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How To Make AWS Services Work For Your Business


Cloud computing is improving with time. And now with the Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can compute and store your data. Furthermore, you can also have a database, analytics, deployment, and application on the cloud. Thus, through these features, you can improve the working of your business.

Furthermore, these services are especially good for small businesses that have a low budget. Thus, with cost-effectiveness, you will have some well-established capabilities like elasticity and scalability. Consequently, you can set up your infrastructure in a short time instead of doing it physically which will take weeks.

EC2 Instance Types Pricing


As mentioned above, you get a range of facilities and services from Amazon Web Services. But what about the pricing? Unlike other web service provides, AWS is quite cost-effective. Furthermore, it upgrades with time.

Parquantix provides you the 5 different pricing structures. You have to go through the details of all of them. Thus, you can choose the one that meets the demands of your corporate. So if you want to enjoy these services from Amazon Web do checkout them.

Different Web hosting


Amazon provides various services to its users. Therefore, you can select the hosting you want and that suits your corporate requirements. Thus, you will only have to pay for that and nothing more. This will save a lot of your time and money. So for small business owners, this is the best choice to save cost and improve efficiency.

The different components of web hosting include;

1. Elastic Compute Cloud – EC2

This is the backbone of the cloud deployment on Amazon Web Services. They provide a differing amount of memory, CPUs, network performance, and storage.

2. Simple Storage Service – S3

This hosting will provide you with storage space of up to 5 TB in just one object. Furthermore, you will have accessibility to it anywhere on the web with certain commands.

3. Elastic Block Store – EBS

This hosting is more expensive, as it offers the capabilities of the traditional file system. Furthermore, you attach it to the storage device and it will persist even if the system gets shut down.

4. Relationship Database Service – RDS

This is the easiest hosting to set up and offers a relational database management system (RDBMS). Thus, you can set it up easily and operate it the way you want. All of the processes are quite simple and easy.

5. Route 53

This hosting is most suitable for domain name registration and DNS. Moreover, it offers competitive ratios at a cheaper rate.

Why choose AWS services?


Several big brands use Amazon Web Services as their cloud platform. These brands include Shell, Coca-Cola, Siemens, Johnson & Johnson, and Goldman Sachs. So if you are new to the business and need a cloud platform for their business, they have the best choice.

Choosing these services will let you cut down your operational cost. Thus, you can save your IT cost.

With AWS you can reduce several business risks, create new revenue streams and also improve the operational efficiency of your business. Furthermore, the market performance of different brands shows that the brands who used AWS are more agile.

Besides, the businesses also show innovation and better efficiency. So if you want some proven operational expertise and the most secure computing environment, AWS is the best choice for you. Moreover, you will also get the deepest and broadest functionality in your business with it.

Amazon Web Services have more than some million active customers. AWS and its partner networks can also offer their help. Thus, you will be able to make innovative new products. Furthermore, you can also improve your services and speed up your entry into the market.

Thus, through the use of these web services, you will be able to give a better performance than your competitors. So if the business market changes, you will be able to adapt to the new conditions more quickly.

How will you achieve your business goals through AWS?


Amazon Web Services will help you to achieve your goals through these means;

1. Grow new revenue streams

With the use of Amazon Web provider Services, you will be able to respond to the business insights quickly. Furthermore, you can deal with the customer demands and requirements. Thus, with these services, you can manage your business with the changing business requirements and market conditions.

In addition to this, you can also generate and grow some new revenue streams. AWS will help you in testing the new ideas and also on iterating them. All of this testing will take place in the agile environment. Thus, you can get the ideas that give the best performance and implement them on a larger scale.

2. Increase operation efficiency

Besides IT cost-saving, AWS provides several different benefits like increasing the operational efficiency of your business. Thus, with the use of these services, you can improve the productivity of your workforce through the agile development of your teams.

Furthermore, you can also accelerate our developmental cycles through quick idea generation and testing. Thus, you can take your products and services to the market in less time. It will make you a step ahead of your competitors and that’s what makes you a brand in the market.

As a result of such market performance, businesses gain consumer trust. Consequently, you will be able to increase the operational resilience of your business. Eventually, the overall uptime will be improved.

3. Lower business risks

Your data is a vital part of business growth. If your data is not secured you will eventually fall behind, no matter how much you work hard. Therefore, securing the sensitive data and information of the business is quite important.

With Amazon Web Services, you will be able to keep your data secured in the cloud platform. In addition to being secured, all the data will be available flexibly. All of this will be backed up by the deepest security setup.

In addition to the security, you will get governance and compliance services too. Thus, the overall risk will decrease eventually. Furthermore, you won’t have to compromise any of your critical business time. Moreover, you won’t even have to compromise on the business agility and scale.

Written by Marinelle Adams