What Makes for Fast Payments at Land-Based Casinos in Ontario?


In recent years, the gambling and casino industry as a whole has experienced ongoing developments and innovations that have drastically altered the way players gamble around the world.

This has been influenced further by several factors, including the pandemic forcing physical casinos to close, relaxing regulatory restrictions, and the growing popularity of mobile gaming.

With increasing technology shifting so much of our lives online, it’s no wonder these innovations have also impacted the way people gamble. Despite the growing popularity of online casinos, however, the land-based in-person sector has proved to be surprisingly resilient – even in the face of prolonged closures during the pandemic and rising inflation.

Current figures suggest that Canada makes around $31bn a year from gambling alone. Ontario, in particular, has become a thriving entertainment hub that boasts a wide range of brick-and-mortar casinos. Here, players can select from a range of options to suit their preferences and budget, with some operating 24 hours a day.

“There are still a variety of different online casino options available for players in Ontario, although whether you prefer the online casino experience or a land-based casino, there are a number of differences that shape a player’s experiences,” says Adam Nadeau, the founder of casino review site

“As more and more Ontarians are faced with the choice between in-person or online casino games, an important question for the sector is what one offers over the other. Are the experiences pretty much the same, or do in-person casinos offer something unique that online casinos simply can’t replicate?”

We will take a closer look at some of these factors and see how they differ, especially in terms of payment methods at land-based casinos.

What do in-person casinos have to offer?


Perhaps the most obvious of these is the unique ambiance that an in-person casino experience provides. There is something truly unique about visiting a casino and being surrounded by the bright lights, loud noises and crowds on the casino floor. While for some, this might seem overwhelming, for others, it is what makes in-person casinos so invigorating.

Added to this are the greater amenities that physical casino provides. Many modern casinos provide an experience that consists of classic casino games, in addition to bars, restaurants, and even live music and shows. We have even seen some casinos provide gyms and spas to their visitors!

This wide range of additional amenities is something online casinos will never be able to replicate and is an important part of why so many choose to visit them in person. While online gambling presents a convenient alternative, the fact of the matter is that they simply provide two very different experiences.

What payment methods are there?

Wherever you decide to play at casinos in Canada, you will have several deposit and withdrawal options available.

Firstly, you can use more traditional payment methods such as bank transfer, debit card payments, and credit card payments. These are well-established, reliable payment methods that are trusted by millions of casino fans across the world.

It is important to keep in mind that even if you decide to cash out your winnings at a physical casino, you will still have to find something to do with the physical cash itself! Although in previous decades that might not have been too much of an issue, these days it can arguably prove somewhat of a conundrum. This is because as Canadians increasingly go cashless, carrying around wads of physical bills can seem a little bit outdated!

With that said, if you do cash out at a physical casino, you also need to factor in the time you will spend depositing your cash into your bank account. This usually involves an afternoon trip to the bank, although if, like most people, you prefer to visit the casino on the weekend you might have to wait a few days for it to hit your account.

It is also important to note that when many casinos re-opened after the restrictions Canada faced during the pandemic, lots of operators opted to return to cashless payment technologies. As such, it is always worth checking what payment options are available at the land-based casino facility you are interested in playing at. Players might be limited by their choices slightly – it’s unlikely that you can pay with cryptocurrencies at a land-based casino for the foreseeable future – but there should be more than enough options available.

Cashing out at casinos


Cashing out at an in-person casino is quite similar to the online experience, although there are a few key differences.

Perhaps the first difference you will notice is the presence of a teller or a cashier. In physical casinos, the cashier or teller is the last stop between the casino floor and the outside world. Assuming you don’t want to keep your winnings in credit with the casino, you will inevitably have to interact with the teller.

Your winnings might also be displayed on a voucher or betting slip, which records everything you have won on a particular day. If you are playing table games, your dealer will provide you with a receipt, which can then be cashed out by the teller. You may also be able to do this at automated cash machines, depending on the casino.

Other important steps that you will have to take when cashing out in person are anti-money laundering checks. If your winnings are above a certain threshold, you may be required to verify your identity with a form of official identification.

The teller will convert any chips you have amassed on a particular day into cash you can take with you off the premises. While some casinos may issue you cash, more often than not, you will be issued a cheque. Direct bank account deposits might also be possible, depending on the casino.

If you are issued a cheque or cash, this will then have to be deposited into your bank account in person. It is always advisable to deposit your winnings into a bank account so you don’t have to roam around with a wad of notes in your pocket.

Fastest paying casinos in Ontario


In total, there are 25 different land-based casinos to choose from in Ontario. All offer a different playing experience for gamblers and will each have different payment options. Here we’ll take a quick look at just a few:

Casino Niagara

Established in 1996, Casino Niagara is one of the best all-round gambling and entertainment hubs in Ontario. The casino offers 13,000 slot machines and 30 betting table games, as well as four famous restaurants and beautiful views of the Falls just minutes away.

Fallsview Casino Resort

Another popular casino based near the famous Niagara Falls is Fallsview Casino Resort. This is one of the largest and most modern casino entertainment resorts in Canada. With over 3,500 slot machines, various betting tables including Blackjack and Roulette, as well as 20 dining options throughout the resort, Fallsview is a popular choice among Canadian players.

Caesar Windsor Hotel and Casino

Another great land-based casino option for Canadian players is Caesar Windsor Hotel and Casino. With a dedicated Poker Room, over 2,000 slot games, and 85 table games to choose from, this casino offers a range of playing and entertainment options for gamblers.

Written by Kan Dail