Making Over Your Master Bedroom


You may not think that your master bedroom is an important room in your house. You may well place it near the bottom of your list (with the kitchen and living spaces at the top). However, the master bedroom is important in your home and should be a calming and relaxing room. It has to be a space that allows you to fully unwind and destress. If you do not have this space, then you will want to work to create it as soon as possible.

Creating a Better Layout


The layout of your bedroom matters, and if your bedroom is not flowing right, it will feel like a negative place to be. The best layout will be one that takes advantage of the space on offer. You do not want your bedroom furniture to feel cramped, and you certainly do not want it to look cramped. Looking at the current layout before you make changes is important. See what is working for you and see what is more of a hindrance. For example, you may find that your bed is located too close to the door, or it may be blocking the natural light at the window. You may find that cupboards and closets are too close to each other, perhaps restricting how wide doors can open.

Having an Ideas Board

It can be difficult to process all your ideas and get the room looking as you want it to. To aid the process, you may find it beneficial to create an ideas board. An ideas board will allow you to visualize how a finished space will look. It may also allow you to see what will work and what can perhaps be excluded or changed. Sometimes when you are making over an idea, your ideas can clash, and you don’t realize this until you physically see it. Of course, when this happens, it is often too late to may key changes. So, save yourself some stress and hassle and use an ideas board.

Introducing a Theme


Does your current master bedroom have a theme, and would you like one? A theme can bring together all of your ideas, and it can allow you to have that calm and relaxing space. You may go with a luxe theme for your master bedroom. Or you may want to introduce a nautical theme, or perhaps a theme that is centered around bringing the outdoors in. A theme can help you to get focused on the whole space. It can allow you to get all of your ideas together.

Dressing the Windows

What do you currently have up at the windows at the moment, and how are they dressed? Are you using drapes that are blocking out the natural light? Do you have plantation shutters, or are you perhaps dealing with another type of blind. The dressing of your windows in your master bedroom can sometimes be an afterthought, and really, they shouldn’t be. There are lots of things you can do to make use of your windows and help them become a focal point. Dress your windows as well as you dress the bed and the seating areas.

Adding New Lighting


In the master bedroom, you will want there to be sufficient lighting. The lighting will have an impact on how the bedroom feels at night, so do not overlook adding soft, warmer lighting. Warmer, softer lighting can help you unwind before bed, and it can help you switch off the day that you have had. Adding new lighting, such as wall sconces, can help you achieve a softer atmosphere. You may also wish to add a statement light in the center of the ceiling to create a focal point.

Changing Your Bed

Your sleep and rest is crucial, and if you are not getting the best night’s sleep it will have an impact on your health and wellbeing. As part of your master bedroom makeover, you should look at changing your bed. At you will find a great selection of beds, frames,  luxury console tables and mattresses to choose from. You may find that there is an emperor bed with a firmer mattress which is more suitable for you. Or you may find that a new larger bedframe and mattress will give you more space to spread out and get the quality of sleep that you need.

Adding a Seating Area


If you have space within your master bedroom you may wish to add a seating area. This could be a sofa or perhaps a couple of chairs. A seating area will give you a place to relax and unwind when you are getting ready for the day or even when you are unwinding before getting into bed. A seating area does not have to be large; it just has to be fit for purpose. When you are choosing seating, think about comfort over price if you can. If you are simply focusing on price, you may end up with a chair or sofa that is not as comfortable as you would like. This will ultimately mean that an area gets used a little less than it should.

Written by Kan Dail