7 Benefits Of An MVHR System For Your Home


The way that homes are built has changed drastically in the last decade. There has been an increased focus on sustainability, air tightness, and energy efficiency. Yet there are still reasons to believe that indoor air quality is less than sufficient. Spending time indoors means exposure to poor levels of circulation and ventilation which can lead to a detrimental effect on general health and well-being. This is where MVHR systems come in handy. There are multiple benefits, and this post explores them for anyone wanting fresher air and improved ventilation in their property.

What is an MVHR System?

MVHR stands for mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. It is a method of home ventilation that increases the efficiency of heating systems, controls the loss of temperature within a property, and improves air quality. When compared to other types of ventilation systems, for instance, air conditioners, they are much better at increasing energy efficiency and managing the temperature as well. The basic principles of MVRH units are removing moisture and stale air, retaining heat, and recovering the warmth which would otherwise be lost to draughts and so on.

What Features to Look For

There are a variety of MVHR units on the market. What you purchase will depend on your budget, space, and requirements. Some standard features are consistent across the board, while other premium models offer optimal performance metrics. Below are some key components to look for where possible.

1. Frost Protection


Frost protection is an important feature as it protects the longevity of your MVHR unit. Without it, the system is far more likely to break down and need replacing entirely in a shorter time span than with it. Look for a de-frost option which may cost a little more but will ensure your machine stays functional during the colder seasons too.

2. Fan

When it comes to the fan, look for a device that offers more than one control. The fan blade should be positioned at a vertical drop to ensure the MVHR retains quality and efficiency over the lifespan of the device.

3. Noise

Nobody wants a noisy device in their house, and some systems are undeniably louder than others. The higher the quality of the unit, the lesser the noise! This is the better option for increasing usability and reducing annoyance.

4. Filters

Another bonus of MVHR units is that they strive to make the air quality indoors better. Therefore, it makes sense that the more considered the filters are, the better the output becomes.

5. Durability

It’s not always the case, but for MVHR units, the bigger your budget, the longer your device will last. It is worth making the investment properly to avoid costly repairs and having to replace everything after a few years.

What Are the Benefits?


The many benefits of MVHR units for the home are more than enough evidence to show the average homeowner why they are a genuine asset for a property and should be duly considered.

1. Better Air Quality

Firstly, the air quality is vastly improved. Not only do these units decrease the internal pollution that naturally occurs within our homes, but they bring a freshness to the air that is not achievable through other means. Fresh air is usually found by opening a window or door to the outside. However, this carries the risk of bringing in harmful pollutants, noise, and other pests like insects. Having something inside your house that can do this task with minimal effort is a superior option for this reason.

2. Helps with Allergies

Lots of these systems have multiple means of addressing common allergies. Whether this is dust or pollen or something else entirely, the improvements to air quality combined with essential filters mean life is a lot easier for allergy sufferers as a direct result. These filters also reduce external pollutants as well if they should find their way inside, for instance from cars driving by.

3. Fresher Smelling Home

The way your home smells is important. It is hard to relax in a fouler smelling environment, and a fresh scent improves mental well-being and a general sense of comfort. It is important to feel at home and at ease, and an MVHR when up and running can improve the general scent quality indoors.

4. Reduces Humidity

Every home has humidity, it is entirely unavoidable. There is moisture in the air and high-traffic rooms like bathrooms and kitchens contribute to this on a daily basis. Humidity, however, can lead to a range of problems such as damp, mould, and poor air quality. These three problems alone are less than ideal as they cause structural damage and expensive maintenance, alongside health problems and a decrease in well-being.

5. Reduces Dust Issues

The humidity reduction improves the dust presence too. Dust is terrible for allergy sufferers and those with weakened respiratory systems. It is also hard to keep on top of from a cleanliness perspective and can make a house smell worse and look downtrodden. Something that helps to counteract dust buildup will be welcomed with open arms in any home.

6. Energy Efficient


These units are super efficient energy wise. They enable your internal heating system to overcome all the usual obstacles and retain more heat within the property, therefore creating a more protected internal environment. You save money on your energy bills and boost the efficiency of your entire system with one simple unit installation.

7. Less Noise Pollution

The final benefit is about noise pollution. Usually, when looking to improve the quality of your air and add some freshness to a room, is to open a window. However, this can bring its own problems one of which is the noise pollution that infiltrates your peaceful environment. With an MVHR working its magic, there will be no need to open any windows and therefore the quality of your indoor arena will be highly accelerated.

The benefits of MVHR units are vast. They perform an important function and are well-suited to airtight properties and everything in between. If you have the budget capacity, opt for a model that can accommodate allergy factors too as this will only make the internal air quality even better.

Written by Kan Dail