Spanish vs French Which is Important to Live in Canada


When it comes to Canada we all know that both Spanish and French are really important in everyday life. So most people living in Canada know a little bit of both languages to maintain their daily life. But when it comes to choosing between these two languages many would get confused because it’s a difficult choice to make.

In this Article, We are going to discuss Spanish vs French which is more important to live in Canada. If you want to learn French or Spanish to live in Canada then language learning platforms are for you. They offer and provide  tutors and you should check out online Spanish tutors from AmazingTalker here.

1. Location


Canada has many locations and provinces that have a majority of either French or Spanish speakers living. So if you are thinking of moving to these locations, without a doubt you should learn the following language before moving to these provinces.

Quebec is a province that is primarily Francophone meaning almost everyone in this province speaks or knows French. government institutions in Quebec province and Schools also focus on French languages here.

When it comes to Spanish, Ontario is the most common Spanish-speaking province and has quite a lot of Spanish speakers there. There are many Spanish language schools in Ontario coexisting with English schools. So if you want to move to one of these provinces you should learn these languages beforehand.

2. Difficulty level

Spanish and French both have different difficulty levels when it comes to learning them. If you want to know which one is the easiest, then Spanish is arguably the easier option between the two languages.

But we recommend not choosing them based on their difficulty level because both of them require the same amount of time and effort. Spanish only gains the upper hand at the beginning but when you continue the lessons, it starts to become harder and harder. French is harder but it has lots of tricks to improve your French learning rate faster.

If you are ever wondering how you should learn these languages easily without going outside then you should check online learning platforms for sure. They offer both Spanish and French tutors who will guide you on your language journey regardless of your skill level.

3. Language background


Before you choose between Spanish and French you should learn the history and background of these two languages. Because learning the background of these languages will make you understand how Canada has so many people taking in both Spanish and French.

Firstly let’s talk about the Spanish, between 1920 to 1945, only 408 Spaniards came to Canada and after that slowly some Spaniard farmers came.  Although Spanish people had come before all these when the British colonization period was going, it didn’t last long. But after the 1957 agreement between Canada and Spain about farmer immigration the migration started to bloom.

Now let’s talk about French, it’s hard to talk about Canada if you don’t bring UP France and its history. French has the most speakers right after English in Canada. Because Canada’s Quebec province was a part of the French Colonies, almost everyone talked in French. And even after the French colonial era ended many French people still stayed in Canada.

4. Popularity outside Canada

When it comes to popularity, the Spanish language has more than 450 million native speakers. This amount of popularity makes it the second most popular language right after Chinese. Many people are constantly practicing Spanish and so its popularity is also growing rapidly.

Now after Spanish let’s talk about French, although French is not as popular as Spanish it still has lots of people speaking this language. French is spoken by over 300 million people worldwide making it the 18th most popular language for native speakers.

Now when it comes to these two languages we all know that in terms of popularity Spanish will be the most popular language worldwide. So it’s in a way, more logical to learn Spanish than French because it’s the more popular option to choose. So we would recommend that if you travel a lot you should without a doubt learn Spanish first before learning French.

5. Why Not Learn Both?


Now what we recommend the most to our readers is to learn both languages together. It’s not hard to learn both Spanish and French at the same time. But it highly depends on how and where you’re learning these languages. If you choose the wrong teaching methods or the wrong teaching platform then it will be extremely hard for you to learn.

So we will say, if you are confused about what language learning platform to choose you should try out some. They offer different languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, and many more. Some of them offer low-price trial lessons if you want to see if it will work out or not.


In this article, we have discussed and given a logical answer about Spanish vs French which is important to live in Canada. As we have written above, the answer to the question is quite hard and confusing because it depends highly on what aspect the reader is looking for. But if you want a clear answer we would say you should learn both of the languages because both of them are quite important in our daily life.

Written by Kan Dail