How To Keep Your Rabbit Warm In Winter

Winter is coming and you are starting to think about how to keep your pet rabbit warm during cold days. Maybe your rabbit has an indoor or outdoor rabbit hutch, but either way you need to find the best solution for how to organize it in order to be warm and cozy enough for your beloved pet. Rabbits are very delicate creatures and require you to treat them pretty much like yourself – you wouldn’t want to be outside without a jacket during the winter, right? Below you can read more about how to keep your rabbit warm during the winter.

What is the best solution to keep your rabbit warm during the winter?

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In parts of the year when it is not winter and when the temperatures are high enough, you can decide to make an outdoor rabbit hutch in which your pet will spend time and enjoy. And we agree, this is a very good option, but not very ideal for winter conditions. When the colder weather comes, you need to think of another solution in order to keep your rabbit warm, because it is simply too cold outside. If they get wet and spend time in the cold wind, they can get sick very easily and even die.

To prevent your rabbit from getting sick, the best idea is to replace your outdoor rabbit hutch with an indoor one to make sure they are warm enough. This way, your pet will be completely safe, because it will be right next to you, and it will also spend time in rooms with heating on, which is an additional benefit. If you haven’t had an indoor rabbit hutch so far, we advise you to consider purchasing one for your pet.

There are also various options for winterizing your current outdoor rabbit hutch, so you provide optimal conditions for spending time in them during the winter.

At aivituvin you can find such an amazing choice of outdoor rabbit hutches and ensure that your rabbit has a phenomenal place to spend time and sleep in, which will also be warm enough during the winter.

How to prepare your rabbit hutch for colder time?

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The first step in the process of winterizing your rabbit hutch is to make sure it is clean enough, but also dry. What you need to know about your pet is that it is not so much sensitive to cold as to moisture. In rainy or snowy conditions, it is necessary to secure the rabbit hutch from drafts and moisture, so that your rabbit is comfortable enough there.

Cover the hutch before going to bed to ensure that the rabbit is protected from adverse external conditions. Place a waterproof pad on the path that rabbits cross when entering and exiting their hutch.

Outside of the hutch – ideas

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If you are thinking about how to best organize your outdoor rabbit hutch to be a nice and warm place to spend time in, we have a few helpful suggestions for you.

For starters, place warm blankets over the hutch and place them under the tarp so they represent another layer of insulation. In this process, it is crucial to position them so that they are not accessible to rabbits for chewing, as this can cause serious health problems. Place windshields around and consider adding clear sheeting to protect the front of the rabbit hutch and ensure that wind, rain and snow cannot penetrate. It is important to use materials that are transparent enough so that the rabbit can see through them. And of course, don’t forget to ensure optimal ventilation by making smaller gaps through which air will be able to enter.

Make sure that the entrances to the hutch are facing south, as this is the best position in order to protect the entrance from wind and drafts. If for some reason this is not possible, it is enough to put an obstacle in front of the entrance that will block rain and wind.

Inside of the hutch – ideas

Now that you have optimally organized the exterior of the hutch, you need to think about how to make the interior beautiful and comfortable for your beloved pet. This is a fun and creative part, but it is also necessary to think about its practicality. For starters, place carpet samples inside the hutch so rabbits can sit or lie on them. Check them regularly to make sure rabbits don’t chew them.

As we mentioned, this can be very dangerous for their health. The next step is to make your rabbit a bed where it can sleep. For this purpose, use a cardboard box in which you will put straw or hay. This will be a comfortable enough place to sit for your rabbit. You can add a tray to this box that will be helpful if the rabbit starts urinating in the box. This will make it easier to clean everything and you will also not have to constantly make new rabbit beds out of boxes.

Lastly, it is a great idea to find a heating solution for your rabbit’s home. Today on the market you can find various heaters that have low enough power to be compact for heating your rabbit’s hutch. Of course, make sure the rabbit can’t get close to the cables and get hurt.


Winter is coming, so it is necessary to figure out the way to keep your rabbit warm during cold and windy winter days. One of the best ways to make sure your rabbit has a cozy and comfortable home all year round is to get an indoor or outdoor rabbit hutch. During the winter, a better idea is definitely the indoor rabbit hutch, but you can also winterize the outdoor ones and ensure that your beloved pet is warm and cozy throughout this time of the year. The first step is to protect the outside of the hutch from cold, drafts and moisture, and then to have fun with the inside and make the best possible place for your rabbit.

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Written by Ana Weaver