Five Things That Will Make Your Home Memorable

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When we invite guests over to our home, whether it’s for a quick catch up or an evening meal, we want to ensure they leave being impressed by the interior of our home. Homeowners love showing off their interior design projects and you should too!

Whether you enjoy taking it one room at a time or sprucing up the whole house as a singular project, you should be preparing to show it off to your guests. Leaving a lasting impression is a great way to keep your guests excited for the next trip round to your home. Of course, if interior design is new to you then you might not know where you should even start with this kind of thing.

To help you make your home that big more memorable, we have gathered some tips and tricks that you can put to use. Read on to find out more about these five things.

1. Great flooring

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Our first recommendation is that of high-quality flooring, as the right type of flooring can make a great impression on guests. Depending on what floor you choose, you always must ensure that it is durable, sturdy and suited to the demands you place upon the room itself. For example, in your hallway and living room, it might be a good idea to invest in solid wood flooring or engineered flooring like those available at These types of wood are a fabulous investment as they work well in the immediate term and add value to your home.

The main benefit of engineered flooring is that you can choose from various colours and designs. It is usually this that stands out when trying to impress your guests. You should also consider investing in flooring that can be easily maintained and cleaned. For example, you should choose a flooring type that is easy to clean for the dining room and toilet as this might be where your guests tend to go when they visit. Having stained flooring might leave the wrong memories in your guest’s minds.

2. A good colour scheme

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The second thing that will leave a lovely lasting impression on your guests is a good colour scheme. Ideally, you should choose to develop your interior as you go along. Usually, homeowners go with the colour schemes that are trending such as neutral tones or monochrome but realistically, the final decision is up to you.

With this, you’ll notice that your style and interior taste changes every so often – this is why it’s essential that we get the colours right first time around! A good colour scheme is something every interior design fanatic dreams of which is why you should take care when deciding.

When choosing your colours, you should aim for those which match furniture and décor pieces around your home. It is a lot easier to work décor into your colour scheme than to consistently paint every time you purchase a new piece of furniture. Having a good colour scheme is key for leaving a good impression!

3. Good lighting

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Thirdly, having high-quality lighting will surely make your home one to remember. Nowadays, people are opting for different forms of lighting that add some ambience and mood to the rooms around their houses. For instance, some have invested in Philips Hue lightbulbs and light strips that can be changed colour via remote control. This is great as it allows you to set the tone or mood for when your guests come around.

One of the best things about using colour changing light products is that they can cater to any colour you want. This means that if you are having a lovely evening meal, you can create restaurant-inspired lighting; or, if you are having your friends round for brunch, you can add some earthy and brighter tones to your home. Good lighting is the perfect conversation starter!

Take a look at your lighting options and consider making some changes in your home. You might be surprised at how much of a difference new lighting can make to the overall ambience of the room.

4. Dried flowers

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Not many people have heard of dried flowers, but they usually become a strong staple of peoples’ interiors when they find out about them. Dried flowers are exactly what you think they are – fresh flowers that have been dried out, so they have a longer lifespan.

East Olivia is another term for dried flowers, which are flowers that have had their moisture removed through a preservation process.

You can purchase small or large bouquets in bright or dull colours. There is always something for everyone.

Many small businesses offer dried flowers, so it is best to shop small and recommend when you receive compliments. Find the perfect bunch and you’ll impress your guests when they come over.

5. Personalised Items

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Finally, if you want to make your home more memorable then you should try to incorporate some personalised items. Do you have some photographs of your family that you could hang around the house? Or could you add some art that your children have been working on? The more personalised items you have in your home, the more of an impact you can have on any guests that come over.

There are some great ways that you can incorporate personal items while still creating a stylish home. Think about adding some art on a canvas and hanging them by your stairs or creating a photo grid. If you take a look at a site like Pinterest, you can get some real inspiration. This will certainly make an impact.

Try These Ideas

If you want to make your home more memorable then you should try to put some of our ideas to use. Think about everything from the flooring to the accessories that you will have in there. Any guests that come to your home will be immediately impressed with the way in which you have decorated everything.

Remember that this is your home so you should style it the way you want to. Use the internet for inspiration and follow some trends to create a really memorable décor.

Written by Marinelle Adams