Interesting Facts About the Goldendoodle That Only Owners Would Know

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Goldendoodles are a beautiful, clever, and playful breed. As they were created to have the endearing qualities of both parents, you would often find them being referred to as a “designer breed.” However, because they are a mix, it is difficult to determine the contribution of each parent within their genetics, although a rough estimation can be made based on their outer appearance.

Goldendoodles were created as a result of breeders’ efforts to develop such a breed with an allergy-free coat and a decreased propensity to genetic faults and shedding. It is their unique appearance that motivated breeders to start breeding these iconic dogs in the first place. Don’t forget to visit here to learn more about this fascinating breed.

This variant of the dog breed is so popular these days that the general perception is that Goldendoodles are a breed of their own and not a hybrid.

To get the best insights into breeding and owning a Goldendoodle, it is essential to know what existing owners think of them. This article focuses on some of the most interesting facts about Goldendoodles that only true lovers of this dog breed would understand.

What Exactly Is a Goldendoodle?

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As mentioned above, the Goldendoodle is a hybrid dog and is the cross-breeding outcome of the Golden Retriever and the Poodle – both popular and highly lovable dog breeds on their own.

Although they are called “designer” breeds, they are dogs of high utility and have proven to be some of the most helpful and efficient dog breeds out there.

These dogs are bred to be robust, obedient, and low-shedding, thanks to the excellent characteristics of their parents. You would be hard-pressed to find a more devoted canine friend than the Goldendoodle. They inherit the kind nature, intelligence, and overall good health from their iconic parents. They are ideal for experienced families as well as novice dog owners alike.

Make sure you have a firm idea of what Goldendoodles are and how to deal with them before going ahead and opting to get one. This way, it can be ensured that the dog will be getting the proper treatment it truly deserves.

Features of a Goldendoodle

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A healthy Goldendoodle can grow over 21 inches in height and can weigh anywhere between 50 and 90 pounds. Their average lifespan is 10 to 15 years, which is pretty standard among most dog breeds available. They usually go on to become large dogs when they reach adulthood.

The most common colors Goldendoodles come in include grey, black, blue, red, cream, fawn, white, yellow, gold, brown, chocolate, and more. Their coat lengths are fairly moderate, with the texture generally being curly. They do resort to barking but only when necessary. On top of all that, their shedding and drooling amounts are also extremely low, which are some of the key reasons they receive so much love from pet lovers worldwide.

Facts Only Goldendoodle Lovers Understand

With the Goldendoodle being so ideal as a house pet, there has been a rise in Goldendoodle adoption rates in the past few years, a trend that is only growing by the day. The owners are enjoying their time with these amazing creatures and cherishing every moment of it. Let us take a closer look at some of the most interesting facts about Goldendoodles that only existing owners would be aware of.

It Is Fairly Easy To Groom Them

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As the coat of a Goldendoodle is extremely low-shedding, owners do not usually need to groom them extensively. Remove any loose, detached hair from their bodies by using a slicker every few days apart. You would also need to brush their coat whenever a bath is needed, but that’s about it. You can have them clipped whenever they get shaggy – preferably after every two months.

Despite their low-shedding features, certain Goldendoodles boast long, silky fur instead of curly hair, which contributes to shedding in above-average limits. For such breeds, it is essential to groom them more than the regular Goldendoodle – especially during the fall and spring seasons, which is the time when dogs shed the most.

However, that is not all. Long fur also contributes to certain health conditions like ear infections and inflammations as any hair in the ear passages plays host to innumerable amounts of germs and bacteria. Take help from professional veterinarians in case such an incident does take place. The safest bet is to clean the ears at least once a week.

They Are Highly Athletic

Goldendoodles are heavily energetic and lively, and they enjoy exercising. They are content to lie on the sofa for hours and make excellent cuddling buddies. However, it is their agility in which they truly shine. Active and outgoing families greatly appreciate these dogs due to this very reason. They can have the dog sit quietly for hours yet find them leaping with excitement whenever they are about to go out.

Walks, hikes, treks, runs, you name it – Goldendoodles love them all! If you belong to a group that cherishes spending outdoor time with dogs, this indeed is the ideal breed for you.

They Are Gifted at Assisting Their Owners

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Goldendoodles are incredible when it comes to serving and assisting their owners in their day-to-day activities. High intelligence is the intrinsic nature of Poodles, while the Golden Retriever is famous for its unending devotion and obedience. As the Goldendoodle is a mix of both these dog breeds, it contains both the qualities mentioned above. This makes the Goldendoodle quite special as it is an intelligent creature dedicated to its owner’s whims.

They are great guide dogs and also excel as therapy dogs. They can serve as the “eyes” of blind people and leave no stone unturned to navigate them to safety. You will find a lot of Goldendoodles in places like hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices. That is because they provide a sense of comfort for the patients and sufferers.

They Mostly Remain Healthy Throughout Their Lifetime

The advantages of “Hybrid Vigor” apply to the Goldendoodle. When two distinct breeds are combined, their progeny enjoy improved health benefits, according to studies. The Goldendoodle’s hybrid vigor allows it to outlast both of its parent breeds. Breeders tend to have genetic tests performed on them and certificates relating to hereditary disorders that may be inherited from either parent.

Just keep it simple by providing them with fresh, healthy food. Try not to overfeed them as this poses more health risks than benefits for them. As long as they eat at regular intervals, you can drop your concern regarding their overall health.

Goldendoodles Adore Aquatic Activities

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Swimming is an instinctive love-love relationship for most Goldendoodles, whether it’s in your pool, at the beach, or in a lake. It’s nice in the summer when the whole family can enjoy the outdoors, but you must remain vigilant at all times—and keep a safe distance from your Goldendoodle when he decides to shake off the water.

Whether in a lake, on the beach, or in the swimming pool in your backyard, most Goldendoodles share a special bond with water. Many families that own Goldendoodles look forward to the time they get to spend in the water with these adorable creatures.

However, a word of caution: stay as far away as possible from your Goldendoodle after it has finished playing in the water. The amount of fur it has will cause a “mini-storm” once it starts shaking the water off from its body. You will want to avoid getting into that.

They Are Called by Many Names

In certain parts of the world – especially in Australia – Goldendoodles are called Groodles. They are also widely known as Goldiepoos, Goldenpoos, or simply Doodles. However, be sure to not confuse them with other dog breeds like the Bernedoodle, Labradoodle, or Aussiedoodle. They are separate breeds altogether as their origins are different from that of the Goldendoodle.

Final Thoughts

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Dogs are known as the best domestic animal in the world, and for good reasons too. They help their owners in more personal ways than you might ever think of – especially if you do not have prior knowledge of owning a dog. Goldendoodles steal the show when it comes to being ideal pets for their masters.

To witness the true temperament of a Goldendoodle, owning one is the smartest method to choose. We suggest you go for it and experience the joy first-hand. You will surely not regret it!

Written by Ana Weaver