10 Indispensable Gadgets for the Los Angeles Trip


Packing for the trip to LA is both exciting and stressful. Sometimes you want to fit only necessary things, but end up packing everything but the kitchen sink. Use this list to help you decide on your trip essentials. In this article we will help you to manage some trip issues that you might occurred during your trip planning. Follow up our advices and you will get an unforgettable journey to Los Angeles.

1. Universal Travel Adapters

The US has inherently A and B types of sockets with the standard voltage being 120 V and the frequency 60 Hz. If your charger doesn’t correspond to this type of socket, you may have problems charging your devices. Universal adapters have foldable plugs for all types of sockets, so you can easily use electricity anywhere. It is very useful stuff especially

2. Power-Bank

You can’t go without a power bank when traveling around Los Angeles. To make your commuting even more pleasant, check out under 21 car rental in Los Angeles with and forget about waiting for buses or huddling in the metro. Sometimes our phone dies at the most inopportune moment. The socket is not at hand, but you still have to keep in touch. Even if you don’t need your phone urgently, you might still find it useful for different purposes. For example, it is way more convenient to pay by PayPal instead of hastily recounting your cash at the till. Or if you happen to get lost, you can quickly find the right way with the help of online maps. Whatever trouble you get, your phone should always have enough battery to stay always in touch. Additionally, you will use google maps actively, so it will make your phone uncharged faster than usual. So take care about this side of your trip.

3. Digital Camera


LA has many beautiful places to see, so make sure to pack your camera. You may ask: “Why should a digital camera take so much space in my backpack if I have a smartphone?” Far not all smartphones have such high-quality cameras. Another point is that the phone’s storage is often overwhelmed with the numerous photos we take daily. You may simply run out of memory and your pictures wouldn’t be saved. Free up some room for a digital life to capture the most exciting moments of your trip and don’t forget to check the car rental age.

4. Noise-Canceling Headphones

During long journeys, you may want to cut yourself off from people’s chatter and the constant roar of traffic. In such big cities like LA, ordinary headphones are helpless in blocking external noises. No loud noise is an obstacle when you have noise-canceling headphones. The headphones fit snugly around the ears, preventing noise through the bands. Find out more about car rental at LAX to find the best option for you during your US road trip.

5. Waterproof Phone Protector

This is an indispensable accessory for those who like to take pictures underwater. The case is made of durable material which is impervious to water. In addition, you can easily work with your phone when it’s covered since the case is transparent and allows sensor reactions. The thing is pretty cheap and can be found in all online stores. Order your case beforehand, so you won’t waste your time during the stay.

6. Portable Wifi Router


Oftentimes using cellular data can be expensive. One of the solutions is to find an available Wifi network in cafes, restaurants and shopping centers, especially in LAX, but this is not a safe option. While you are connecting, the data of your gadget can become vulnerable to hacker attacks, and personal information can be stolen. Make sure you are connected to a portable Wifi device to stay safe.

7. Smart Suitcase

It looks like a usual suitcase but has a lot more useful features. The smart version of the suitcase has incorporated a GPS and a remote lock blocker. Besides protective equipment, it also has a power bank, built-in scales, speakers and a power bank. You can track the location of a device and control its functions either manually or through an application. With double protection, no thief will ever have access to your possessions.

8. Smartwatch

Did you count the times you took your phone out to check an  unimportant notification? Smartwatch is there to reduce the number of motions you do. Starting with calls and finishing with payment transactions, this device resembles all the essential features of a smartphone. Next time you want to check your inbox, simply glance down at your watch, instead of shuffling in your bag to reach for a phone.

9. Portable Luggage Scale


Not everyone can afford a smart suitcase with a built-in scale. The portable luggage scale is relatively cheap and most importantly – compact. It won’t occupy too much space in your bag, but it might save you money if you exceed the weight limit while traveling by plane. Avoid overpaying and keep a portable scale with you. It might come in handy.

10. Document Organizer

It’s always nice to go on a trip, but it’s twice as nice when it’s well-organized. This applies not only to planning events but also to ordering things. Long searches for documents can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming. With a special organizer, though, you will always have the right documents in a right place. It will save you time and decrease a stress when you will need some documents for check ups etc etc.


Having at least some of these things, you are one step closer to the trip of your dreams if you rent a car in Los Angeles! This will bring you comfort and will make your trip even more attractive. With car rental you would be able to visit any places that are on your wish list and not to struggle and waste your time with the public transport. Additionally, you can easily find the suitable option of car for you and your wallet.

Written by Kan Dail