5 Important Things to Know About Dungeness Crabs


The Dungeness crab is a giant crustacean that can grow to weigh up to two pounds after moulting. When the crab’s shell becomes too small for the expanding animal, it sheds the old one and develops a new one. Dungeness crabs produce more meat per unit compared to other crabs. Surprisingly, they are not any larger, but their weight is pure flesh.

The leg meat is more rigid and slightly more delicious than the body meat, which is soft and moist. The flavour varies depending on the source and preparation, but all Dungeness crabs have a delicious taste. That’s not all! The crab offers numerous health benefits.

Why eat Dungeness crabs?

1. They are an excellent source of protein


Crabs are nutritious protein sources with nearly the same amount of protein per 100 grams as meat. But the meat doesn’t contain the saturated fat that can improve your risk of heart disease. Crabs lack ligaments, and the protein is of excellent quality and easily digestible.

2. Promotes bone health

Crab flesh is high in phosphorus, making it a vital diet if you want to bone up. Phosphorus is the second most abundant mineral in your body after calcium and is an essential component of teeth and bones. High-phosphorus foods such as crab meat might be beneficial if you are at significant risk for osteoporosis.

3. Boost mental activity

Dungeness crab meat is high in vitamin B2, iron, copper, and essential fats, among other minerals. These compounds are beneficial to your brain and help to boost your intelligence and nervous system performance. Eating crab once weekly can improve your brain health by lowering inflammation. And this is why, offers different solutions to improve businesses to manage their team and offer better services.

4. Detoxifies your body


Crab flesh contains high quantities of phosphorus, which enhance kidney and liver function. As a result, toxins are released more effectively and quickly from your body. With improved metabolic efficiency, your body benefits in numerous ways and mostly keeps you feeling fresh.

5. Improves Blood Sugar Metabolism

Crab is high chromium and is good for people suffering from insulin resistance. Chromium in crab promotes sugar levels metabolism, which lowers blood glucose levels in your body. Again, the chromium in crab helps insulin work better, which helps in diabetes prevention.

How best can I cook Dungeness crab?

Cooking a crab is simple, but you need to pay attention to get a delicious dish. First, obtain a fresh crab and clean it once more, even if it was already cleaned in the market. Other steps include;

  • Boil

Boil your crabs or steam them in a pot for around eight minutes. However, steaming would be ideal since it helps reduce the water level in the crab’s body cavity. Boiling isn’t bad, either, since you still get the job done well.

  • Rinse and cool

Get your Dungeness from the pot and smoothly pass cold water over it. You ensure the shell is cooled down before handling. Rinse any guts that might have oozed out during the boiling process.

  • Remove apron and carapace


Flip it up using your thumb and break it off from the back of the crab’s shell. The carapace is very easy to handle. You need to stick your finger in the hole left after removing the apron. Then gently lift the carapace, which detaches itself swiftly with other guts.

  • Remove gills and mandibles

From the sides of the crab, you find the gills. Pull out the inedible and spongy gills. The mouthparts are the ones known as mandibles located at the front. Removing mandibles is very easy; all you need is to crack them gently.

  • Rinse Again

Here the primary purpose is to get away with a brown goo which at times appears greenish. Finally, you will be left with a shell and delicious meat.

  • Break into half and warm

Turn it upside down, keep your thumb close to its middle and pull the thumbs down. The two pieces are clean and ready to eat, just warm for around two minutes. As you warm, you add any spices though crabs taste even without additives.

  • Serve


Crabs look very when served broken into two. Also, serving with side dishes makes the food more attractive and delicious. For instance, add a lemon wedge to improve the taste of your sumptuous crab dish.

How to save when shopping for Dungeness crab

If you are worried about spending a lot buying seafood, worry not. Here are various ways to ensure you save a lot.

  • Order online

Typically, Dungeness crabs are available for less at some online seafood sellers than at seafood stores. You can utilize your time to locate a website that fits your budget. Little research whenever you purchase will help you save money in the long run.

  • Go for cheaper species

Before you start eating crabs, it is essential to take time and familiarize yourself with different crab species. Crabs meat plays the same role in your body regardless of species. For instance, many people go for king crab since it’s highly priced. But it’s a fact that even the cheap species still offer the same benefits.

  • Buy in bulk

A satisfying crab feast typically weighs around 3 pounds per household. If you’re throwing a big party, buying Dungeness in bulk can be excellent. Larger orders are frequently discounted at online seafood sellers, so purchasing in huge quantities might save you money.

Also, joining a seafood club is another way to help you save a lot. A seafood club consists of friends or neighbors who buy crabs in bulk. Bulk orders are much cheaper; hence, if you get trusted sellers, it’s ideal to join a club where you will purchase huge orders and even get discounts.

Final thoughts

Crabs are popularly known for their high nutrient contents. Also, their taste is another attractive feature to its consumers. If you are interested in the Dungeness crab and want to make it your favourite dish, the above information is vital. From it, you get to know its health benefits, how to cook, and how to save while purchasing.

Written by Kan Dail