What Is the Most Durable Material for Recliners? 


If you have been looking for the most ideal option when it comes to choosing the material for recliners, you may have noticed that there are a couple of popular types of materials on the market. In general, the most highlighted materials that people are deciding on are leather, fabric, polyurethane, and high-performance fabric. In this article, you are going to find which of these options can be the most suitable for your own preferences.

Every recliner customer knows that along with the comfort, style, and design the durability factor of the recliner that he is buying is the one he needs to pay attention to the most. When it comes to investments, it is always better to research and find out which option will last the most because this will save you a lot of money in the long run. On the other hand, choosing the wrong material will result in color fading and splits. Now, let’s get to the point and see which type of material is the most durable and which one can enhance your reclining experience.

What is a Recliner?


Before we start with the guide linked to the material of the recliner you should choose, it would be good to start with the basics. A recliner represents a piece of furniture that enables a person to angle the back of the chair downwards in a reclined position and at the same time allow the raising of the footrest feature. As you can imagine, this position will allow a person to be in the position between sitting upright and lying virtually flat while the head is on the headrest.

Types of Recliners

All buyers should know that there is no one universal type of recliner. In fact, the choices are unlimited since different brands are launching their recliners collection. This also means that there are different designs, styles heights, materials, and other features that one recliner can come with. There are so many different options including the manual ones, the ones that are powered, and the adjustable ones.

When it comes to the manual recliner, they come with a button that you can press and control the adjustability. When it comes to the powered reclining mechanisms they have more moving options and parts that the manual ones and the movement is controlled by the electric motor. The adjustable recliner is like a sofa, which means that the seat hinges where it meets with the backrest. As you can see, the options when it comes to choosing a recliner are so wide, so you will definitely find something for your own taste, needs, and preferences. Now, let’s see different types of materials.

Cotton material


The first option you can choose as a piece of upholstery fabric is cotton. In general, it comes with features that can withstand tear and fade. Also, cotton is one of the most budget-friendly options. It is true that this type of fabric is prone when it comes to getting stains, however, you can use a stain-resistant finish and avoid this type of scenario. Along with this, your furniture will last longer. People should know that there are different types of cotton, so choose pure fabric if you want to enjoy better quality and durability.

Leather material

We must say that when it comes to picking the recliner, you should know that choosing the leather one can be the best decision you made. Even though leather material is considered a more costly option, it comes with high-quality features that are worth mentioning. Not only the leather materal of the furniture provides a smooth, very elegant, and classy finish, but it is also the most durable fabric. This especially counts if the customer knows how to properly take care of it. An investment of this type can be very paid off in a long term.

One more thing worth mentioning is the fact that this fabric becomes softer as time pass. Despite that, it is water-resistant and it does not get stains very easily, so it is a perfect choice for people that are looking for a material that is easy to maintain. Finally, leather recliners are also recommendable for people that have pets or kids in their house, since this material can hide scratches very easily. If you decide on this fabric option, you can find some of the best leather recliner designs on

Microfiber material

One more material that you can consider for your new recliner aside from the mentioned ones is the microfiber. Microfiber is a material well-known as a synthetic one that is designed especially for heavy-duty use. This means that this material comes with a complete water-repellant feature that means it does not allow any type of liquid to seep through. As mentioned, microfiber material tightly has tightly woven fibers that do not allow the occurrence of any type of scratches on the surface of your recliner. This is an especially important feature if you have pets.

Olefin material


Olefin is one of the materials that is widely used in upholstery. The appearance of olefin material reminds people of wool. However, the reason why we put this material on our list is that it is very durable. In other words, investment in this type of recliner would really pay off in a long term. Additionally, when it comes to this material, it is worth mentioning that it does not have some significant downsides. Therefore, if your furniture is going to be used a lot, this material option can be right for you.


In general, there is one rule that you should follow when you are purchasing the recliner is that the more tightly woven the fabric is, the more durable it is going to be as well. In order to check how strong the fabric is you can stretch the material and test it to see if it is tightly woven or not. Finally, the most recommendable way to determine if some material is durable is by sitting on it. If you see that the furniture fabric is going back to its original form, you can be sure that the fabric used in that material is highly durable. This means that you can decide to purchase it.

Written by Kan Dail