8 Affordable Ways to Improve Your Truck’s Performance


A truck’s engine is like an air pump. As it works, it draws the air in and pushes it out, along with a series of timed explosions. Feeding your truck’s engine more air is an excellent way to increase its power and performance.

In a truck, the horsepower of the engine, the torque of the engine, along with good performance truck parts are essential to complement each other with excellent efficiency and power the truck without causing problems, thus increasing its performance in the long run.

Affordable Ways To Improve Truck Performance

Before buying any truck, many research a lot in the market to get a good deal before purchasing their dream machine, after the purchase, these trucks get driven to work or any other job for which they bought it.

After a few years, when they notice their machine is not performing like when it was brand new, they will want to increase its performance affordably.

Then there is a unique brand of owners who wish to improve the performance of their truck right after purchase.

Both types of these truck owners will want to make changes and modify their trucks. But then the price factor comes into the picture.

It is natural for all first to try to find options to improve the performance of their trucks affordably. A few of that options are :

1. Tune Up The Truck


Any machine, like a truck, computer, or car, will need maintenance. These machines need tender, loving, and care, along with timely repairs to keep them running.

Tuning up the truck is the easiest way to increase the truck’s performance. Regular maintenance will help the vehicle to run smoothly on the roads.

Even if the car has excellent parts, everything gets wasted if a spark plug in the engine is not working correctly or an air filter is dirty.

New spark plugs, clean air filters, regular oiling, and timely transmission fluids are essential for running the truck efficiently.

2. Upgrade Cold Air Intake System

The main work of a cold air intake system is providing the engine with oxygen, which is needed to burn the gasoline that runs the truck.

When a cold air intake system gets upgraded, more airflow will power the engine, increasing its performance.

The cold air intake pulls in cool air from outside into the truck’s engine. The engine pulls in the air and mixes it with the fuel to create power for its drive.

More oxygen exists in the cold air because it becomes denser, which means there will be more oxygen content in the air.

This extra air that flows into the engine will boost its power. These intake systems are designed to reduce airflow resistance which will help deal with unwanted turbulence in the engine pipes.

3. Upgrading For Bigger Diameter Throttle Body


With the help of the fuel injection system, the throttle body, which helps in engine combustion, regulates the airflow into the engine.

A more diameter throttle body helps the engine get more airflow, thereby increasing the power performance.

There will be a significant notable difference in the truck’s horsepower. An upgraded throttle body helps in delivering air at a higher rate. Apart from high acceleration, it also boosts the horsepower of the vehicle.

4. Check Engine Gear Transmission

Adding all the above adjustments and any addition to the truck will boost the vehicle’s horsepower and torque.

Make sure that the engine transmission will be capable of handling those extra added powers. If not, rebuild the engine gear transmission, which costs less than putting new engine transmission.

5. Installation Of Performance Tuner

Installation Of Performance Tuner

These performance tuners are chips plugged into the diagnostic port of the vehicle. They help in modifying fuel and map timings, thereby increasing the vehicle’s fuel performance. These are simpler to install and available in the market.

The performance tuner will give a better accelerator response as the torque is more, thus making the vehicle fast.

Apart from that, installing the performance tuner will help the truck gain miles per gallon, thus making it more economical and saving on fuel.

6. Cleaning Fuel System Of Vehicle

Cleaning the truck’s fuel system will help optimize the fuel spraying pattern, improving the combustion and horsepower.

Cleaning the fuel system will help in improving the life of the vehicle. At the same time, it increases power and performance. It also improves the economy of fuel and the car’s drivability. Many tend to neglect cleaning the vehicle’s fuel system, not realizing that this will help increase the vehicle’s life.

Apart from ensuring the vehicle’s safety, it also increases the life of the fuel injector in the engine. If not cleaned, it will create havoc in the fuel injector in the long run.

7. Installing Boost Controller

If the truck has a turbocharger or supercharger, it comes with a factory preset to deliver a specific boost.

Installing a boost controller will help in adjusting this boost level produced. Along with it, installing a boost gauge will also be good. Keeping the boost level at most 20% of the factory settings is always advisable.

This device allows adjusting the boosting power the turbocharger produces. Fixing this will fine-tune the engine’s performance and help in getting more power and better efficiency.

8. Adding The EGR And DFP

EGR means exhaust gas recirculation, and DFP is a diesel particulate filter. These are kits and the best upgrade for the trucks, especially if diesel engines are diesel.

The EGR delete kit will help bypass the engine system that causes grime buildups in the truck’s engine. It automatically helps the vehicle cool down, increasing its performance and the engine’s lifespan.

The DFP kit will help in bypassing the existing filter of the truck. The factory-installed stock filter catches the exhaust and gets clogged in the long run.

The DFP delete kit will bypass this filter, thus increasing the vehicle’s torque and horsepower.


While upgrading the truck for better performance, always make sure that the upgrade gets done by a qualified mechanic. Always make sure that only genuine body parts get fitted in the truck.

Make sure to check the owner’s manual before upgrading the truck. Also, make sure whatever upgrades get done will not affect the truck’s warranty.

Written by Ana Weaver