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The Most Popular Sports for Online Betting

Betting has taken the sporting world by storm, particularly the fans who have taken to it quite seamlessly. Being a proper punter takes time and practice when it comes analyzing and evaluating odds and predictions and turning them into money. However, before betting money on any sports you should first find yourself a reliable bookmaker as thepunterspage writes. One of the most important factors to check is if the bookie provides an extensive list of sports to bet on which is exactly what this article is about. It will show you the most popular sports you can bet on in the UK on betting platforms and the tips associated with each sport.


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It is arguably the most popular sport for betting in the UK because it also is its number one sport, especially due to the Premier League. Millions of fans travel to watch games within the country, thus attracting millions of gamblers on various websites. The weekly games provide mouth-watering odds that bettors constantly create accumulators from. There are single bets and the more popular multi bets, which many gamblers prefer.

Football could be misconstrued as a cult because of the following and the media coverage. The cult heroes in English football are on the screens every weekend analyzing games, explaining tactics, and what went wrong or right. Bettors get to learn a lot from observing football shows before the game. Predictions are based on player availability, form, and fitness, and once a bettor interprets this information, they can come up with a comprehensive bet.


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Tennis is the second most popular sport in the UK, and just like football, it has a homegrown talent with many players developing in the school system. The sport generates millions of pounds every year due to the viewership and the major tournaments in the sport. The tournaments such as the US Open, Wimbledon, French Open, and Australian Open attract many viewers.

It is a predictable sport, unlike other sports, because of the predictable winners who grace the men’s and women’s games. National heroes such as Andy Murray and Emma Raducanu have made the sport even more popular in the UK. They are seeing their countrymen dominate the sport has given fans a renewed interest in the game.

Horse racing

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Horse racing was once at the top of the food chain regarding betting because it was popular back in the day. The availability of football and tennis pushed it down the pecking order. Bettors used to go to stadiums to and stake on the healthiest horse and, of course, the more dominant one. Horse racing doesn’t depend on the Jockey but the horse. The Cheltenham Festival is the most popular event in the country, hosting other events such as the Grand National, Royal Ascot, and Epsom Derby. The events draw big wagers from the affluent in the society who flock to the yearly events.


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The UK is also a rugby nation because it is a popular sport. Like football, it has several leagues where teams play seasonally. However, rugby has one thing football hasn’t had in a long time, a major trophy in this millennium. Hence its popularity, the rugby world cup, world sevens series, and the six nations tournament keep fans and bettors glued to their screens as they try to bet on their favorite teams.

US sports

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The US sports industry is an entirely different ball game because they have a variety of sports followed by millions of people worldwide. There is the NFL popularly known as American Football, MLB widely known as baseball, and ice hockey referred to as NHL and basketball which is referred to as NBA. These sports are popular amongst punters because of their wide coverage and their popularity.


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The gentleman’s game, as some people call it, the game has been one of the fastest-rising sports in the world. People in the UK have been more interested in the game because it has tons of betting formats. Many players play at a particular time, attracting so much fanfare. Golfing events run up to 3 days, while majors run up to 4 days. That’s about a week glued to your screens and supporting your favorite golfer. The game is filled with different opportunities, odds, and different outcomes.


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Cricket is one sport that is enjoyed by a select few in the world, but it is adored in the UK because it is a very entertaining game. The most notable tournaments are the World Cup and the Ashes, where England squares up against their old foes Australia. It is usually filled with controversy, but punters do not hesitate to place a bet for their favorite teams.


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Boxing is a popular sport worldwide, but it has begun attracting punters because of their thrilling encounters of late. Athletes such as Mayweather have been placing big bets on boxing matches and showing off the winnings on social media. That sparked a frenzy among sports enthusiasts, and ever since then, punters have been betting huge amounts on their favorite boxers. The emergence of heavyweight champions from the UK has also sparked more interest in the sport. The heavyweight champions Fury and Joshua have lured more UK fans into loving the sport. Most of these matches are straightforward, making it a profitable sporting venture.


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It is a relatively new sport but the excitement it creates because of its brutality is second to none. The sport is growing in popularity because people love the weekly twists in the weight divisions. The sport became more famous when the pandemic infected the world and paused a few sporting events.


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Esports is the fastest growing sport in the world because of its popularity in the betting market. Esports is a simulated virtual sport whereby you place bets on virtual sports. Esports is run by a program that randomizes outcomes, but if you get used to the patterns, you may be successful in your betting.

Final thoughts

Punters have been in the game for a while, placing bets with small or large amounts of money, but one thing remains constant when placing these bets, and that is a risk. There is no guarantee that you will end up victorious, but the thing with the following tips is you can bet with additional insight on the sport. Remember that not all sports are the same, odds are different, and outcomes are different because it depends on the amount you stake.


Written by Ana Weaver