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Tips on How to Make Your Home More Valuable and Sell Faster


Are you thinking of selling your home? Well, a house sale is among the biggest investments that you may be letting go of. People sell their homes for various reasons, such as moving into a better neighborhood, scaling down, new job opportunities, or financial emergencies. One thing is for sure in all these instances; they need the money quickly. You can do several things to boost the sale of your house and enhance the value. In the end, you get more money for the property without waiting for too long. Let’s discuss some tips on how to make your home more valuable in preparation for a sale.

1. Perform External Wall Repair and Painting (Interior and Exterior)


Potential buyers will always notice the exterior of your home. This is what will determine whether they should come for the house showing or not. You can perform external wall repairs and painting to make the home look fresh, modern, and more appealing. Do not forget the interior of the premises to compliment the outside. Several virtual painting programs can offer you a preview of the selected colors. Use it before actually buying the paints.

2. Upgrade Your Windows and Doors

New windows and doors will make your home look more stylish and beautiful. When selecting new windows and doors, do not just go for beauty; instead, factor in energy-efficient windows and doors. They not only make the home beautiful and more environmentally friendly, but they also reduce the home’s running costs. Most buyers will perceive this as an affordable house, and this will boost their interest. Who doesn’t like saving money?

3. Have Landscaping and the Yard’s Lighting Fixed


Your home’s landscape should also be attractively done. According to a survey done, dead plants, boring yards, and messy gardens are a huge turn-off for potential buyers. You can get new soil, rocks, and shrub to transform your yard into a beautiful haven to correct this. With a beautiful yard, the buyers can even picture themselves spending time on the premises. In order to arrive at this beautiful yard, enlist the services of a professional landscaping company. You should also check the yard’s lighting and ensure that they are all working. The lighting at night makes the premise look more modern and is an attraction to most high-end buyers.

4. Revamp the Interior Flooring

Is your floor broken and discolored? The floor is another thing that most buyers look at. It will be the first thing they notice when they get into your home. You can revamp the floor to take a modern and stylish theme. Fix all the issues with your flooring and get rid of the old and musty carpets in the home. A good floor and carpet will make the premise look livable and beautiful. When performing the renovations, think like a buyer and settle on a floor that agrees with the home’s general style, to find some examples you can always check SoCalHomeBuyers.

5. Upgrade Your Kitchen


While not all may agree, the kitchen is among the essential parts of the home. It is where food is prepared and could also consist of a dining room area. Potential buyers will focus on the tabs’ functionality, the bench-tops, and the storage for their pantries. When revamping your kitchen, be careful not to overdo the upgrades, which can be a turn-off for some buyers. Begin by repairing all the broken appliances in the kitchen and cleaning all corners. You can then call in a kitchen renovation company and let them help you glam up your kitchen reasonably.

6. Repair Your Bathrooms and Toilets

Like kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets are also high-traffic areas in the home. In order to enhance your home’s value, you can renovate the bathroom space by changing the showers, cabinetry, tubs, and toilets. Space should be functional and appealing to the eyes. The repairs can range from simple tasks such as painting the walls to replacing the tile grouts. Proceed to cleaning the exhaust fans and repairing the chips in the bathtub or in the sinks to make the space all new and beautiful. Replace your regular fixtures with more energy-efficient models.
Whenever you’re planning on selling your home to attract buyers, you need to try and look at the home from a neutral perspective – what points of your home might be worth spending time and money on, that will directly impact on the property purchase price, according to

7. Take Care of the Internal Lighting Fixtures


Do you have old-fashioned lights hanging in your home? Well, you should have them changed and replaced with modern fixtures. As a homeowner, it is crucial to understand that the transformation cost depends on your selected fixtures and the desired effects. While energy-efficient lighting seems to be expensive at first, it saves the occupant a lot of money in the end.

8. Clean and Declutter the Home

As you prepare to show the house, you should remove all personalized items as these bar the potential buyers from imaging themselves in the home. If you must have wall hangings, have the most natural ones of flowers or wildlife. You must also clean your home room by room to remove all the unwanted items. For quick and efficient service, enlist the home cleaning experts. It only takes them a few hours.

9. Take Professional Photographs


A photograph speaks a thousand words. The photographs you post on your social media handles, real estate listings, and other platforms determine whether a potential buyer will schedule a showing or not. Contract a professional photographer to take photos of the premise for positing. Real estate photographers are experienced in highlighting your home’s best features and making it look warm and inviting.


Looking at the list of these activities, you realize that most of them are activities that you can handle by yourself and enlisting the help of professional home care companies. Focus on the tasks that require zero investments and enhance the value of your property. According to WeBuyAnyHome, if you want to sell the house as it is without performing any renovations or remodeling procedures, you can sell it to the quick-sale property buyers and pocket your money. These investors come into your premises, assess the house’s condition, and give you a quotation for what they feel is worth. If you agree to the mentioned price, you can close the sale within days. It is a great way to sell your property quickly.

Written by Marinelle Adams