7 Misconceptions About a Car Accident Lawyer


Many people who are involved in a car accident and suffer injuries due to other people’s reckless behavior do not file claims or lawsuits. The primary reason behind this is several misconceptions surrounding car accident lawyers. However, these misconceptions prevent the victims from getting compensation.

A car accident is a traumatizing experience, and you may not be aware of your legal rights and options. You can visit this site if you are involved in a car accident and are looking for a lawyer to help you with your case, your rights, and your recovery.

Importance of a Lawyer in a Car Accident Case

Following a car accident, insurance adjusters will reach out to you enquiring about your injuries and other losses. A victim might think that they are reaching out to compensate them. While it is true to an extent, it is not the complete truth. Their ultimate goal is to find a way to reduce your compensation.

Sometimes dealing with an insurance company is worse than the accident itself. They will use many strategies to reduce your compensation, such as delaying your claim, denying your claim, etc. Another usual strategy they use is paying out a compensation amount almost immediately after the accident. You might think that paying the compensation immediately is a good thing, but the real trick is that they pay you before even you know about the full extent of your losses. You cannot file a claim once you accept the initial settlement.

This is why hiring a lawyer is very important in personal injury cases. A lawyer can protect the victim from insurance adjusters and obtain the compensation they deserve. A good car accident lawyer will know all about the insurance companies’ strategies and counter them. They will collect all the important pieces of evidence and negotiate with the insurance company to maximize your compensation.

There are many benefits to hiring a lawyer. However, people hesitate to hire a car accident lawyer due to the common misconception about car accident lawyers. Many tend to believe these misconceptions and opt to file the claim on their own, which is a grave mistake. Hiring a lawyer is the safest option.

This article will debunk seven common misconceptions about car accident lawyers.


1. It is Expensive to Hire a Lawyer

It is reasonable if you’re worried about how much you will have to pay your lawyer. It becomes all the more critical when dealing with medical bills and other expenses. However, most attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means they only get paid if you get the compensation you deserve. Also, the added benefit is that the attorney usually covers the initial expenses, and you only have to reimburse the costs after you have received your damages.

2. You can Hire any Lawyer

One misconception is that you can hire any lawyer; however, you must remember that you will want to go with an attorney with experience. When you are looking for a firm, first of all, you have to check if they can handle car accident cases. You will need an attorney who knows the laws related to car accidents in Houston. Also, it is best to opt for a firm with years of experience handling auto accident cases.

3. You Don’t Have to Contact the Lawyer Immediately to File a Claim

In the US, the statute of limitations period is two years. So after the crash takes place, you can contact an attorney within this timeframe. Also, if you find out that you sustained injuries months after the crash, you can hire a lawyer and file a claim to get compensation. However, it is best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after the collision because it will be very hard to collect evidence after a certain period. You will not be able to prove your case without proper evidence. So it is best to hire an attorney as soon as possible.

4. Lawyers Just Look for Money


It is a fact that lawyers do get paid, and they want to be compensated for their hard work; however, they only get paid after they get you your compensation. They work in the best interests of their clients. Even if they get low profits, they ensure that they are doing right by their clients because they care about getting justice.

5. You can Hire an Attorney from Any Location

Yes, you can hire an attorney from any location, but it is not at all effective. In the US, every state has its own set of rules regarding personal injury law. The lawyer you hire must know the local laws to protect you effectively. In addition, a local lawyer will know the judges, local expert witnesses, and court procedure. This knowledge of local court proceedings can benefit you greatly during the case.

6. They Make the Compensation Process Complicated

A car accident lawyer complicates the process, not for you but for the insurance companies. Insurance companies try hard to avoid paying the compensation, or they always try to reduce the amount. They ensure the insurance companies do not get away with not paying you. They work hard so that the insurer does not deny your claim.

7. You Do Not Need a Lawyer


Sometimes accident victims believe that they can represent themselves. However, the legal system is complicated, and the lawyers are professionals; they spend years practicing to help you. So, it isn’t easy to match their skills and efficiency.

Also, victims sometimes believe minor injuries such as whiplash are not worth filing a claim for. However, any minor injury has the potential to turn into a big one, and if that is the case, you might have to pay more than you actually thought. A car accident lawyer will help you determine if your minor injury is worth pursuing the claim.


Summing up, above are some of the misconceptions about car accident lawyers. However, one indisputable fact is that hiring a car accident lawyer will always benefit your case. In fact, your chances of winning go up, and in addition to that, your lawyer will help you navigate the complex legal route.

Written by Kan Dail