade.

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Regulate the Temperature

Did you know that you can increase the lifetime of the system and reduce your bills just by regulating the temperature? Not many business owners know that they should look for the right temperature to get energy savings, no matter if it is the middle of the summer or winter, and by implementing some small changes, you can make sure that your system functions properly and there is no wasted energy.

It is said that it is best to keep the thermostat on 70 degrees throughout the facility when it is being used, and in case there are weeks or even days when the facility is empty, you can lower that down to about 60 degrees. Be aware of how often you touch the thermostat, and if possible, mess with it only when it is absolutely necessary. In case you notice that the temperature changes on its own and if there are some offices that are far cooler or warmer than others, reach out to the service as soon as possible.

Know that after a break when you go back to the facility, you should not overwork your HVAC and you should not crank the thermostat to the maximum expecting faster results. Give it time to cool the space down or heat it up without drastically changing the temperature.

Don’t Ignore Changes in Bills


Finally, you should also be aware of how much you are paying right now, and act in case something changes. We all know how our bills vary, and even though we don’t pay the same sum every month, we have an idea of how much the costs are going to be each month.

If you notice a sudden spike in your bills, and if you have not installed a new system lately, then you should check your HVAC. When there is an issue with the filters, the heating, or the cooling, that will reflect in the utilities right away. If you notice that for the last month you have been asked to pay almost double than you had paid before, then there must be something wrong with the system. Keep in mind when there is a leak; when there is an issue with the filters, when the system is clogged, or when some parts of it malfunction, the bills will spike. Visually inspect the space, see if there is anything that you need to address, and if you cannot find an issue on your own, reach out to the service right away.

Keep the space clean, make sure you seal all the ducts, check the fuel of your furnaces, and avoid using the main utility space as a storage room. If you have any questions about the systems reach out to the professionals, and know that when you upgrade the system you are less likely to waste time on maintenance and you can even install smart systems that are going to send you notifications on what is happening and if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

Written by Kan Dail