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How Safe Are Online Bitcoin Casinos


If you did some digging online, you must know that cryptocurrencies have become extremely popular in the last decade. Because of this, we saw an emergence of various Bitcoin trading platforms, however, there is also a wide range of online Bitcoin casino websites that you could choose to use for winning this cryptocurrency.

But, since it is a relatively new fad, you may be wondering – is it safe for me to utilize online Bitcoin casinos and platforms? Well, to put it simply, it’ll depend on a wide range of factors and luckily, this article might shed some light on the entire topic. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what you should know about these online casinos:

Why Do People Use These Platforms?


Before we take a look at the security aspect of the entire topic, you must first understand what these online casinos are used for. Like traditional casinos, these online ones are used for gambling, however, instead of usual currencies such as dollars and euros, people use Bitcoins.

One of the biggest advantages that you could gain from using these websites is the speed at which you can access all your winnings. As you know, withdrawing traditional currencies can take over a week to complete, however, with Bitcoin, the withdrawal is done in a matter of minutes because there is no need for the winnings to be approved by the platform.

Another advantage is that the fees are relatively low when compared to other platforms. Hence, since there are no approval processes, people could simply collect and send their cryptocurrencies for a small fee. Lastly, people love the privacy offered by these casinos, meaning that you could deposit, play, and withdraw funds while being completely anonymous.

So, What About The Security?


For a lot of people, immoral providers are simply another part of the entire industry, however, if you don’t choose a reliable, trustworthy, and licensed platform, you might be risking your finances. A wide range of unlicensed sites prompt their users to take part in additional services, and although it might seem like a good thing, a lot of them aren’t registered and licensed.

What does this mean? Basically, it means that it’s illegal to use such platforms and it’s also illegal to play the games provided, which can easily result in some financial penalties that you’ll certainly want to avoid. This is why you must guarantee that you opt for a reliable platform such as

Most of these sites will have to be regulated by the Gambling Commission in your country, and this also includes crypto gambling platforms. Of course, some providers manage to slip the net, which means that they provide people with services that aren’t licensed, hence, you must ensure that you opt for the right casino, which leads us to our next point…

What to Look For When Searching For a Site?

To guarantee that you’re actually utilizing a platform that is authorized, licensed, registered, as well as one that will protect all of your coins and personal data, there are some factors that you must consider when looking for a provider. The things you must carefully consider and look for include:

1. Firstly, Learn More About it + Read The Reviews


One of the first things that you must do is research the particular platform you’re looking at. This means that you should read all the reviews and testimonials posted by previous users. By doing this, you’ll be able to ensure that you make the right decision, and more importantly, you’ll be able to lower your chances of getting scammed.

Now, you should read all the reviews on the official website, however, if you want to be extra sure about the legitimacy of the site, you should read them on independent blogs and websites as well. By doing this, you’ll learn about the experiences other people have, which can help you with making a more informed decision.

2. Are They Transparent And Honest?


When a provider operates legally, they won’t have a problem with displaying their license, as well as business information such as a telephone number, address, or email. Hence, once you’re done reading all the testimonials, look at the website. As mentioned, all of them need to be registered and licensed, so, look for this information.

3. Customer Support Services Are a Must!


First of all, you’ll be completely anonymous when using these sites, which is why you must ensure that they offer customer support, especially since this will be your only connection with the providers. Besides this, it’ll enable you to talk to someone about any problems that occur including lags, glitches, as well as delayed withdrawals.

A website that has a reliable and responsive customer support option will demonstrate a commitment to their clients, and it’ll also guarantee that they’ll do everything in their power to ensure that the site works properly and efficiently. So, while checking for the license, check whether or not they offer customer support as well.

4. The Wallet You Opt For Will Determine The Safety


Although a lot of people don’t realize this, the type of wallet you opt for in order to use these platforms will play a major role in determining the safety of the site you’re using. There are 2 types that you could opt from, cold and hot wallets. Hot wallets are generally less safe, mostly because they’ll be connected to the Internet at all times.

On the other hand, cold wallets are connected to your savings account, hence, they could be utilized for storing the funds for a longer time, without any hindrances or problems. Additionally, when you want to use your cryptocurrency, you’ll have to identify yourself every time, hence, it’ll be safer than the other option.


Online Bitcoin casinos are slowly, but surely becoming increasingly popular, which is why some providers might try to scam people into playing games that aren’t licensed, nor registered. To avoid some huge legal problems, you must ensure that you opt for the right platform, which you can do by following the tips mentioned above.

So, now that you’re aware of all the things you must pay close attention to, you shouldn’t lose any more of your time. Instead, you should open up a new search tab, and while keeping all of the tips in mind, start searching for an online cryptocurrency casino that is licensed and that will suit your needs.

Written by P. Mito