Make Everyone Envy With Green Emerald

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Due to its mystifying green color and lush aura, emerald has always been a source of pride for the wearer and envy for onlookers. Over centuries, this gemstone has gained unprecedented popularity and favor among the elite and commoners alike.

As the May birthstone, emerald brings hope, prosperity, and optimism to your life. You can wear this gemstone as fashion jewelry or flaunt it in your wedding ring. This gemstone will always make heads turn.

You can buy pure emerald jewelry online and make your friends envious of its beauty and charm. Here are the attributes that make emerald so unique. And gorgeous gemstone photos enhance the beauty of the emeralds. Follow this guide to find out how to take high-quality gemstone photography.

Emeralds Have a Rich History

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With their existence dating back to three billion years, emeralds are truly ancient in their legacy. It is believed that this gemstone was first mined in Egypt during 1500BC. Since then, it has been associated with rebirth and fertility across the civilization.

According to Egyptian folklores, mummies were often buried with emeralds to signify eternal youth. Even other ancient civilizations like Aztecs have also revered this gemstone for many centuries.

From Alexander to Cleopatra, Aristotle, and Mughals, many emperors have been fascinated by the enigmatic beauty of this stone. If you carry such history crystal in your repertoire, you will certainly catch the attention of people around you.

Its Have a Vibrant Color

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No other gemstone on the planet has a color so vivid and exuberant as emerald. The color has inspired many designs and trends over the years. The lively and radiant deep green symbolizes growth and brings happiness to every life it touches. It also brings harmony and balance to your life.

In Sanskrit, its name is derived from the term Marakata that means the green of growth and vitality. Though emerald shares its chemical composition with many other beryls, not all of them are called emerald. A true emerald has an intense deep hue that looks absolutely stunning amid a band of diamonds.

Its Rare and Pricey

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Most of the people are inclined toward diamonds due to their rarity and high price tag. But, did you know emerald is 20 times more expensive and rarer than diamonds.

You can buy rings with a stunning design at a price similar to or higher than a solitaire diamond ring. However, you can maximize the size of your stone due to its lesser density that makes emerald look bigger than an average diamond of the similar carat weight.

Due to its rarity and value, emerald has always been symbolized as a magical stone that has travelled through mystical exotic lands. You can make it your family heirloom due to its rich history associated with love, courtship, and passion.

Emerald Looks Great with Any Metal

When buying jewelry, you’d want to choose a durable metal as well. Luckily, this gemstone looks great in any setting in platinum, gold, or sterling silver metal. Mostly, people prefer silver as it is easier to convert into any innovative design.

You may also choose gold as it never tarnishes and platinum for its durability. Some high-end designers also use titanium to create exotic emerald designs that last generations. Buy a spectacular piece studded with Zambian or Columbian emerald inside a cluster of garnets, sapphires, or diamonds to become the show stealer at any event.

Emerald Earrings Are Versatile

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Its earrings are available in an assortment of styles and patterns to grab the attention. They have an optimal weight without causing discomfort even if you need to wear them for several hours.

Even the simplest studs with this stone can attract more eyeballs than any other colored gemstone. And if you choose a chandelier or drop earring, it will dance and glitter to create a fascinating aura around your face.

The contemporary chandelier earrings are inspired by Edwardian and Victorian styles that feature briolettes to be worn with any classy cocktail dress. Who wouldn’t turn green with envy when you deck up with this stylish jewelry on a special occasion?

Emerald Rings Represent Beauty and Love

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In this ring, you can showcase the beauty of this gemstone to a great advantage from every angle. They carry symbolic meaning and power to represent commitment, loyalty, and tradition. In many cultures, its rings are associated with fidelity and love, making them perfect for engagement or wedding.

Contemporary designs with bold and clean lines attract attention and look stunning on any occasion. You can also choose elaborate designs with a bezel, pave, or channel setting for creating an eternity band of emerald. Solitaire rings with a huge emerald looks classic even if studded in a plain band using a prong setting.

Other popular ring designs include cluster settings with other stones or Bombe ring with a dome of centrally-placed, small stones set closely around a bigger one.

Emerald Necklaces and Pendants Look Classy

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Nothing can create an enduring effect of attraction and adoration like an emerald necklace featuring an opulent design. If you choose to buy a pendant or necklace with emerald and diamond settings, you will be spoilt for choices with endless design possibilities.

From a solid collar to a flexible, multi-strand choker, you may choose any style that suits your personality. The lariat style necklaces can also make your friends envious with rows of emeralds embedded in a stunning pattern. And if your budget allows, opt for a garland-style emerald necklace set with other precious stones like sapphires, pearls, diamonds, and rubies around emerald.

Apart from these, you can also invest in statement pieces like brooches, clips, or pins with emerald-clad fasteners. Studs and cufflinks with this stone look classy and elegant for any occasion. To step up your style quotient, invest in an emerald bracelet with a simple string of stones or torsade style featuring multiple bead strands twisted in a beautiful pattern.

Make sure to choose high-quality stone that comes with a free lab certificate to authenticate its grading, color, and clarity. Stores like GemPundit offer the best of everything with lab-certified gemstones, stunning jewelry, and astrological recommendations to make the right decisions.

Written by Harold Yoder