What Are the Naughtiest Fantasies That Men Have?


For those women who are on an online dating site, the main desire is to find a life partner. But until a matrimonial relationship, the two must develop a deep mutual condition. Yet, it is known that sex in a couple is very important.

And sexual compatibility is essential to a beautiful long-term relationship between two partners. So, ladies, do you know what most men actually want in bed and what are their sexual fantasies?

Dating a professional escort

Well, this is a fantasy that all men have, whether they are single, in a relationship or even married. Having intense sex with Belfast escorts is something that men dream about, even if they don’t talk about this. Why is this fantasy so common in men? Well, that’s because they are getting very excited when they think about having sex with an expert in sex. For example, they would absolutely love to receive oral sex from a high-class call girl who knows exactly what she is doing.

Sex with two women at the same time


Two women to satisfy all their wishes with a man. I do not think there is a man who has not dreamed of this at least once. But few are lucky enough to put this fantasy into practice. The only problem is that two women mean twice as much effort. Yet, I don’t know if a man would complain about it. So, if you are single and you have this kind of fantasy, then go for it. Find two sexy escorts and make your fantasy come true. It will be amazing. Note that not trying everything you have in mind in terms of sex will make you feel really frustrated.

Anal sex

For most men, anal sex remains only at the level of fantasy. Few women accept this, maybe because few men know how to ask it. What attracts men to this area of the body? The thought is a very narrow place and, at the same time, a sexual taboo. If you want to fulfill this fantasy … you will be able to ask for anything in return. Anal sex is great as long as you know how to practice it. It won’t be easy at the beginning, but after several time, you will surely become an expert. You must not forget to use as much lubricant as possible. This will make everything much easier. Plus, the pleasure will be more intense.

Sex in public places

It seems that being caught in a flagrant is very exciting for men. They have the advantage that they excite themselves much faster than women and can end a sexual act in stressful conditions. In addition, they like the risk and. In case they are caught having sex in a public place, their image is not affected as much as in women. If you are spontaneous, you can surprise your friend in a very pleasant way by inviting him to have sex in such a place.



The idea of looking at a sexual act, in secret or not, is very exciting. And not just for men. It is said that every man has a dose of voyeurism in him. This activity is classified in the chapter “sexual perversions”. If you want to drive your lover crazy, eat in front of him, or go to an erotic show.

Sex with a celebrity

To have one of the most beautiful and desirable women in the world. Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and many other famous beauties populate the fantasies of men everywhere. It is not necessary to be jealous. You would most probably want to spend some hot nights with Jude Law or George Clooney.

Sex with her girlfriend

It is not beautiful, but it is, in most cases, true. If a man’s girlfriend has sexy friends, he is very likely to have fantasies about them. The distance from the thought to the deed is very great. A man who loves you would not give you a possible opportunity to have sex with a friend of yours. What to do, the minds of men often fly through forbidden places.

Sex with an unknown


Sex with a woman hanging on the street, at the supermarket, at the bar, without the exchange of phone numbers, and without complications is one of the main fantasies of men. The idea of having sex so easily and without consequences, in a spontaneous way, is more than exciting. If it’s possible, make this fantasy come true. Got o a bar and see if there is anyone interested in sex. Enjoy a one-night stand.

Surely, you will agree that it has a lot to do with the confidence of the young person. With females, the situation is somewhat different. Women enjoy the psychological part of this story much more than an actual occurrence. When we say that, we mean that females love to analyze everything that has happened and what sort of impact it has on their life, rather than thinking about the act itself. You have various sites that create content with a story for each character meant to enterntain you and keep your focus. Websites like Mofos, Ultimate Surrender, Reality Kings and others utilize this to make compelling movies that people love to watch.

Sex with a hard-accessible person

A teacher, a family doctor, an office boss, a prostitute, a stewardess, women with whom it is difficult, or forbidden, to reach sex, for various reasons. The stopped fruit is always appetizing. If you want to amaze your lover with your mistress qualities, play one of these roles in front of him.

Sex group

It is a fantasy generated primarily by pornographic materials. The image of couples who have sex, change their partners and play all kinds of erotic games is tempting for some men. Yet, most of them say they would not have group sex if they had the opportunity. For your first experience of this type, it is best to hire two professional escorts. They will know what to do and how to make you feel super comfortable.


Spanking, Bondage, S&M

Easy forms of these sexual practices are found in the fantasies of many men. Whether they like to dominate, be dominated, or alternate roles, a small power game can spice up a sexual relationship. You do not lose anything if you try, as long as you set the limits clearly from the beginning. If you try this type of sex for the first time, then make sure you know what you are doing. Watch some porn before you try anything so that you know exactly what steps to follow for incredible pleasure.

Written by Kan Dail