Multicultural Weddings with Ukraine Brides: Blending Traditions and Cultures

As Slavic ladies are incredibly attractive and offer their life partners a great life, foreigners are very keen on dating Ukrainian women. These ladies have all the positive attributes you require for a traditional, peaceful, and happy life. Females from Ukraine have not become, like many women from the West, feminists. They believe that men and women have their roles in a relationship and that these roles should not be mixed.

The wedding day is a special day for all women around the globe, and Ukraine real brides are no exception. In this country, the culture is rich, and it is passed down from generation to generation. Getting married to pretty Ukraine women who you can meet on,  will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience. You will be surrounded by unique decorations, bite into a loaf of bread with your bride, and go through a ceremony to determine who will be the head of your family. All of these help create a wedding experience that is unique to Ukrainian culture and helps keep their traditions alive.

Are Ukrainian Women Traditional?

Slavic girls love their culture and traditions. It is essential for Ukrainian ladies to keep their heritage alive, as it is a way to pass down their knowledge to their children and so on. The idea is for Ukrainian culture to never be forgotten. If everyone follows their culture and traditions, then there is no way for this to happen.

Even though mail order Ukraine brides follow their customs, they are open to marriage with foreign men. Those women you will meet through dating sites look like models, but their mindset is to be good wives and mothers. Men in other parts of Europe, as well as in America, admire their personalities and are very interested in meeting them in real life.

The Western husband and wife situation has changed over the last few years. Tradition has taken a back seat, and nowadays, feminism has taken over. So, single men from America look to Slavic brides as a beacon of light and strives to start dating Ukrainian women. It gives men hope that there are still traditional women out there that they can date. A Slavic woman offers a guy a woman who will act as a female and be a heart-keeper.

Cooking and cleaning are very enjoyable for Ukrainian wives. They take pleasure in preparing meals for their partner. Household chores are done with pride, keeping the home a sacred place. Following the traditions that their mother and father demonstrated lets the past stay alive. It means their grandparents and ancestors can still live in their routine even at present.

What Should You Expect at a Ukrainian Traditional Wedding?

A Ukrainian wedding is a thing of beauty that is steeped in history and tradition. It is a fantastic honor to be chosen to be the Kum at a Ukrainian wedding. This is the equivalent of the best man. This person is respected by the bride and groom and often becomes a Godparent to their children in the future.

What distinguishes a Western wedding from a Ukrainian one is that the union of the newlyweds in religious terms is an integral part of a wedding in Ukraine. This is the process of blessing the bride and groom for their life together, where God’s grace is given for this.

The priest will lead the ceremony and, at one point, will hold two crowns over the heads of the bride and groom. He will pray for the couple and place a crown on their heads. This symbolizes their union with Christ and the royalty of marriage. An old tradition that some brides continue to this day is to drink wine from a cup that is served to the newlyweds during their wedding in the church.

A typical Ukrainian wedding will take place in the fall. The reason for this is that autumn is the time when fieldwork usually ends, so most people may celebrate this time of year. However, modern Ukrainian weddings take place on weekends, regardless of the season.

5 Famous Orthodox Wedding Rituals in Ukraine

When Ukrainin briade agency has fulfilled its role and you have found the girl with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, it comes to the wedding. Rituals play a big part in Slavic weddings since local men and women are respectful towards the history of their country. Some traditions are very similar to customs followed in other European countries and even the US, but some will be completely new to you. Check out five rituals you can expect to witness if you marry one of the charming Ukrainian brides mail order.

1. Exchange of rings

The priest will bless the two rings representing the cross above the bride and groom. The bride and groom then exchange wedding rings. This is a sign that they will complement each other. This also means that Ukrainian wives and husbands will compensate for each other’s weaknesses throughout their lives together.

2. Joining hands

The priest joins the hands of the bride and groom and passes them three times around the lectern. Then he will read a prayer in which he asks God to unite the couple. Their hands will remain together throughout the wedding ceremony.

3. Going to the Altar

In this ritual, the priest asks the bride and groom to approach the Royal Doors and kiss the icons and crosses. It is essential when a couple is doing an Orthodox wedding. This is also an important step that newlyweds must perform during their marriage.

4. Coin toss

After the wedding ceremony, the godfather, the best man, will be waiting at the entrance to the church with coins and sweets. It symbolizes everyone’s hope for wealth and the sweet life of the couple. It’s fun to watch kids and guests try to collect as much as possible.

5. Shared cup

At a Ukrainian wedding, drinking from a common cup shows that sharing is an important part of life and should become a new habit for the couple. The priest will allow the bride and groom to drink wine from a common cup. From this moment on, the newlyweds will share their entire lives, good and bad, together.

But for sure, these five rituals will be present at your wedding if you decide to get married in the bride’s homeland. All these rituals are designed to bring the bride and groom closer together and prepare them for life together.


Slavic girls dating is a good opportunity for every single man to start his romantic journey that will lead to success. Ukrainian real brides make excellent wives, as they look fantastic and their qualities perfectly fit a happy and lasting marriage. Searching through Ukrainian brides agency will certainly lead you to new and exciting acquaintances with traditional Slavic ladies who will tell you many interesting facts about weddings in their country.

Written by Kan Dail