How Do International Flower Delivery Services Work During the Pandemic


Many centuries ago, when communication was difficult and people had to think of ways to express their deepest feelings to someone, the easiest way to do it was through flowers. Each flower carried a specific message and feeling.

Flowers are a gift that is suitable for many occasions. It will say I’m sorry, I love you, I miss you, Congratulations, Rest in peace, and so on. Which message you want to convey is independent not only of the dedication card but also of the garden of flowers you have chosen. It is clear to all of us that the red rose symbolizes love and that by giving it you say I love you. But did you know that pink roses are a symbol of grace and science and are appropriate as a gift to the person you admire?

Many will say that yellow roses signify jealousy, but we would rather accept another opinion, which is that they signify warmth and happiness and that as such they often bow to friends. The white rose signifies innocence, while the orchid represents a delicate, delicate beauty. Star-shaped lilies smell fantastic, but you should be careful with them because they leave yellow marks on clothes, so it is advisable to wear them only to guests or at home in order to put them away immediately.


Courting and showing tenderness is inevitably accompanied by flowers, whether you deliver it in person or flower delivery is your first choice. If, on the other hand, you are prevented from being next to your loved one in time and space, the second option is the simplest and most functional solution. Flower delivery is a great choice for all important moments in life, especially when it comes to members of the fairer gender, and this gift delights, surprises, and attracts smiles. So do not hesitate to show the gentler side of your nature and let the delivery of flowers convey all your emotions.

Today, it is not difficult to find a florist, they are on almost every corner, and many of them also deliver, not only in the city in which they are located but also throughout the country. Some have developed the business so much that they deliver worldwide. You can learn more about it at We are aware that the previous year was marked by a coronary virus pandemic.

We are aware that the previous year was marked by a coronary virus pandemic, which affected the very quality of life of people around the world. Let’s just remember closed borders, closed restaurants, hotels, shops, and various establishments. It was a time when many focused on online shopping that was popular enough even before the pandemic because, in today’s hectic lifestyle, time is of the essence. However, at the time of the biggest pandemic crisis, delivery was also blocked for a certain period. Fortunately, that time is behind us and everything is slowly starting to return to normal.


Many wonders how it is profitable for one florist to send their flower arrangement from one place to another. Of course, it doesn’t pay off and you won’t send a bouquet from Australia to a loved one in America! Today, there are associated florists from various countries and this is the key to the success of the functioning of flower delivery. Now we actually understand that the pandemic did not have a major impact on this business in terms of bouquet delivery, but we believe that at certain times the purchase of flowers for florists was a problem.

To be sure that your flower arrangement will be delivered on time, you usually need to book it two days in advance. However, if you haven’t, don’t worry, there are many florists who will receive the order on the same day and deliver it to the desired address.

We can say that the joint florists and the delivery itself work on the principle of travel agencies. How do you ask yourself? Simple. Their primary task is to offer, ie. sell products, in this case, flowers and flower arrangements on behalf of local and international florists.


Unlike other retail companies, these companies have no obligation to keep stocks, as these are sensitive goods such as flowers, but are in timely contact with the grower, ie. a florist, who sends them flowers as requested. From the above, we can conclude that this type of business is based on a commission, which in the vast majority of cases is around 20%. Thus, the earnings of the intermediary company for the delivery of flowers is the difference that the client must pay, ie. Top-up for a particular flower.

When it comes to flowers, quality and freshness are most important. All arrangements are made from imported ones, but homemade fresh flowers are also used. The most desirable would be the florist who also has her own production and who puts freshly picked flowers in her kennels in her arrangements.

Today, flower arrangements made in combination with sweets or some other gifts that are considered appropriate for a particular occasion are also very popular.

We have already mentioned that the delivery of flowers throughout the country and even the world is based on the connection of florists from various places. This is exactly what is most important in all this. Let’s be honest, if you live in Moscow and want to send flowers to Istanbul, the first thing that will go through your head is, in addition to flowers that must keep their freshness, is the delivery price, which could realistically cost you as much as the bouquet itself.

But since the flowers are not shipped, and the freshness of the flowers is not in question, you don’t even have to think about shipping costs, as the flowers are delivered from one of the local florists. Great, isn’t it? Well dear men, don’t forget that gentlemen never go out of fashion and that flowers will surely delight a girl who is hundreds of kilometers away from you!

Written by Ana Weaver