Everything You Need to Know About JDen Condo Singapore

J'Den building

J’Den Condo Singapore, a highly-anticipated development in District 22, is located at 2 Jurong East Central 1. This 99-year leasehold development, developed by CapitaLand – one of Singapore’s top property developers – is set to redefine luxury living at the heart of Jurong East. J’Den condo is located at  Jurong East Central  and stands out as an icon of sophistication. Discover a wealth of features, including a swimming pool, an upscale gym, playgrounds, a clubhouse with a modern feel, and commercial areas that are sure to satisfy your needs. J’Den Condo’s prime location makes it easy to commute every day. Prepare to set out on an adventure where harmony meets vitality, luxury meets functionality, and your dream of life extraordinary becomes a reality. Discover everything about JDen Condo Singapore to unlock a world of luxury living.

Discover all you need to Know about J’Den condo

Location: A Thriving District

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J’Den Condo’s location is ideal for both homeowners and investors. The vibrant Jurong East district offers a variety of restaurants, shopping malls and other facilities, creating an exciting and convenient life for residents.

CapitaLand Signature Excellence: Developer

CapitaLand, a well-respected developer, is well known for creating properties of the highest quality that will stand the test time. Buyers can be confident in J’Den Condo’s exceptional construction and design due to their experience and track record.

The Tenure of 99 Years Assured Ownership

J’Den Condo has a 99-year leasehold. This provides buyers with long term ownership as well as investment opportunities in a booming location.

Vision 2027: Completion date

J’Den Condo is scheduled to be finished in 2027. This offers buyers the opportunity to own a home in this highly sought after development, and to look forward to an exciting future.

Different Unit Options

J’Den Condo has a total 1,268 apartments, from 1 to 5 bedrooms, to suit varying lifestyles and needs.

Amenities Galore

condo swimming pool

Condos boast a wide range of impressive amenities including a gym, jogging track, commercial space, clubhouse and swimming pool. The condo’s amenities are intended to improve the comfort and lifestyle of residents.

Pricing Expectations

Although the prices of J’Den Condo are not yet known, their prime location, abundance of amenities, and premium quality make it a desirable prospect for investors and buyers looking to live in luxury.

J’Den Condominium in Jurong Lake District

J’Den Condo has a strategic location in Jurong Lake District, an area of Singapore that is growing rapidly. JLD will become an economic center, creating jobs and attracting business, which makes it the perfect place to invest.

Excellent Connectivity

train station

The Jurong East MRT Station and Jurong East Bus Interchange are located within walking distance of J’Den Condo, allowing residents to easily commute to other parts in Singapore.

Education Institutions in the Nearby Area

J’Den Condo’s close proximity to prestigious educational institutions like Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Jurong Pioneer Junior College will be appreciated by families with children in school.

Joining nature and tranquility

jurong lake garden

J’Den Condo offers a tranquil retreat in the middle of the city, surrounded by greenery like Jurong Lake Garden and Pandan Reservoir Park.

The Shopping Haven

Residents can enjoy a variety of dining and retail experiences at nearby malls such as Westgate, Jem and IMM. The upcoming Jurong East Integrated Transport hub will enhance access to various amenities.

Future Growth and Investment Potential

jurong lake disrtict

J’Den Condo is located in Jurong Lake District, a new district in Singapore. It’s also close to Jurong Innovation District. Residents can expect a boom in economic and job growth. It is a good sign for the future appreciation of property and potential investment. J’Den Condo Singapore offers the ultimate in luxury, convenience and an easy-to-access lifestyle. J’Den Condo is a great investment or a home to live in.

The city is a Peaceful Oasis

J’Den Condo, located in Jurong East’s bustling area, offers residents tranquillity at the Jurong Lake Gardens or Pandan Reservoir Park. The green areas are a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.


J’Den Condo Singapore is a great investment for both homeowners and investors. Its unbeatable location in Jurong, its extensive amenities and the visionary plans for development make it a property of premium quality that will offer a luxurious and modern lifestyle. Prospective buyers can secure their place in this development as the date of completion approaches. They will be part of an exclusive community which embraces all that Singapore has to provide. J’Den Condo, whether as a personal residence or an investment property, is a great choice. It offers lasting value with potential future growth. JDen Condo Singapore is a great opportunity for investors and homeowners who are looking to combine luxury with convenience and growth in the future. JDen condo is the perfect place to embrace the future and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.


Why is JDen Condo Singapore different from other condo developments?

JDen Condo Singapore is distinguished by its location, which was developed in Jurong East, a vibrant district of Singapore, and CapitaLand. It is a property that stands out for its blend of luxurious amenities, seamless communication, and proximity with renowned educational institutes.

JDen Condo Singapore offers a variety of unit types.

JDen Condo has a wide range of apartments. From 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom units are available to suit the needs and preferences of different families. Every unit has been designed with elegance and comfort in mind.

When will JDen Condolence be finished?

JDen Condo will be finished in 2027. This makes it an excellent investment opportunity for investors and buyers looking to own a home in the vibrant area.

What is the nearby transportation for residents of JDen Condo?

JDen Condo residents enjoy great connectivity, as they are only a short walk from Jurong East Station and Jurong East Bus Interchange. It is easy to get around Singapore.

Is JDen Condo Singapore a good investment?

JDen Condo is a good investment. The strategic location of JDen Condo in Jurong Lake District and its proximity to Jurong Innovation District as well as the expected growth make it an ideal choice for those investors looking for long-term appreciation.

Written by Joseph Blakeslee