6 Instagram Tips and Tricks to Drive More Traffic to Your eCommerce Site

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Instagram is one of the perfect social platforms for marketing products and services of your eCommerce online store. It is necessary to enhance the traffic of the audience to your portal to enhance sales. But the process is relatively complicated for many people.

Nowadays, most people use Instagram for entertainment, seeking crucial information, approaching new brands, and much more. It is perfect if you use Instagram to advertise your business and products. Visit to gain more followers and likes on your social posts. Make sure that you have unique content to broadcast to your audience.

You should determine how to drive more traffic to the eCommerce sites through Instagram. In the following write-up, we will discuss some crucial tips and tricks to help you with such an issue. Understand how one can approach your audience and sell your products with ease to them.

Create Engaging Instagram Stories

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You can present engaging content to your audience in different ways on Instagram. But it is easy and convenient to post engaging stories. People love to explore things on this platform through stories. You can post current events, offers, or any crucial information about your online store. You must insert a Swipe Up for linking your eCommerce website and help the visitor.

The best way is to focus on the funneling process and let the audience visit the landing page. You can also add images, videos or write something on your mind. Stories are perfect to link your eCommerce sites or different posts on Instagram. Ensure that you work on the creative side of your content and make them eye-catching.

Start Using the Hashtags for Better Visibility

Before anyone lands or explores your website, the user searches everything through keywords or specific phrases. It is possible to optimize the search result by using hashtags. It is easy to search and click hashtags. If any user searches anything on the internet or Instagram, he will see all your posts where you have added the hashtags.

People can see all the related search results with a specific tag. If you want to increase the traffic of your website, then you must use this feature. You can mention hashtags in comments and posts. With the help of the Instagram Hashtag Generator, it is easy to post an image and write a keyword. You can use a filter option to right the hashtags.

Add Your Website Link in Your Instagram Bio

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You can easily use Instagram, the perfect social platform for both large and small businesses. The audience can recognize your business and initiate buying products from your eCommerce store. It is necessary not to ignore this platform for marketing your store. Before checking out anything, every visitor checks your bio and gets an idea about your brand.

It is necessary to define your identity very well. You must add a link to your website in your bio. If the introduction seems exciting to the visitor, a person will click the link and go to your website. In this way, you can drive more traffic towards your online eCommerce store.

Add Links to Description of IGTV Videos

If you post any video content on Instagram’s IGTV, ensure that you post all the website links in the section of description of everything you are mentioning in it. You provide more information to the audience. On the other hand, you are also providing a source where the visitors can get more information. It is easy to share your website link in Instagram’s bio. The visitors will click on the mentioned link and reach your website.

When many people do so this thing, the traffic will increase. If everything seems perfect, then the bounce rate will also get reduced. The viewers will also share your IGTV videos, and the links will also be visible to them. If you want to market your brand and products, then you must follow this tip.

Create Instagram Ads

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You must know about PPC (Pay per click) ads that also exist on Instagram. It is one of the best strategies to enhance the traffic to the site. But you need to spend some money to create paid ads. You can build these ads in different formats, fonts, and styles. The price of these ads can be scalable. If you are running a large-scale business, you can spend more money as compared to a small-scale business.

When you create photo ads, ensure that you do not add any stock images. In the carousel format of the ad, you can easily opt for the Swipe up feature to drive the audience’s attention. On the other hand, there are three seconds to impress the viewer and start initiating the video. You need to be creative enough while creating these ads.

Sending Links in Direct Messages on Instagram

If you want to start a conversation with your followers, you can send them links in direct messages. You can welcome them by asking specific queries. If they find anything interesting, they will reply to you back. But make sure that you do not disturb anyone by sending repetitive messages.

You have to check your inbox daily to ensure if anyone has sent you any messages. It is necessary to provide all the information and replies to your followers. If you do not reply to them, they will get disappointed. In this way, you will understand your audience better and connect with them.

The Bottom Line

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If you want to drive traffic to your online eCommerce store through Instagram, you must follow all the mentioned tips and tricks. It is necessary to take care of your audience by monitoring them and provide what they desire. You can find more advices and trick on IGInstant.

It will take time to understand the mindset of your audience, but it will be beneficial for you later. You must connect with your audience through the Instagram social media platform. These tips and tricks are relatively helpful for you to market your brand and the products you are selling.

Written by Ana Weaver