How to Avoid a Luggage Storage Dilemma When Traveling to Lisbon


Lisbon is a magical European city that attracts millions of tourists each year. Visitors arrive in numbers to take in the spectacular views from the city’s “seven hills.” They kick off their shoes and relax in the abundant natural settings, including parks, beaches, and intricately designed miradouros. They follow the ancient narrow streets to magnificent, history-filled buildings and restaurants where staff serve authentic Portuguese food to a Fado beat.

Lisbon is a dream holiday destination and a perfect location to spend a few idyllic days. However, there are some things to remember before you grab your bags and hop on a plane, the most crucial being luggage storage. The recent influx of tourists after the pandemic led to a temporary shortage of luggage storage facilities in the city. This meant they had to lug their bags while walking the uphill streets.

So, considering Lisbon’s labyrinthine lanes and the luggage dilemma, it is essential to find ways to travel light and prevent unnecessary problems.

Why Is Luggage Storage a Problem in Lisbon?

The high number of tourists in Lisbon often causes limited luggage storage space at airports and train stations. Without proper planning, you won’t be able to store your luggage during peak travel times.

Also, if you want to explore the city on the same day you arrive and get there too early to check into your hotel, you may not find a storage solution near popular tourist areas. If your hotel has a specific check-in and check-out time, it may not align with your arrival and departure schedule. This means you will have to find a temporary luggage storage option.

Sometimes, even those with a long layover in Lisbon have to stay at the airport instead of checking out the city, all because they can’t find a place to store their luggage.

Dealing With Luggage In Lisbon


Fortunately, there are ways to avoid luggage issues. Several establishments have taken measures to ensure that tourists don’t have to tackle the streets carrying or dragging heavy bags. Therefore, you might be able to store your luggage in shops, cafes, restaurants, and possibly even your hotel while you’re out and about in Lisbon.

Follow these steps to ensure your luggage is taken off your hands.

Plan Ahead

When researching Lisbon and its various hotels and lodges, remember to inquire whether they have storage options and services. This will make it easy to keep your luggage safe when you get there. The more options you have, the less the chances of unforeseen problems when you arrive.

You should also try and book accommodation close to the places you want to explore. If you want to stay in more than one hotel or lodge and can travel between them via train, you should also find out which stations offer temporary luggage storage services. So, between train trips and checking in at various accommodations, your luggage will be out of your way and safely stored away.

If you plan on staying less than 24 hours and traveling outside of peak time, you may be able to store your luggage at Lisbon Airport’s 24/7 baggage storage area. It is located in Arrivals, so you can access your bags whenever you need to retrieve something.

Consider 24/7 Luggage Storage

If you’re traveling for business and need to store your luggage outside regular business hours, you’ll find several 24/7 luggage storage facilities in the city. Do a thorough online search before you travel to Lisbon to find a storage service close to the airport or nearest to your accommodation. These storage options are ideal when traveling to Lisbon on an early morning flight or at midnight.

Consider Storage Duration


If you’re staying for more than a week, you should search for a long-term storage facility if your hotel doesn’t offer storage services. Many storage places don’t allow storage longer than 48 hours. While finding a hotel or airport facility that caters to long-term stays is ideal, you may find a few independent storage facilities that can help.

Keep Size Restrictions in Mind

If you’re packing everything but the kitchen sink, you must find a storage service that caters to oversized luggage. Some facilities have size restrictions, so tell them the dimensions of the items you want to store. This is necessary to verify whether they have space to store your luggage.

Ask about pricing per item before you book storage space. If you’re working with a small travel budget, inquire about discounts for multiple items. You may find some great specials if you store your luggage for fewer than five hours. If you’re staying for a week or two, you may find some storage places that charge per day, which may come out cheaper.

It’s also a good idea to draw up a spreadsheet comparing storage prices before you book your Lisbon ticket. Add a column for pros and cons, including incentives and discounts for online bookings, to ensure you choose the perfect facility.

Take Safety Precautions

No matter where you go, safety should be top of mind. The same goes for traveling to Lisbon. Always ensure that your luggage is secured before you leave it anywhere. Lock all your bags and remove valuable items like passports, electronics, and travel documents. It is important to note that storage facilities in Lisbon are generally safe, but it won’t hurt to take precautions.

Ask For Advice From Fellow Travelers


Many travelers have pondered the same luggage questions as you. You’ll find them on platforms like Reddit and TripAdvisor, where they discuss experiences with storing luggage in Lisbon. You can ask for advice on these forums to help you make informed decisions before leaving on your trip.

Have an Awesome Trip

These steps make it easy to enjoy the lively atmosphere and stunning sights of Lisbon without carrying heavy bags wherever you go. Take the time to plan your trip and find the best place to store your luggage, and you’ll soon be making awesome memories in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Written by Kan Dail