Moving To Lisbon Pros And Cons


If you are looking for a relaxed and carefree lifestyle, Lisbon is the perfect place for you. What you will always like is the rich history, but also the relaxed atmosphere of the living. Portugal is a beautiful country, but Lisbon seems to be just what you’re looking for to feel at home.

From beautiful parks to bars with delicious food, Lisbon will win you over with its charm, the mix of architecture and culture, but also the openness of the locals to everyone who comes there.

Known for its warm, sunny climate, colorful buildings, great nightlife, and friendly locals, Portugal’s Lisbon has been named the happiest in the world by the Happiest Cities Index. This happened in July 2024, after which the demand for tourists and longer stays in this beautiful city increased significantly.

The real challenge in Lisbon is real estate. Fortunately, it seems as if Portugal is focused on improving this situation. Perhaps the authorities themselves did not hope that the interest in moving there would grow over the years. But, of course, there are Lisbon serviced apartments and they are a great solution for anyone looking for a serviced apartment in Lisbon.

As you know, it is not possible to start any new life without thinking about how to solve your housing issue.

This is important to consider before all the other pros and cons of living in Lisbon. Therefore, try to consider what is happening with serviced apartments in Lisbon, but also in general with the whole real estate market in Portugal. When that issue is resolved, you can easily focus on:

The advantages of living in Lisbon

1. Lisbon is very safe

Lisbon is incredibly safe if not one of the safest cities in all of Europe. If you are looking for a place to raise a family or simply want to feel safe while living in a big city, then Lisbon is definitely the right choice for you.

The locals are always hospitable, which will really ease your adaptation process.

2. You can always enjoy the outdoors

Whether you’re eating a traditional Portuguese specialty or simply enjoying a stroll, Lisbon is always a beautiful city. The streets are winding, the architecture impressive, and from every corner, you can discover a different view of the city.

3. Life there is not very expensive

Of course, we are not saying that Lisbon is a cheap city, but compared to several European capitals, it is much more affordable. Therefore, if you want lots of sunny days and chances for affordable living, Lisbon could be the place you’ve always dreamed of.

4. Quality medicine

The healthcare system in Portugal is at a high level. It is always easy to make an appointment in both public and private health clinics. Regardless of your resident status, you receive certain packages of health benefits, and the service is always at the highest level.

5. Excellent education system

Education in Portugal is one of the best in Europe. It is studied in both English and Portuguese, and you can acquire internationally recognized degrees, which can open up many opportunities for work and career advancement in the future.

The disadvantages of living in Lisbon


1. Learning the Portuguese language

People in Portugal mostly only speak Portuguese. That is why we advise you to learn the language as soon as possible, although it will not be easy for you to use it if you have not studied it before.

But the good thing is that nowadays it is easy to start learning online, so this disadvantage can easily be turned into an advantage if we direct our energy correctly.

2. You may be too hot

Not everyone enjoys lots of sun and high temperatures. On the contrary, some people prefer colder climates. For them, Lisbon would not be an ideal solution. Summer temperatures reach over 40 degrees Celsius. And in winter, it’s actually not cold at all, but very rainy.

And we all know that to enjoy the rain, you have to really love it.

3. Problems with card payment

In many parts of Portugal, payment by cash is preferred rather than by card. This can be a problem if there is no international bank available. Local banks work with local cards, but the shops in general do not adapt to this method of payment. Well, carry enough cash so you don’t get yourself into trouble.

4. Heavy bureaucracy

We have to admit that we expected this. It can be said that in all European countries there are many bureaucratic processes and nothing goes as fast as we have planned.

Immigration departments work, but if you’re in a hurry, you may be annoyed by how slowly your documents are processed and how long you have to wait in line to be served.

5. They do not have the option of central heating

Most of the houses and buildings are old and even when the winter is not cold, it is actually quite cold inside the homes. That’s why the heating is on electricity, which can be a really big expense for you.

Also, due to the high humidity of the air, you can face moisture on the walls, and this is a problem that you need to solve immediately before it does a lot of damage.


Is Lisbon the city for you?

We have offered you several reasons why Lisbon can be the place you have always dreamed of, but also what can prevent you from realizing that dream of yours. In fact, wherever you go in the world, there are positives and negatives. Sometimes it is for a city, other times for the whole country, and sometimes for a region.

Therefore, each of us should carefully investigate what is happening with real estate, because you see – serviced apartments in Lisbon are there, but is it really enough for your needs for comfortable living?

In fact, it’s up to you to make an assessment and adapt. But there is nothing wrong with Lisbon not being the city for you. If Lisbon is not, then there are certainly other places where you will feel at home.

Written by Kan Dail