7 Easy Ways to Make Your Boring CBD Oil Taste Amazing

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Raw and cold-pressed oil sometimes can have a horrible aroma and taste, and that’s the case with most of the types of CBD oils available on the market. Many people find it terrible, but they are able to handle it, due to the benefits. But, there are still those who can’t hold the raw taste, because depending on the quality of the plant and seeds, it can be really unpleasant. Those who can get used to it, often find it very boring, and there are some ways to improve it. The natural form of the oil has a bitter taste, and it can smell similar to a public toilet if not filtered properly. That doesn’t mean it’s spoiled or not good to use though.

The pleasant smell and taste are not always the result of raw materials, which means that additives are used for improvement. Some manufacturers prepare their products that way so that they can be easier to consume. Sometimes the consumer can do it himself with the right choice of ingredients, which will not impair the quality of the oil.

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However, the good news is that there are certain ways to improve the taste of the CBD product you have, yet not ruin the positive ingredients that are good for you. Here are some ways:

  1. Take your favorite drink or snack right away

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This is one of the ways you will camouflage the bad taste that will stay in your mouth, but you will also make the whole experience more enjoyable than it really is. Many people advise you to eat your favorite snack, for example, chocolate or candy, or drink a cup of tea or juice, and maybe coffee, as soon as you take cannabis oil, depending on what taste you like. This is not a direct improvement on the taste and smell of the oil, but on the feeling, you have immediately after taking it. Sometimes, some foods complement the taste and you can find your favorite combination to consume.

  1. Use only а quality oil

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This is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from bad taste. Manufacturers pay close attention to improving all possible aspects so that they can offer a quality product to their customers. Some people have no problem to consume something reminiscent of chewed green leaves, but others may have nausea because of it. Some laboratories remove most of the chlorophyll, producing an oil with a taste similar to that of cooking and perhaps a slightly more intense odor.

  1. Combine it with honey

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Honey usually does not cause chemical reactions with the components in other products, but protects them and can improve their taste. Many of those who already consume cannabis oil claim that with the help of honey they even take advantage of additional benefits from the product, and the taste, as you expect, is amazing. People who do not consume honey for health reasons can combine it with a teaspoon of sugar or agave syrup, maple syrup, or barley malt. Melt it in your mouth to have a full experience or swallow it right away, depending on how you prefer to do these things.

  1. Mix it with yogurt

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Since the oil will not dissolve in the yogurt but will create an emulsion, it means that there will be no chemical reaction and you can consume it in its original form, but with a better taste. The acidity of the yogurt largely neutralizes the earthy and green aromas of the oil and it will be easier for you to consume it and make the most of all the benefits. Of course, a drop of oil is mixed with a tablespoon of yogurt, as long as you know the right proportion, so depending on the dosage, you can adjust the amount.

  1. Use CBD tincture for cooking

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When making soup, cakes, homemade bread, or any other pastry, you can add CBD tincture which is a highly concentrated product. By doing so, you are enriching the food, and the taste is almost completely removed and mixed with the basic taste of what you are preparing. You must be confident in the quality of the tincture so that you can take advantage of all the positive aspects of the product.

  1. Use something with a mint flavor

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Mint also makes the taste fuller, and at the same time neutralizes the taste of cannabis oil. It can be tea, ice cream, candy, chocolate, and even mint oil. In this way, the benefits of the two active ingredients are replenished, and we know very well that mint has a positive effect on the human body in many ways.

  1. Use edibles instead of pure oil

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They can be hard candies, chewing gum, desserts, chewing gum, and other forms of food products that contain CBD oil in them. Of course, they come with an improved taste from the manufacturer itself. If you still want to consume oil, you can ask for one that is flavored by the manufacturer and has an improved taste. That way you make the whole experience easier for you, and yet you use all the benefits you have from the product itself.

CBD products are gaining popularity and are being mass-produced, and it is quite normal to have products of both better and worse quality. It is up to you to find the ones that are right for you and to consume them as instructed. Here are some ways to help yourself if you can not stand the natural taste. The most important thing to know is that the benefits are innumerable, but you should still consult a doctor or pharmacist instead of taking it on your own. Be careful and smart in consuming and do not skimp on quality.

Written by Ana Weaver