Is Honda Accord A Good Family Car? 5 Things You Should Know


There are many things that people are working hard day and night. These big and small dreams are something which make life worth living. Getting a good and comfortable car for one’s family is a dream for many after owning a place to call home. And every once in a while, many people get lucky enough to bring this to a reality. When it comes to family cars, Honda Accord is a choice that could never go wrong.

Being in the motor industry for such a long time, Honda has established a trust that remains unquestionable. Honda Accord is one such model which is the result of this line of trust. First started as a 3 door hatchback in 1976, Accord has steered past through the competition and has established itself as one of the best 4 door sedans in the market. If you are looking for excellent deals on Honda Accord, you should check them out here.

There are still many things to consider and keep in mind whilst choosing and purchasing a family car, a few of which includes sufficient and comfortable seating space and ample luggage room. But is Honda Accord really an excellent choice for this category? Well, to find out the answer to that question, you can refer the following article as it consists of 5 things that you should know about Honda Accord:

1. Let’s Talk About Space


As you might already know, the current model of Accord is a 5 seater vehicle, which means that it should easily fit in an average sized nuclear family. The back seats are quite spacious and have ample seating space and legroom for everyone to stretch.

As compared to the other contenders in the market with the same size and seating facilities, it is clearly visible that Accord would easily, by a great margin, win in this category.

There is also enough room in the trunk to store your cargo and stuff, whether it be a week’s groceries or your luggage for a short vacation. It has got you covered. The front seats are completely adjustable as well, making it easier on your back for longer trips.

2. Fuel Efficiency

With an average of 35 miles per gallon (mpg), it is pretty safe to say that the family sedan is quite fuel efficient and works very well. This fuel efficient feature would help you to save some additional money on gas, which could be used on trips and vacations with your family and friends.

3. How About Safety?

Well, just like most of the sedans in this range, there are a few safety measures that come preinstalled in the new Honda Accord. First would be the safety air bags, which are placed in order to protect you and all the riders and passengers of the car from any mishap on the road.

These are made up of high class material and designed with utmost and superior precision to ensure complete protection from all sides. In a very first attempt, there are additional air bags especially put in place for kids. This reduces your extra work of getting them installed additionally. The advanced child lock system makes your car super secure from the inside.

4. Budget Friendly


This one is a loaded car, with a lot of perks to consider. However, one more important feature to consider would be its market price, which is quite less as compared to the other cars in the same feature range. The price range starts from $25,000 only, making it quite easy on the pocket. Moreover, it is not a very high maintenance car, so you would not have to worry about getting it serviced every once in a while.

With the efficient fuel economy and low maintenance costs, this car becomes one of the most sought after cars in the market. You can also double it up as a work vehicle,  and drive it to work whenever you are not taking a vacation.

5. Inbuilt Entertainment

This family sedan comes with an inbuilt 8 inch touch screen display panel which can cater to your needs on long rides and drives with family and friends alike. There are four stereo speakers which can play any song sound like they are being played in the surround sound system.

Moreover, there are 2 USB ports, the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto already pre installed to make this experience easier. You can also get these upgraded and modified as per your needs and requirements. All these would take care of the entertainment on all your smooth trips.

The same 8 inch panel screen is fitted with WiFi settings and has inbuilt and working GPS systems to ensure smooth movement on the roads and the smart system alerts you about the traffic and weather conditions of the road.

Take A Look On A Few Cons As Well


Everything can not be all shiny and glamorous, no matter how much you want it to be. The same applies to Accord as well. There are a few cons to it, which are mentioned below:

Basic Interior Design

To be honest, almost every family car in this range with the similar set of functions and features available has somewhat a basic Interior design. The quality is top quality, however, the design is not very sophisticated or new. Honda has been making tweaks of changes here and there for some time now, but it has played it safe with the interiors. It depends solely on you how you perceive the same.

No All-Wheel Drive

Honda Accord is still not available as an all-wheel drive vehicle. The car is fully equipped and is a great choice for you and your family, but if you want to control all four wheels at once, individually, then you should consider another car, or wait for Honda to make an upgrade.


Honda Accord, in a nutshell, is a good car, which would be worth your investment. There are many features available in the family sedan which can make you swoon really quick. Take a test drive at your nearest dealer to book yours at the earliest.

Written by Kan Dail