Why Do We Need MOFA Attestation? Procedure, Benefits, Requirement

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MOFA attestation services in Dubai aren’t really talked about until the time you need them. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Attestation in Dubai is also referred to as document attestation. The process of authenticating documents aims to determine whether or not the signatures, seals, and stamps on the paperwork are authentic.

Benefits of Hiring MOFA Attestation Services in Dubai

A reputable provider of MOFA attestation services in Dubai can help with your requirement to authenticate certain documents.

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  • Convenience – a reliable provider of MOFA attestation services in Dubai can relieve you of headaches and the frustration that are associated with sending crucial documents directly to several different government entities for the process of authentication of documents. This includes state or federal departments and embassies or consulates. Legalization of documents in Dubai provided by established and seasoned professionals also eliminates the need for you to write several checks to regulatory authorities where your documents originated and notarized.
  • Peace of mind – it is best to seek out MOFA attestation services in Dubai that are from reliable professionals as they can provide assurance that papers will be promptly and correctly processed. Experts will hand carry your papers on your behalf to the state departments and embassies or consulates for Legalization. Reputable service providers can also give you a status or information regarding the progress of the document authentication.
  • Saves time – you can reduce the turnaround time to process your document’s legalization. Professionals specializing in document attestation in Dubai can ensure the authentication of documents in Dubai and your home country is carried out in an expedited manner. Should you choose to mail your papers on your own without the guidance of experts, the processing will take much longer. In most countries, state departments each take at least two weeks to authenticate documents that were received by mail.Legalization from embassies or consulates received by mail will also take another two weeks. When there is an issue with your document, state departments and embassies will just return your paper without the necessary actions taken for you. The waiting and the need to resubmit returned document’s will add weeks to the entire Legalization process in Dubai and your home country. Certainly, it will consume a huge amount of your precious time.
  • Instant feedback – reputable providers of MOFA attestation services in UAE examine documents that are to be submitted to authorities. They will notify you immediately on whether or not your documents meet the requirements of regulatory bodies for legalization and authentication.When there is an issue with a document you presented, local authorities won’t notify you. Instead, they will simply return your paper as it is rejected for document attestation in Dubai and/or in your home country.
  • Affordable rates – choose a service provider of document Legalization services in UAE that have reasonable service fees. The total cost to attest documents in UAE and in your home, country should already cover the handling of your documents and notarization or translation, if necessary.

Why is MOFA attestation in Dubai a requirement?

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MOFA attestation in Dubai or document attestation helps prevent crimes, including fraud. Remember that documents are incredibly valuable. Powers of attorney that grant authority over property and provide special privileges; university degrees from well-known and prestigious universities; and death certificates that grant inheritance are only a couple of the many examples of documents that are incredibly valuable. From their value, there’s a large market worldwide that’s solely devoted to creating illegal copies of documents that are almost perfect. From today’s advanced technology and its rapid development, it’s been difficult for authorities to simply trust unattested documents presented to them.

Original stamps and handwritten signatures are hard to copy. In most cases, it’s virtually impossible even when criminals utilize the best technology. For this reason, the process of document Legalization in Dubai and the originating source of documents focuses on checking if stamps and signatures of credible individuals are in the paperwork.

What are the general steps of document attestation in Dubai?

  • Notarization – there are certain papers that require document notarization prior to them being accepted for authentication. Contact the local authorities or service providers to see if the document you have requires the notarization of a public notary in Dubai. Do this prior to proceeding with the process of Legalization in Dubai.
  • Authentication – as soon as the document you need attested is notarized, it is time for it to move to the attestation or authentication phase. The authentication authorities will compare the seals and signatures that are on your paper against the information that is on their file.
  • Legalization – following the authentication of several different regulatory authorities from the originating country of the document, it will have to be legalized. This is through the consulate or embassy of the destination country. In this case, it is the United Arab Emirates. After the embassy or consulate of the UAE issues and affixes a certificate of legalization, it will be taken to UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs for final verification.

Are document authentication and apostille one and the same?

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Contrary to popular belief, apostille and authentication aren’t the same and they aren’t interchangeable. It is important to follow the correct process to legalize documents. Should you make the incorrect choice, it can result in your document being rejected in UAE.

For instance, United Arab Emirates is a huge trading partner of other countries in the East and West. It isn’t, however, a member of Hague Convention. This means the process of apostille doesn’t apply. If an apostille has been submitted for authentication and it’s used in UAE, the local authorities in the country will reject the paper and render it unusable. Businesses and Individuals must obtain another original document for authentication before submitting it to the regulatory bodies.

What’s an apostille?

An apostille, through the Hague Convention Treaty of 1961, simplifies the process of authenticating and legalizing documents so they’re recognized by other authorities internationally. Unlike paper authentication, apostilled-documents don’t have to be submitted to the consulate or embassy of a foreign country where the paperwork will be used.

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Written by Ana Weaver